What Happened To Backpack Kid After The Floss Went Viral

Backpack Kid's signature dance move, “TheFloss, ” was all the rage in 2018, but its time on the dance floor is vanishing fasterthan you can dab.

So what's a kid supposed to do? Russell Horning is out to prove that he canturn fleeting internet fame into a full-fledged Hollywood career.

“I was like, you know what, this backpacklooks kind of cool, I'm gonna wear it on Saturday Night Live, and then I became the backpackkid.

” Introducing SwagPack Kid Horning and him team know that his dancingshoes can only get him so far, which is why he's wisely rebranded himself as an aspiringrapper.

So does the social media star have mic skills? His first single, “Drip on Boat, ” off hisdebut EP, SwagPack Kid, was surprisingly well-received by online music critics.

The Music Hype said, “Naturally, on the pop-rapped verses, Horningbrags about how awesome he is, much like most rappers.

Give him credit though.

He does it sans profanity and tasteless, objectifyingreferences to girls.

” Horning talked to Rolling Loud about his firstsingle, saying, “The inspiration behind it was being introducedto the hip-hop world and how much I loved it.

And how I needed to be in it.

” Hollywood Backpack The dancing phenomenon told the Daily Mailthat he wants to add movie star to his bio, declaring, “I wanna see myself on the big screen a thousandtimes.

People think that this is all I do, the Flossdance, but I have way more talents than that, people just don't know about them yet.

” The Backpack Kid has done commercials, musicvideos, and played himself on television, but he hasn't done any actual acting to date.

He does, however, have a built-in audienceof more than 2 million Instagram followers who enjoy his comedic content.

Horning is also getting his schmooze on.

He was spotted hanging with celebs at theESPY awards and the 2019 Sundance Film Festival, and he knows that to make the big leap intomovies, he'll eventually need to head west.

He told the Daily Mail, “I want to live in Los Angeles.

A lot of people have invited me to their cribsto make videos and I'm just looking forward to living that [celebrity] lifestyle.

” Giving back Russell Horning celebrated his 17th birthdayby dropping his debut album SwagPack Kid.

The December 19th, 2018 midnight release ofthe four-song EP was a surprise gift to his fans.

While some rap purists might deem the SwagPackKid EP as pure clickbait, Horning told All Hip Hop that he put a lot of TLC into theproject, saying, “Over a year for four songs.

We were planning five or six, but it endedup just being four.

Cause quality over quantity, for sure.

” Although Horning lives the fast-paced lifeof a viral sensation, he still finds time for his community, especially kids.

Backpack Kid has visited numerous underprivilegedschools across the nation to spread positivity, hand out gifts, and dole out “flossing” lessons.

Inside Edition caught up with him an elementaryschool in Brooklyn, where he gifted 400 students with new school supplies, which included backpacks, of course.

Not a Katy fan Katy Perry might have introduced the worldto Backpack Kid in her memorable 2017 Saturday Night Live performance, but he's not a hugefan of the “Swish Swish” singer.

When asked by Hollywood Life if he would collaboratewith the pop star now that he's a rapper, he confessed, “I'm more into hip hop.

She's more of a pop singer.

It wouldn't make a lot of sense.

” We're sure Perry isn't losing any sleep overthat passive-aggressive diss, but who would the aspiring hip hop star want to make musicwith? According to Hollywood Life, it's anotherGeorgia teenage sensation.

He explained, “My overall goal is to make music with LilYachty.




] I am a very happy person so listeningto [his] happy music made me realize how happy I really am and how much I loved hip hop.

So ever since then I always wanted to makehappy music.

” Backpack lawsuit Backpack Kid was one of four celebs who suedEpic Games for copping their signature dance moves in the smash hit video game Fortnite.

“I did that dance a couple years ago, it startedblowing up on the internet, and then season three of Fortnite it went into the game.

” According to The Hollywood Reporter, the disgruntledfoursome voluntarily dismissed their suits against Epic Games in March 2019, but thismay not be the last dance.

The high-profile lawsuit against Epic Gameshas, ironically, prompted some to question if he was even the originator of the viraldance move.

Australian radio station 96.

1 FM did someonline investigating and uncovered YouTube footage of a member of a Mormon dance groupbusting out what appears to be “The Floss.

” And get this that video is dated 2012! According to Variety, Horning's law firm droppedits case after the Supreme Court ruled that the plaintiffs must have their work registeredwith the U.


Copyright Office before suing for copyright infringement.

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Chrome Industries Summoner Backpack Review | 32L Suitcase Style Travel Bag

– The Chrome Summoner is a 32-liter suitcase-style backpack that opens up fully clamshell and has a bunch of interestingaccess points going on.

Overall, this is a part ofChrome's larger Modal Collection.

It is the travel pack in the line, so I'm excited to dive intoall of the details with you.

I'm Tom, the founder of Pack Hacker, where we use our expertiseand real-world experience to provide practicalresources and honest opinions guiding you towards smarter travels.

If you're new here, consider subscribing.

Let's jump right into the Chrome Summoner, a backpack we have been testingfor the last three weeks.

Let's check it out.

(smooth hip-hop music) Kicking it off with thematerials of this bag, the main fabric is a 600D polyester that is in a twill pattern.

The heathered, dimensionallook detracts dirt and dust.

Plus, the twill pattern gives it an interesting and textured feel.

At the time of this review, the Chrome Summoner comesin one color, black, which actually looks alittle bit more like a gray because of that twill pattern and the blended fabricthat's going on here.

Overall, we think the aestheticof this bag looks slick, and it's nice to see Chrome going in more of a professional directionwith the Modal Collection.

The Summoner is no exception.

A lot of the times, when you think Chrome, you think durable, great bags for messengers and their bikes.

It still has a lot ofthat same durability, but has a little bit more of a professional and polished look.

There are some clean lines going on across the design of this pack, and at the corners, the compression strap add avery interesting aesthetic as well as a pretty goodfunctionality as well.

We'll get into that in a second.

Of course, beauty is alwaysin the eyes of the beholder.

That's why we like to geta lot of people's opinions on the aesthetic of bags, so we did a poll over on our Instagram.

Be sure to go follow us@packhacker on Instagram if you wanna be involved in future polls.

We'd love to have you there.

From a branding perspective, Chrome has this black-on-black logo on the front bottom right going on here.

Then they have it onthe back panel as well, and then they also havethe Chrome word mark on the right backpack strap.

And then, wrapping up the restof the materials on this bag, we have durable YKK zippers With really fat heat-shrunk zipper pulls.

We have these stealth Duraflex buckles on the compression straps that almost have a bit ofa rubbery feel to them.

Then we have 70D nylonliner on the interior in a gray color with a bit of a funky patterngoing on for added visibility.

Kicking it off with theexternal components, let's start with the harness system, specifically, the straps.

The shoulder straps areconnected on the top to provide a comfortable ride, and then the straps themselves are a little bit on the thin side.

However, that foam is high-density, so it does provide a comfortable ride.

On the front straps, you have two attachmentpoints for either carabiners or Chrome's specific accessories.

They sell a phone pocketand an accessory pocket that can attach directly to these straps.

Below that, you have a pretty standardattached sternum strap.

The buckles here are alsothat rubberized material, and we like that there'ssome additional elastic going on here, too.

Just provides a more comfortable carry, provides a little bit of flexibility when you have the sternumstrap fully tightened up.

And then the strap adjusters going on at the bottom of these strapsare an aluminum material that provide a very easy tightening and loosening experience.

They just glide as you'retightening and loosening, which is really great.

We like the feel.

The back panel offers some dense foam and a bit of a patternhere to promote airflow and additional flexibility.

Behind the padded back panel, there is a semi-stiffframe sheet going on here to give the bag a little bit of structure.

Chrome offers handles onall three sides of the bag to make things easy to grab.

You have two on the sides here and then one on the top as well.

Just wanted to bring upa couple of key details on the straps here as well.

On the top, the way thatthe strap is anchored, it's a little bit more towards the back, and that one is just gonna be straight on.

However, the two handles on the side are attached in a bit of an angular way.

That keeps the bag alittle bit more structured and it keeps the load more central as you're hanging onto these things.

Some of the times whenyou hold onto a handle that is anchored on the front or the back, you get some weird centerof gravity going on.

But since there's thatlittle bit of an angle here, it holds and carrys flat, which is a nice touch.

The last feature on this bagare the compression straps on all four corners of the bag.

These use that really nicerubbery Duraflex buckle.

It feels satisfying in your hand.

First of all, the Duraflexbuckles here are large, which give it a bit of a chunkier feel.

Now, that's not necessarily a bad thing, but with that, they are alittle bit cumbersome and bulky.

Plus, the strap management on these things doesn't really make sense.

As you tighten up thesecompression straps more, you're just left with abunch of extra fabric.

There's a clip on theend that you can fasten, but it can come undone easily as well.

Sure, it's a dangle-free experience, but the straps are still everywhere.

And lastly, there is nooption to attach a hip belt, which, at a bag of this size, we don't necessarilythink that it needs one, and then there are no waterbottle pockets on the sides.

That is kinda foregone by the handles, although there are bagsthat do a great job at putting handles and waterbottle pockets at the side with some very clever designs.

We think that decisionwas mainly likely made just to keep the profile ofthe bag a little bit lower and to keep the exteriora little bit more clean.

Kicking it off with the quickaccess pockets on this pack, there are a total of three.

Starting with the quick grabpocket on the wearer's back.

This is great for things like passports or anything that you just wanna keep a little bit more secure.

Now, a Plus size iPhone is gonna have a bit oftrouble fitting in here, but that is about the size of the pocket.

It's very secure, considering it's againstthe wearer's back, harder for somebody tojust quickly open this and grab things out of it.

The next is a top drop pocket that features some very soft liner.

Now, this is really great for things that are a little bit moredelicate, like sunglasses.

Lastly, there is a smallpocket on the front of the bag that has a zipper garage for additional weather resistance as well.

And now for access tothe main compartment, it opens up clamshell-style.

You can get away with just unbuckling two of the compression straps.

When opening clamshell-style, the bag is split into two distinct sides.

Each zippered side is compartmentalized, and although it makes sense intuitively just to open up this main clamshell zip and stuff things inside, it doesn't really work out that way.

There's just not a ton of space left when both of the sidesare completely closed.

If you do wanna open those up to create a giant bucket-style carry, there's no place to store the extra flap, so it ends up just beinga little bit cumbersome.

Access to this mainclamshell-style opening is best done by setting the bag down, opening it up, and then you can access each side.

If you want an example of apack that does this really well, check out the Peak Design Travel Backpack.

You can roll up the excess fabric and tuck it into a small pocket.

On the right zippered panel, we have one minor pocket that goes down the entirety of the panel, and then we have one meshpocket in front of that about half of the size.

These pockets are nice tohave for socks and underwear, but since it's this divider flap, it's best not to put anything too thick or heavy inside.

Opening up that divider, you are basically greetedwith a giant bucket, and when you open that up, there is a zipper on the backside.

That is the zipper that is accessible via the front of the pack.

Based on the positioning of the zipper and the way that theexcess fabric comes up, overall, we've found that you can fit a little bit less than you'dexpect inside of this pocket, but it is nice that youare able to access it from the front of the bag.

This is great for a jacket, a lighter compressible jacket, or some packing cubesfilled up with clothing.

Back to the left side of this backpack, the mesh compartment opens right up.

The back features an organizational panel.

A laptop can go in the back, a tablet or Kindle in front of that.

Then you have three additionalorganization pockets for pens, pencils, styluses, or a wallet or small notebook.

Now, one thing with thelaptop compartment here is that fitting a 15-inch MacBook Pro is even a bit of a stretch.

The Velcro strap is hard to fasten down, and forget putting an extracase on the laptop itself.

A case isn't really a necessity here considering that the laptop compartment is pretty much floating in the back, so the end of the pocket ends a little bit higherthan the end of the bag, which protects it from unexpected drops no matter which side you drop this bag on.

Also, access to thisorganization panel area is a little bit cumbersome.

And sure, there is a zippered pocket that is at the top andtowards the wearer's back you can open up and getaccess to this panel to, but if this compartment is filled up with a lot of other stuff, it's hard to fish outyour pens, your pencils, any of that stuff that'sin the organization pocket, including the laptop.

Plus, the compression strapsobstruct access a little bit.

This all seems like a littlebit of a design oversight.

It seems like this panelwould've been better in its own dedicated space, and maybe having that laptop compartment completely separately would've kept this main compartment more open and more usable.

And wrapping up withthis main compartment, we've got a floatingstash pocket on the side which is pretty muchthe most secure pocket inside of the bag, so if you have any extracash, any valuables, that is gonna be good to place here.

In testing, the ChromeSummoner provides a comfy look and a slick wearing experience.

The access is a great concept, but in practice, it kind of falls flat.

Even though there'sseparate zippered access at the front of the pack and towards the wearer's back for the admin and laptop panel, oftentimes, we found ourselvescompletely opening the bag just to get clear access asto what's going on inside, especially if that back compartment is filled with a bunch of stuff.

Intuitively, we wanted to usethe main zippered compartment as a giant bucket-style carry, but it's not reallyversatile in this sense because having those two separate panels completely zipped closedends up being better.

There's just a bunch ofextra fabric flapping around.

So, as a travel backpack, it's really great to hold everything, and the divider pockets are a big benefit, but if you wanna get to your destination, drop your packing cubes off, and use this as a daily driver, it is not quite as good in practice because of those compression straps dangle and you have that extra fabric going on, and then the access is justa little bit cumbersome.

From a durability perspective, there are a couple of minor and small frayed fabrics going on, but other than that, everything is holding up well and we have confidencein Chrome's quality.

We assume that this willjust continue to hold up well as we test it for longer.

We don't have very manydurability concerns here.

So, to wrap this thing upwith some pros and cons, the floating laptop compartment is great for extra protection.

The harness system providesa comfortable ride.

There is some interesting and unique design thinking going on, all inspired by origami.

On to some of the cons.

Some of the access falls flat, especially the back organization panel and the main compartment.

The compression straps are unorganized, especially when tightened up.

And lastly, the main clamshell zipper isn't really a compartment.

It's more of just a zipperto divide the two sides and open things up suitcase-style.

The Chrome Summonerbackpack is comfortable, well-made, and it looks slick.

We like the unique thinkingthat went into the design, although the access falls a little flat when considering the laptopand organization area.

If you're looking for a travel bag to get you from point A to point B, this is a solid pick.

If you want to use thisas a smaller day pack with the compression strapswhen you reach your destination, this doesn't work nearly as well.

There you have it, our review of the Chrome Summoner.

Be sure to let us know down inthe comments what you think, as we love to hear from you.

Thanks for keeping it here at Pack Hacker, your guide to smarter travel.

We'll see you in the next video.


Nelson Rigg Hurricane Backpack Review

hey guys thanks for tuning in to gearsand gadgets my name is Dan and today we are going to be reviewing the Nelson Rigg40 liter and 20 liter hurricane tail packsthese are backpacks basically meant to go on the back of your motorcycle nowthe reason that I wanted to go

this route and I actually reached out toNelson Rigg it was a lot of questions on this bag then being that I had a bunchof questions and I have this YouTube channel I thought it would be a greatidea to do just a sponsored post of these two bags so

the question becomeswell why would you need a bag like this just put a backpack to sling it overyour shoulder and ride on down the highway the problem for me I tend tostart thinking about the safety aspect of things and if I were to go into aslide on the

highway for whatever reason I don't want something over my shouldersthat I'm gonna snag on and is either gonna break my arms or snap my neck orsomething if you're gonna be in a terrible situation like that you don'tneed to add things to make it worse and another reason I

don't want to put abackpack on my back is because there's times in August where it's 115 degreesout and I'm still on the bike and I would prefer to let air run through myjacket as opposed to having a bag on my back that's just kind of keeping thatair trapped

on my back not something I'm really all that interested in so it's asafety aspect and really a comfort aspect my 2018 heritage I startedlooking at well what alternatives are there and ultimately you have eitherspending $600 on a tool pack for the back which you know put you up

heregives you quite a bit of storage but in my personal opinion I don't like the waythey look on the Heritage in particular so I was looking at the 40 liter bag andthe 20 liter bag and you could tell me all day long how many liters a bag isand

it doesn't mean anything to me I want to know what can I actually fitinside these bags because you can then make a determination of which one youthink would be better for you so I'm gonna run you through and show youexactly what fits inside of these bags so I'm

going to set the twenty liter bagoff to the side for now what I'm gonna do is unpack what I havein the 40 litre and then repack what you can actually fit in the 20 liter andjust kind of show you the difference between really what fits in either bagso

as you can see first here you have these straps and you just undo the bagand open it up and there you have it I have a spare helmet well if you have ahelmet now you need your passenger pillion so there you have your passengerseat here is a hooded

sweatshirt here are 2 32 degree heat these things aregreat at Costco I highly recommend if you're gonna be riding in temperaturesnow 45 to 40 degrees somewhere in that range you throw these on underneath apair of jeans and it's just an under layer and I am totally fine andcomfortable

with that under layer here I have some t-shirts 1 2 3 4 t-shirts apair of sweatpants so if you're going to stop at hotel and you want to be able tochange into some sweatpants there you go 2 pairs of jeans so I have 200sweatshirts in here and then

I have a pair of snow pants I barely ever usethem but now I can carry them on the bike so if I get into a situation whereI'm riding and really cold weather these will keep the wind and rain off of yourlegs so as you can see I mean

that's quite a buy the stuff that I had inthere if you take the helmet out of that equation and that passenger pillion youcan fit another 2 3 pairs of pants probably another handful of shirts andand really pack away some stuff in these bags so there you have the

40 litre bagand now we will repack all of this stuff what we can fit in the 20 liter bag sameset up just on a smaller scale we'll start with the 2 pairs of jeans the 2hooded sweatshirts the 4 t-shirts the sweat pants are 232 degree under layersand our

snow pants now this is going to be a little bit tight but now the beautyof these bags is they have this adjustable valve so you can relieve airpressure so if I open this up I really can get the air out of that bag pusheverything down and get the

top of that bag closed likeso now I can really push it down let that air out close that valve and now itcreates kind of like a vacuum pressure and now I can see all that bag up italso has a strap that goes over the top and there you

have it so as you can seeI was able to fit all those clothes in the twenty liter bag and just sacrificenow the helmet and the passenger pillion so this really is the difference of whatyou gain in that forty liter bag is the volume of what a helmet in

thispassenger pillion which is a relatively smaller one but still I mean that'sthat's a bulky thing to throw in that bagso you know that's that's the difference between the two now I will go ahead andshow you how these attach to the bike and in my opinion this is where

NelsonRigg really went out of their way to engineer a great system where not onlycan it be a backpack that you could throw over your shoulder but it's also agreat bag that you can just toss right on the back of your bike now this isanother thing that I wasn't

sure forty liter verse twenty liter which one'sreally gonna fit on the bike the best and when you're talking about buying abag like this I tend to feel personally that I want to buy the biggest one thatwill fit without being too obnoxious because I want to have the adjustabilityof

it you can still get that forty liter bag pretty small if you wanted to so ifI had to recommend to anybody first of all I would say the forty liter bag inmy opinion is the best bang for your buck but I did want to show the twentyliter because

well if you have I'll sit on a sport bike and you don't have theseside saddlebags you kind of lose the ability to go this waywith a bag if you have saddlebags on the side of your bike well then you can knowthat forty liter because just kind of fits

with wise but now if you go thisway with it front to back this is where well if you're on a sport bike orsomething like that then I would say the twenty liters probably the right way togo because you need it to kind of fit lengthwise with the bike

and this issomething that this bag will do really well now with the forty liter if youhave it packed down really tight you still can kind of go front to backwith it you know lengthwise with the bike but it's just it's a little bitbigger and that in my opinion

is where the decision needs to be made on whichbag that is you're gonna go with as to which bike you're gonna be putting it onI'm going to repack all of this stuff into that 40 litre bag and show you justhow you can fit this in either orientation so

here we are back with our40 litre bag and as you can see since you can basically fold down this top youreally can make this you really can get this thing down to a smallerdimension pretty impressively actually so now that you can just buckle that inwe'll run our strap

over the top which is also adjustable to keep it at thatsmaller size you still can theoretically put this front to back and you also geta nice backrest with this as well if you cinch this down good enough and get itnice and tight it does give you a little

bit of a backrest for this situation inparticular now these straps that you get with these bags are also just a reallygreat implementation on how to really get these things cinched down on anyorientation that you might have now the way that these work is that you havethese straps that

just go around your rack feed through themselves and thereyou have it now that's attached to the rack nice and secure we'll do the samething with all four of the straps so now you have your points to strap this bagdown now you get these loops on the side of

the bag where this is you know youcan run them either this way and run the straps up through these loops on theside here or run it this way if the bag is packed to the max and you really wantto go with wise with it so now you want

you don't want these straps the backpackstraps dangling you know especially down by your rear tire so they have thesestraps on here these clips and you can take these backpack strapsand put them together and now you don't have anything dangling on the backthat's going to be scraping up the

bike as you're going down the road now I alsowant to mention they do have which I removed a strap that goes around thelumbar so if you wanted to put it like a traditional hiking backpack and have itattached to you know while your abdomen and around your lumbar you

could do thatthey do it through the strap I ever moved it for filming of this video theythought of everything and if you wanted to use it for a day hike you certainlymore of us could do so so I'm gonna go ahead and strap this bag down and showyou

just how good this system really works you know you can make sure thatthey are nice and tight and cinched down there so that this bag as you arerolling down the highway is not going to move so the thing is really on there andas I said now as you

throw a leg over this bike you also get this nicebackrest so as you're riding down the highway it does give you a little bit oflumbar support now I don't know if this is something that Nelson Rigg designed asa means of selling more product or just a really great

smart idea as far asbuilding this system out but you also get the ability you want to buy bothbags you can actually attach them this bag to that bag the same way to attachto your bike and now you have a really good durable riding system where youcould throw on

multiple bags and take off for a month if you wanted to sothere you have it for the Nelson Rigg hurricane 20 liter and 40 liter backpackslash tail bags that I would highly highly recommend now if you're in themarket for these things link in the description down below for

these twobags again my personal recommendation if you have a touring bike like I have withmy 2018 heritage that 40 liter is the way to go because it does tuck downpretty small and you need it but it is expandable the twenty liter if you havea smaller bike or don't

have saddlebags and you want to be able to go lengthwisewith the bike this twenty liter it's probably going to be your better bet butyou just can't fit as much stuff in there so again thank you very much tonelson reg for sponsoring this video if you guys are interested

in theseproducts again link in the description down belowif this is your first time tuning in to gears and gadgets please click thatsubscribe button down below remember likes go a long way to offsupport the channel and we will see you guys next time

Minimalist Backpack – Travel Hacks For a Great Trip

When you're going to travel you have the natural option of taking with you lots of bags.

And with those, lots of things that you think you might need in the trip.

This of course is a valid option.

Well, the other option is to travel with only this, a backpack more or less of this size, nothing too big, nothing too fancy, and even in long trips you can travel only with this.

For example, my first backpacking trip to Europe.

I went completely alone and I stayed 28 days.

Just with this.

You can see in the pictures my backpack always with me.

I unfortunately don't have that specific backpack anymore, it's long gone, but still the size was more or less of this one.

Now, what are the advantages of traveling with this minimalist backpack? And I guess the main point is freedom plus the fact that the whole trip is less clunky.

So, for example, you leave the house only with one backpack, you are able to go inside the airplane with your backpack, because it is too small, so no problem, and when you arrive to your destination you don't have extra luggage to grab on the airport or to take to the cab, take to the hotel or hostel all those things.

You are just ready to go wherever you want to and it gives this flavour of freedom plus adventure I felt, and it was quite nice.

Now, those things explained let me show you how you would build your minimalist backpack.

So let us start, for this video I will show my loadout for my trip to Europe.

The goal here is to make three complete outfits.

So the first outfit is the one that you will be wearing, a t-shirt, an underwear, socks, and jeans.

Now, though the jeans is kinda harsh in the sense that it takes a long time to dry, nevertheless it's a very versatile piece, so I took it.

Now, on the hygiene department.

I took with me shampoo, and I took this small flask, you can take also soup, any cream you want, toothpaste, a toothbrush of course, and accessories as you wish.

If you don't want to you can buy the shampoo on your destination and thus you don't have to carry it with you.

Now, for the other two t-shirts This t-shirt is special in the sense that the fabric is different.

You can make it really small, and it dries really fast.

If you have it, or if you can buy it you can go for it, but it's not essential.

Now, for folding you have to make this block thing, I'm not folding it too carefully, so wrinkles can happen, but when you're going to fold, you can be more careful, and then you just roll up.

This is a good option because the clothes will look good when you unfold it, and it occupies a very small space as you can see.

And third and final t-shirt.

Same procedure, you fold it and then you roll it.

Now for the second pants I recommend a sport one, because you can, you know, run if you want to, maybe you're going to climb something, to do tracking, you never know.

Socks two and socks number three.

Underwear number two and underwear number three.

To finish the three complete outfits we are missing a pants.

Now, here's the thing if you're going to a place that you know it will be hot you can, instead of a pants, take with you a shorts or maybe skirt.

For gadgets, you can take an e-reader and this video is not sponsored, a power bank, this is very useful, you would never know.

Cables, beaten up cables by the way.

Now an extra tip, if you want to, you can put your things in a plastic bag.

This way if it rains your stuff will be dry.

Now, let us put all those things on the backpack.

I will not be very strategic on how to put my things here because it will depend on your backpack, how many compartments it has, and what kind of clothes you're taking with you.

So I will roughly just put them inside the backpack, and still even without this proper strategy, still you will see there will be plenty of space left.

Here we go, two outfits inside and plenty of free space.

So the backpack plus the outfit you're wearing on the first day, three complete outfits.

Now, this thing is kind of optional, but you need to be brave.

Even if you're going so place that it is hot, I would recommend a fleece.

It's warm and we never know how the climate might change.

If you're going to a cold place then you have to carry probably another jacket, but you will be probably wearing it in the first place, and then you can take another one with you, An extra tip number two, take with you a money belt.

You can put your passport and documents in one compartment, you can put money and credit card, I have none.

And then you just wrap it up, and you're good to go.

I stayed with this thing the whole time, even while sleeping.

And that's how you do it.

Now, a few things to consider when you are thinking about traveling with such a small backpack.

And the first one is you have to wash your things more often.

So, for example in my case, I used to wash things every two to three days.

Sometimes if I could I would wash every day.

And that's why you need to consider the fabric of your clothes.

For example cotton takes a long time to dry, so it's a important fact to consider.

The second negative effect I could say is it's not that you cannot be fashion, but you don't have a lot of options.

You can choose like good clothes, and like basic things that would work in almost every situation, but nevertheless you wouldn't have this huge variety of things to consider.

That been said I think the choice of traveling with such a small backpack was quite good.

I'm glad I did it, because as I said, it adds this flavor of adventure, and I don't know, I enjoy those kind of things.

So this minimalist backpack helped me in those things.

I hope you liked this video and I hope it was helpful to you somehow, maybe to inspire you to travel with such a small backpack.

And if you like this video, please like, subscribe, and see you next time!.

The Untold Truth Of Backpack Kid

By the time the internet dubbed him “BackpackKid, ” Russell Horning was already an Instagram sensation.

Horning's claim to fame is his signature dancemove: “The Russell” aka “flossing.

” Which he does while wearing a backpack, ofcourse.

Horning took his backpack to SNL and dancedalongside Katy Perry for her performance of “Swish Swish.

” Since then, he's been flossing all over theUnited States.

But is there more to Horning than one quirkydance move? This is the untold truth of Backpack Kid.

Church camp dancer Horning has blown up on the internet, buthis first audience was a much more low-key venue.

When asked what made him decide to put dancingvideos on Instagram, Horning told Complex: “I guess at church camp a while back in summerof 2014 in front of everybody, and they all seemed to like it, so I was like, 'You know, why not move this to Instagram and make a video?' Then I made a video and went from there.

” It's kind of a strange path to have gone fromdancing at church camp to appearing in Youngsta's “Hip Hopper” video, which is essentially ananthem for pill-popping, but hey, we're not here to knock Backpack Kid's hustle.

Rihanna shout-out Katy Perry may have been a big help in launchingthe Backpack Kid to fame, but Horning's first big break came in 2016 when Rihanna used oneof his videos for her reaction to being nominated for eight Grammys.

Horning described the moment to USA Today, saying: “It was huge, because lots of smaller pages posted it from there, and it went superviral and I got 55K followers in two days.

” That backpack Horning's now ever-present backpack wasn'talways part of his act.

In fact, he got the backpack on a spur-of-the-momenttrade with a friend.

He told USA Today: “My friend had it on and it looked cool andI wanted it.

We had the idea to trade right there and then.

We were at a shoe store and I only had a creditcard on me, so I traded a pair of shoes for the bookbag.

That was a month ago, give or take a few days.

I started dancing with it that day.

” So what's inside? In addition to some speakers and phone equipment, it's just normal stuff a 15-year-old would put in a backpack.

“Um… My wallet, a pack of gum, a couple of SlimJims, and a water bottle.

” All that backpack fame is also catching theattention of, you guessed it: backpack companies.

His manager-slash-mom told the Gwinnett DailyPost: “I’ve just been managing my phone, respondingto emails and setting up times for interviews and now I’m collaborating with people ondesigning a backpack based on him.

” Ending racism As of this video, Horning's Instagram pagedescription contains the phrase “ending racism.

” He expanded on this in a long Instagram captionwhich read, in part: “Why can't y'all accept the fact that I havea lot of black friends” “I have white friends too but they don't likedoing this dancing video stuff i do so that's why you never see them””I'm just trying my best to get my viewers to like or dislike people for who they areand not their skin color of which they had no choice over.

” Granted, no one really expects a teen internetstar to move the needle on something like race relations via multicultural two-stepping, but at least the kid's got a social conscience.

Online learning Getting internet-famous doesn't give Horninga free pass to skip school, so how does the Backpack Kid keep up with his classes whilehe's traveling around the country? No, he doesn't carry his books in that bookbag.

Speaking with Power 106 LA, Horning said he”still needs the social environment” of normal school, but he also supplements with “onlineschool” so he can travel for his videos, like flying to New York to dance with YouTuberRoy Purdy.

That may be a terrible reason to pull a tenth-graderout of school, but the video has more than 5 million views, so that's.



that's important, right? Goat shooter After his appearance on SNL, Horning suffereda major gaffe when he uploaded, then quickly deleted, a video of himself shooting a goatin the eye with what appeared to be a BB gun.

After pulling the video, Horning reportedlyuploaded an apology video, which has also been deleted.

According to The Blemish, Horning said, “Yo, I swear to God, I'm sorry about the goat… I was really crazy, I'm really stupid, butlook… The goat's completely fine, running around, being happy.

He's just afraid of humans.

” Staying grounded So far, we've learned that Russell Horningis a web savvy kid who took an interesting talent and grew it into an impressive onlinefollowing.

If he can steer clear of the pitfalls of viralfame—and try to not shoot any more goats—then there's no reason to see Backpack Kid slowingdown anytime soon.

And yet, he's made it clear that part of himstill wants to just be a normal kid.

He told Complex: “I try to maintain a normal life 'cause Ithink it's what keeps famous people their sanity to where they don't get completelycocky and think that fame is getting to their head.

I play Xbox One with my friends.

I have sleepovers at people's houses.

Go to the pool with friends.

Pretty much what normal kids do.

” We look forward to seeing what kind of BackpackMan he becomes.

Thanks for watching! Click the Nicki Swift icon to subscribe toour YouTube channel.

Plus check out all this cool stuff we knowyou'll love, too!.

my final what's in my backpack for college (i hope)

Hello my friends, it's Nina and we are going primary colors today So as you can tell by the title of this video we are doing yet another what's in my backpack So my last what's in my backpack was five to six months ago That's like half a year.

I don't know how that much time passed but anyway I thought that I would just update what's in my backpack because it's been so long and I have new products.

This should hopefully be the last time I do a what's in my backpack for college I just want to graduate this semester is really kicking my butt and face at the same time.

i I'm kidding.

I mean I should graduate.

I've never failed a class before knock on wood so let's just get started.

This is my backpack.

You're probably familiar with it It's a Herschel backpack and it's really heavy.

It's probably not even that heavy It's just I don't have any muscle strength but I'm going to show you what's on my backpack right now I have this pin which is a magpie.

It's the national bird of Korea my friend got it.

She's really into birds It's part of her major My baby brother got this pin on Valentine's Day from his class and he just gave it to me and then I have two pins that show monuments at San Francisco and I have this pin that's really old that says stay positive And then I have these three pins that my friend got me for my birthday, it's the kim line for BT21 I'm not sure where she got them.

It's a gift from her.

but they're cute so that is what's on my backpack We are moving on to the inside.

So inside my backpack I'm going to take out the frickin heaviest thing You guys should be familiar with my laptop.

This is a 15-inch MacBook Pro.

I got this in 2015 So it's one of the older ones this is where I do all of my work this is basically my life This is also where I edit my videos.

I finally figured out how to Properly import and export and not use up so much space on my laptop So I finally am able to use this all the time but a laptop is definitely something very handy in college you're going to do a lot of papers and research and there's probably going to be a lot of stuff online I know some people use iPads instead and I have an iPad pro too, but I just like the user interface of laptops next I have this folder.

I've done a couple what's my backpacks so you're probably familiar with all this now but this is just a regular plastic folder I've had this since probably middle school it's going on strong And this is just to hold any physical papers if you still have physical papers in college And then I have 2 muji notebooks.

These are actually both for one class I had this notebook first and then I had to use a second one because this one class we write so much notes in it usually per semester one notebook should be enough but this class is really just asking a lot from me She's expecting us to write out our notes Which I don't mind but it's just like we go through so much material That I had to get another notebook and I keep both in my backpack just in case you know I might have to look at past notes it's really lightweight so I just keep both of them in here in just in case and then next I have my bullet journal Honestly, this has become my life I used to not be able to keep up with a bullet journal but this, I can't function if I don't have it If I don't have it I don't know what I'm doing So this is the brand that I cannot pronounce I'll just put it right here and the pages are nice and dotted as you can't see right here It allows me to do whatever layouts you do There's a lot of freedom and here's an example this semester has been very intense that I've had to make layouts for every single week of the semester I had to do it till the end.

I just can't anymore I need all of my weeks planned I have it planned until May it's a lot a great thing about this bullet journal is that it also has a pocket for whatever you want.

I just keep my stickers in here.

Next I have so this is my last semester of college, but I needed a clicker I almost got away with not needing a clicker during college but this last semester they got me This is how we take quizzes or polls and all that in class.

It makes these nice click sounds asmr? what a pleasant sound next is a new thing that I didn't have in my previous videos which is this pencil case So this is where I carry some products that I need I carry my lip balm as you can see right here This is the Vaseline lip therapy rosy lips and then I have a BTS lotion.

This is the jimin one I'm using him currently and then I also have another hand lotion, I got it as a gift I like both so I just keep both in here.

And then I have some hand sanitizer.

I don't really use it often It's just in here and then I have my rollerball perfume I live by this.

I love the smell It's the Marc Jacobs Daisy eau so fresh In fact, I'm just going to put it on ahhh And then next I have this velvet lip tint from 3ce it's the lip tint that I'm wearing right now the color is daffodil and then I have some concealer just in case I ever want to cover up throughout the day I have my concealer with me.

This is the saem ideal concealer duo it has a stick end and then it also has this regular wand end It really is the ideal duo.

And so I have those in here This is literally just for makeup and other products next I'm moving on to the interesting part, which is my pencil case This is where all of my stationery is I don't really know where this pencil case is from but I do know that some people have the exact same one So I'm sure it's not like a small brand and then in the pencil case I have a ruler I've had this since I was a kid, I don't need another ruler I already have one I have these zebra mildliners I have these colors they came in a set my friend recommended this to me and a lot of you guys also Commented about these as well So I was like might as well check them out and I love them so much I use these for my bullet journal I use them for note-taking I just use them for highlighting or underlining It's really handy these pens have two ends There is this nice chisel tip as you can see right here And then on the other side that I actually didn't realize was that on this end there is this fine tip point I didn't even realize this point was here until I was like why is this twisting and then it twisted off and then I found this magical fine tip point moving on from that I have my standard Muji pens Let me just find all them I have blue black and red Muji pens These are 0.

38 tip pens.

I really love 0.

38 It just makes my notes look good.

I have a bunch of these flags as you can see right here I'm pretty sure you guys are familiar with this.

You just pull it off and stick it in your book.

Stick it on my- And then I have these highlighter pens.

It's from Muji as well.

All of my products are from muji Muji Sponsor me.

These are the tiniest chisel points.

I love it I also have a pencil and eraser just in case I ever need it the plastic's like melting off or something It's been through a lot.

And then finally I just have this whiteout Although I write in pen I still make a lot of mistakes.

Whiteout is very handy Um, apparently there's a case for this this is from Muji I thought this is how it came but then someone was like I've never seen someone use whiteout without the case and I was like There's a case? I guess this is the naked whiteout by itself I thought it was the entire thing I'll be on the lookout for that next time but this is what I have right now and that is my pencil case I also have my water bottle wow the aesthetics of this video is crazy This is my handy Ryan water bottle In fact, I'm just gonna take a sip right now stay hydrated You better be getting your water out right now my water bottle became part of my personality.

I can never go anywhere without it It's just nice and compact and Ryan's really cute.

So if I'm ever feeling down I have Ryan to cheer me up This backpack doesn't have pockets so I just stick it right inside next I have my headphones These are noise cancelling headphones.

These are the Bose QuietComfort 35 II headphones they are frickin pricey, but it's worth the investment They really do the job, especially in college You don't want to really be distracted while you're studying and so these just cancel out the noise around you and then finally in this big pocket I have just regular headphones I am not about that airpod life if I have these headphones, why would I need another pair of headphones? Come on, save your money So these are just for if I kind of want to be aware of my surroundings Because sometimes the noise canceling earphones can be too canceling to the point where I become kind of anxious so I have these if I kind of want to hear the sounds around me sometimes too much quiet's not fun either and then finally We are moving on to the small pocket So in the small pocket, I have a compact mirror.

It's just a nice mirror that slides It's very helpful if I want to look at my face It's so flat next I have my tiny little wallets I used to have a different wallet But I moved on to this tiny wallet because it's just easier for me to carry I actually had this wallet since I was a kid but I found it again and I was like, I'm gonna use it again But it's nice and small so I like it next I have my phone charger I use an iPad charger just because I want that fast boost if it's bad for my phone oh well my phone is super damaged then and then finally in this pocket, I have my macbook charger I spend a lot of time in the library so it's handy to bring your chargers with you also I'm not sure if a lot of you guys know about this my friend didn't know about it but this is how you coil your charger I mean you probably know about this but some people don't so here's a tip and that is it for this backpack This was my last what's in my backpack personally I like watching these videos because it's a good way to pass my time and I like seeing what other people carry around so hopefully this video was interesting or helpful but that is it for this video Thank you for watching and I will see you in my next one goodbye my friends :').

Topo Designs Daypack Review | 20L Heritage Style Backpack Made In The USA

in this video we're gonna be taking a look at the topo designs daypack i'm tom the founder of packer and we do travel gear reviews like this all the time as well as other pack reviews and so if you're new here consider subscribing let's jump right into the

topo designs day pack a nice little day pack to put inside of a larger travel bag for you so when you get to your destination or just riding around the city with let's jump in [Music] [Applause] Topo generally creates an outdoorsy aesthetic for a lot of their packs

partly for the functionality and partly for the heritage look it's a similar look to a Herschel bag but you're gonna find a lot better materials going on with this pack the exterior is a thousand D Cordura which is pretty much a standard when it comes to durable nylon

this pack in particular we have a leather lash tab at the top here and then this leather portion at the bottom here but there's a ton of different styles and looks to this bag some with leather some without and a ton of color options opposite of that patch

we've got a topo designs logo here which is small and tasteful just enough to know that you have a topo pack without screaming it and jumping ahead a bit the interior is going to be a pack cloth in this version we have this nice fluorescent liner here which

is gonna be great to see a lot of your black gear on the inside or a darker colored gear especially in lower light and a wrap up the exterior there's a seriously massive YKK zipper in here it's an exposed coil number five YKK zipper seriously a massive zipper

for this little pack and to note topo produces this pack in the United States [Applause] starting with that leather lash tab in the upper right hand corner of the front side of the pack this is also called a pig snout depending on which circle that you run in

so you can call it pig snout some people might know you're talking about others may not but there's actually some really great function of this thing so it's basically a loop here reinforced with the stitching all around so I've seen people hanging like shoes off of these things

just generally a place to hang things from your pack but I would say that topo includes this specifically for aesthetic reasons as well as functional reasons definitely gives that heritage look to the pack overall there are two water bottle pockets on the side made of that thousand deep

Cordura and then you have that high vis interior here now the one thing with these water bottle pockets that I think could maybe be improved upon a little bit is that they're not super stretchy there's really relatively no stretch at all so you're gonna be kind of restricted

to certain size water bottle pockets but these are on both sides of the pack so if you have two smaller water bottles or maybe an umbrella something else that you want to put in here that's a little bit longer in shape definitely gonna have some luck not in

just note this pack is not super stretchy when it comes to the water bottle pockets we also have 6 nylon loops going on here perfect for holding on to as a zipper pole adds to the overall aesthetic of that heritage look and has some great function as well

for hanging like carabiners off of or you know anything that you need to do on the exterior of your pack and lastly you've got this nylon loop right here we're not exactly sure what this is for it's about the same size as this loop at the top that

you can use to either hang the pack on a branch or a hook inside of your house apartment air B&B whatever we're not exactly sure what this is for so if you know what it is let us know in the comments we asked taupe about 2 or 3

other things with this pack and they were super patient with us and answering all of our questions so we decided not to email them yet again to ask about this so let us know in the comments to be no that's for moving on to the harness system pretty

decent for a pack of this size you have these nicely padded mesh blind straps going on here 2d rings here to hang off any additional accessories and now it's important to note that that mesh does not exist on the back panel of this pack so that's maybe one

option for improvement with this thing maybe there's a little bit of mesh back panel in here to add some additional kind of ventilation for you when you're carrying this thing around other than that pretty solid harness system for a pack of this size all right moving on to

the inside of the pack we're gonna start with this slash pocket near the top there's ample room in this thing the interior has this high visibility liner as well it goes all the way down to the bottom of the pack here and you have some space on the

top so with this opening it's a little bit hard to pack and organize things in here it's just gonna be better to like toss items in here typically Flattr will work better in this pocket although there is some ability to have this stretch out a little bit more

most bulkier items you're gonna want to put into that main compartment jumping into the horseshoe opening of this pack you're gonna be greeted by this high visibility pack cloth interior here you've got room for about a 15-inch laptop here most of the few inch laptops will fit in

here there's ample space and some decent flexibility here and then you've got this nice organizational system here that provides just enough organization without getting bulky or in the way you've got a small YKK zip right here that's gonna be a zippered compartment going to the bottom of this

blue area right here and then you've got a small pocket on the side here a little bit wider than the size of a credit card you've got a pocket here for like a pen or a pencil or a stylus anything that you're carrying with you then the remainder

of the space is another divider right here so this is a nice little unit lays flat if you don't want to use it but you do have options for additional organization within this pack should you choose to utilize them at the time of this review we've been testing

the topo designs daypack for about two months on and off around Detroit although we haven't taken it on a trip yet we usually try to take all our packs at least on one trip we can say that we're confident in the durability based on the materials that topo

uses and an argue so far it's held up very well plus in practice we've found that organization system to be just right when taking this thing around the town with regular everyday items all right so to wrap this thing up with some pros and cons at high visibility

florescent liner is really helpful for seeing gear inside the pack the organizational features in the pack are just right and they don't get in the way should you not want to use them and lastly there are very durable materials used on this pack from the YKK zippers to

the thousand e corduroy to the pack cloth with that USA craftsmanship everything comes together to create a really nice experience in a day pack on to some of the cons the water bottle pockets are a little bit rigid there's no mesh back panel and lastly the slash pocket

can be a little bit hard to utilize depending on what you put inside [Music] overall the topo designs day pack is a great little pack that's good for buzzing around the city or laying flat and a larger travel bag for use when you get to your destination the

organization is just right and well-thought-out plus the high visibility liner is a huge plus it's a great durable choice for a pack even with our coupled knit picks thanks for taking a look at our review on the topo designs day pack be sure to head over to Packer

comm slash newsletter sign up for that newsletter and never miss an update we'll see you in the next video topo generally topo generally nice nylon interiors pack cloth that's a bold claim bold claim bold claim alert [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

Matador Freefly16 Review | Packable Backpack For Travel (Updated “Advanced Series” Design)

– In this video we aregoing to be taking a look at the Matador Freefly16.

I'm Tom, the Founder of Pack Hacker and we love helping peopleoptimize their travel experience with guides and reviewsjust like this one.

So if you're new to the channel, consider subscribing.

Let'sjump right into the Freefly16.

Pretty much the nextiteration of the Daylite16, even though Matador saysthey are mutually exclusive.

So let's jump in.

[upbeat music playing] From an aestheticprospective the Freefly16 is offered in charcoal gray – which is basically a black on black with exception of the white Matador logo on the exterior of the compression sack.

We think this is a moremature color option.

The Daylite16 was offeredin like an indigo which actually looked alittle bit more like a blue, and then also a gray color.

So the black on black offers a bit more of a polished look overall.

However, aesthetics are alwaysin the eyes of the beholder.

So we decided to pollour Instagram audience over at Pack Hacker.

If you want to be involved in future polls, be sure to head over there and join us.

From a branding perspective, we are looking at asubtle gray on black logo on the exterior of the pack, an M logo at the bottom front, a white on black logo onthe compression pouch, and then a small M atthat base of the straps.

This pack also features30D siliconized ripstop Cordura nylon, that's sealed at the edges for additional weatherproofing.

Basically it's thin, lightweight, and overall strong material.

We have YKK buckles, which isfrom a Japanese manufacturer that makes some of thegreatest zippers in the world.

We also have Duraflex hardware for some of the strap adjustment going on.

And then some non-absorbingshoulder straps that are made ofnon-absorbant mesh material.

Lastly we have someteeny, tiny SVS zippers, going on in this thingand they're very small.

We're surprised not to see Matador beef these up a little bit more, especially after we'veheard a couple reports of zippers breakingafter only minimal use.

To compare the interior of ourFjallraven passport wallet – where you like hide extra coins and cards and things like that – it's actually about the same size zipperas the entire exterior of this clamshell opening of this pack.

Just some food for thought for you.

Also one important noteon the materials here, is that Matador states thatthey use waterproof materials on their website.

Andalthough this is true – and the bag is highly water resistant – it is not waterproof.

So you can't just dunk this into the sea or the ocean or anything like that, water will get inside.

However, if you are lookingfor a waterproof type pack, be sure to check out their Freerain24 2.


That thing does a really great job, and it is highly weather resistant with a couple improvementsas well on the 1.

0 version.

Starting with the compressed states – the Freefly16 is a little bit larger than the Daylite16 when fully compressed.

Also the mechanism by whichthe compression happens is a little bit different.

So on the Freefly16, we havethis kind of compression roll, similar to what you're goingto see on weather-resistant dry bags.

And on the Daylite16, it is a simple drawstring method.

Overall the drawstringmethod seems to work a little bit better foran item of this size.

Like you're not puttinga bunch of stuff in, it doesn't need to becompletely waterproof.

And it gets it a little bit tighter with this kind of roll-top design we got going on here.

It's a little bit harder to compress it fullydown, which leave this being a little bitlarger than the Daylite16 when in the compressed state.

A couple great things goingon with the compression sack of this thing though, is that there's a nice loop here, that's foldedover.

So you can hang it up or attach it with acarabiner, anything like that.

Also when uncompressed, the compression bag is attached to theinterior of the Freefly16, and this happened on the Daylite as well.

However, this time there is an option to detach it if you choose to -so, nice little thinking, and some nice improvement there as well.

One glaring production issue though – at least on our version – isthat it's starting to split at the seams here on the compression sack.

So actually, let me just compress it and show you a little bit better – roll the top, boom, like that.

So you can actually seethat it is splitting and starting to fray at the seams there after only about two months of use.

Now we have the bag inthe uncompressed state, let's kick it off with the harness system.

The shoulder straps are non-absorbing, which makes them idealfor inclement weather and they're not going to soakup a bunch of moisture.

At first, honestly, I wasn't sure what I thought about these -they were a little bit crinkly and somewhat stiff.

But after some usage I started to get used to them, and actually started tolike them a little bit more than I did initially.

And in comparison to theDL16 – the previous iterations – the straps would sort oftwist up every now and then, and you had to kind of straighten them.

But with the Freefly16 straps, that doesn't happen.

Also these straps are adjustable via Duraflex hardware.

Above the harness system wehave a folded and sewn hook, which is just great forhanging this thing up anywhere you need.

Each side of this packfeatures a water bottle pocket and it's a big improvement on the DL16, for a couple reasons.

First the elastic on topis thicker, stronger, and more stretchy.

It's not quite as hardcore as what we've seen on the Mystery Ranch In & OutPackable Daypack, but it's getting close.

Next, there doesn't seem tobe as much frayed stitching as we've seen on theDaylite16 after months of use.

Plus the pack now featurescompression cinch buckles, which is great forkeeping your gear secure.

It's just overall a tighter set up and these details matterin product iteration.

Next up there is oneexterior pocket on the front that opens up pretty widefor larger and longer items.

And the opening is also a lot wider than the Daylite16, which is just another great improvement on the pack.

Moving on to the inside of the pack, you've pretty much got a giant bucket.

The zippers open up in a horseshoe style down to the top of thewater bottle compartment.

On the interior you can really see where the Cordura was welded together to create some additionalweather resistance on the pack.

As far as packing thisthing up for the day, we would recommend a padded laptop sleeve if you're going to betoting one of those around.

And since the material is so thin we would recommend placing pointier items, or a lot of smaller items, in padded packing cubes or some type of pouchesso they don't stick into your back as you'recarrying this thing around.

At the time of this review, I have personally beentesting the Matador Freefly16 for about two months.

Overall the main benefitof a pack like this, is to compress it and stowit away in your larger bag for use when you need it.

That's not going to do super well, though, if that compression bag fraysand splits into nothing.

Other than that, everything else has been going pretty great – I've been testing it basically as a daily driver.

Taking it on my bike to andfrom the co-working space, and just generally takingit around the city.

I really dig using the DL16, so the Freefly16 is my personal favorite in this line up.

However, I think a lot of people actually prefer the Freerain24 due to the added weather resistance, and just generally waterproofness that goes on with that bag, as long as you close it securely.

I just dig the Freefly16for popping in my laptop, a couple other items, then I'm good to go to the coffee shop orthe co-working space, wherever I end up wanting tospend my time for the day.

So to wrap this thing upwith some pros and cons – this is very packable and great, paired with a larger one-bag travel bag.

It is highly weatherresistant and quick drying, especially those mesh straps.

The considered details makefor great functionality in a small package.

On to some of the cons – the compression system isn't ideal for maximum compressibility and it's starting to rip, which isn't great, only after two months of use.

The main zipper is quitesmall and could be stronger.

The front pocket is notideal for quick grab items, although some people mayenjoy a larger front pocket.

Overall the Matador Freefly16 offers some great improvementscompared to it's predecessor.

We love the thinking goingon with Matador's products and the small form factor.

However, the low durability alwaysleaves us wanting more.

From the splitting of the compression sack to the smaller zippers, itleaves some to be desired.

This is a little bit more excusable on a packable daypack thana main piece of luggage, but we hope Matador considersupgrading these things in those couple of areas.

Thanks for taking a look at our review on the Matador Freefly16.

Be sure to head over topackhacker.

com/newsletter, sign up for that newsletterand never miss an update.

We'll see you in the next video.

We also have Duraflex hardwarefor the strap adjustment.

Formerly known as the DL16 .



nope, those are reversed.

[Tom whistles].

Tarion XH Rolltop Hardcase Camera Backpack

Hey, this is Scott of Photography Banzai.

Today we take a look at this Tarion XH camera backpack with a rolltop and a hard cover on thefront.

Just keep in mind that they sent this to me to check out, let's getstarted! I'm gonna go from the top to the bottom.

Going over features.

I did takethis bag out to a local park.

Spent around three hours walking around tryingit out, taking photos.

Starting from the top we do have that rucksack style rolltop.

It has two different zippers.

One for the main top area, and then one in theback so you can access it from those two different points.

That's prettyconvenient.

With the rucksack style roll top it's convenient to put clothes in, especially.

Which is what I did with my outing.

Put a jacket in there just incase.

I had a little umbrella and two different hats.

Get my car serviced today.

This bag just arrived.



The Tarion bag.

So far so good.

Thought it would be a nice opportunity to use that time to try it out in aphotography setting.

There's a strap that comes from the back it goes all the wayaround and connects to the front clasp, which is metal.

Nice shiny reflectivemetal and then has a little bit of material as well that has a reflectivequality to it.

The zippers are metal, labeled SBS and they have cords so youcan easily pull them around.

Most of the material of the bag is a thick polyester.

That is the top section and some of the bottom area.

It also covers the hardshell.

There are two pockets, one on each side of the bag with strap also on each side.

In my case I had a large 24 ounce 700 milliliter water bottleand it worked just fine.

And I connected the strap to the water bottle so itwouldn't fall out.

I also used a small Manfrotto tripod and that work just fineas well.

I did have a little cord that I brought to add a little bit ofadditional connection for that tripod.

Before the outing I did to try to seewhat I could fit in there.

Had the two M50 camera bodies with lenses.

I had the50mm plus the adapter and then also the 11 to 22 millimeter forvlogging stuff.

Had a microphone.

I also had the 55 to 200 milliliter and one ofthe standard kit lenses for the EF-M system.

There is a laptop area in theback.

It zips down about halfway, or a little bit less.

You can easily put a 14inch laptop, which I did try mine out and it works decently well in there, but they do rate it for 15-inch laptops.

On the entire back of the bag and thestraps it has a breathable mesh material.

Extremely similar to other camerabackpacks.

Has a nice flex to it and that breathable nature.

On the straps it has two lugs to connect some type of camera strap.

Ireally like that on camera bags.

It is very convenient.

I've used that in thepast with other backpacks that I have.

Having those lugs is really nice to justconnect some type of strap.

Have an old Kata strap that I use in thosesituations because as these nice connectors that work perfectly withthose lugs.

Before I get to the things that I really liked about the bag, I'mgonna go into kind of a wish list of things that I potentially like to seemodified.

Of course, some of these would probably increase the price of the bag, just keep that in mind.

In the padded camera area of the bag I'd like to seemore velcro, the soft velcro.

So that I could connect to more areas.

In the topsection there isn't any of that soft velcro.

Especially with that padding thatgoes between the rucksack area and the padded camera area.

That fully isremovable but it doesn't have any soft velcro on it.

So I can't connect anythingto that piece.

And then some of the soft velcro areas don't fully go around theinterior of that padding area.

It's just a little bit more would be nice to beable to adjust things how I'd like it.

On the backside of the hardshell thereis a zippered mesh compartment that's nice.


I did did use it with thisouting, it worked well.

I would like to see a few more zippered smallercompartments just to put the odds and ends.

Like batteries and such.

I don'treally know where they could fit them in this bag, in there, but it would be niceto see one.




three more of those little zippered areas.

Of course, thatwould really increase the price because the zippers and the compartments and allthe engineering that has to go into something like that.

Now I'm gonna goover things that I really liked about the bag in use.

Different features thatI think are good to have in a camera backpack.

The first one is something Imentioned before with the straps.

Having those lugs on there for a camera strapis really convenient.

I use those and it works well.

The buildquality and materials seem up to the standard level of a camera backpack.

Ahh, I see extra stitching for the interior zippered mesh.

In use I tried to back outthat time and I don't see any issues.

Of course, that's just a little bit of usein the future as I use the bag more we'll see how it turns out.

I really dolike that secondary zippered mesh in the camera area.

It's nice to have.

It kind ofholds all the gear closer to the padding and just keeps it all in place.

Thatreflective material and the metal clasp are nice if you are out in the dark.





nearroads or something like that it'll be nice to have that little bit of extrasafety to the back of the bag.

The hard cover is interesting.

I wasn't sure whatto think about it before getting the bag and trying it out.

Trying to think ofways that it could be useful.

Of course added protection is alwaysnice, but also maybe if you put the bag on the ground.

Don't have a tripod.


justput your camera right on that hard cover and it'll be pretty stable.

My main favorite thing of the bag is the rolltop.

That's really convenient.

It'ssuper useful to put a jacket in there and a lot of other things.

You can havetaller objects in the bag.

It just is very versatile and very useful to havethat rolltop.

That was a look at the Tarion XH camera backpack with the rolltop andthe hard cover.

Interesting backpack.



Definitely very versatile gonna try it out a lot more in the future.

Using it more in the field.

See how it works outwith more time.

Again thanks to Tarion for sending me this bag.

Just keep thatin mind with the video.

Hope we enjoyed it.

I'm Scott of Photography Banzai.

If youdid enjoy this video please consider subscribing that helps me out a lot.

Likes and shares help out a lot as well.

Gives me more opportunities like thisvideo.


YETI Tocayo Backpack 26 Review | Durable Pack That Stands Up On Its Own

– The Yeti Tocayo is a 26-liter backpack that uses some really solidmaterials in its construction, and it actually stands up on its own.

Which is actually kindof a rare thing for bags, especially of this size.

I'm Tom, the founder of Pack Hacker, where we use our expertiseand real world experience to provide practicalresources and honest opinions, guiding you towards smarter travel.

Let's jump right into the Yeti Tocayo, a 26-liter bag that we've been testing for the last two weeks.

Let's check it out.

[upbeat music playing] From an aesthetic perspective, the Yeti Tocayo looks alot like a GORUCK GR1.

And if you aren't familiar with GORUCK – they make really durable, almost military specification based gear and they have an epic warranty to boot.

So, although, there are somesimilarities in the aesthetic, these things feel andcarry a lot differently.

So, if any of you think thisis pretty much just a copy of a GR1, it's basically only the look.

The Yeti Tocayo has an overall boxy shape at the base that allowsit to stand up on its own, even when nothing is inside of it.

And there's some rigidity as well.

So, we have this EVA foamon the back panel here, keeps things nice and straightas you do set it down.

So, even with it fully empty, it stands up on its own which is really great.

And to go along with that boxy base, there is a little bit ofcurvature here on the top sides and these rounded corners.

That, overall, makes it looka little bit more like a bag, less like a cube on your back.

So, we enjoy the look of it.

The main exterior fabric is a 1000D Nylon, and that is backed witha polyurethane coating.

Then on the inside there is210D Nylon RipStop as well.

Overall, the exterior feels soft – so that 1000D Nylon's going tofeel a little bit softer.

Inside feels a littlebit more swishy or tarpy, due to that lower Denier number.

When it comes to weather resistance, Yeti knows a thing or two since they primarily make coolers.

The one area where it'sgoing to be the weakest are the zippers.

So, those are reallyhigh quality YKK Zippers.

However, they don't provide any additional weather resistance; they're not AquaGuard Zippers, either.

So, that's going to be the weakest point to for moisture gettingon inside of this bag.

The PALS webbing on the outside of the bag gives it some nice functionality, without going too overboardand having rows of PALS.

And actually, Yeti callsthis their Roundhouse Grid.

So, it is on the entireexterior of the bag.

I've also seen a verysimilar design concept on some of their coolers andother soft carry goods as well.

At the time of this review, the Tocayo is available in two colors.

The black that we havehere, and tan as well.

And we opted for black .



we usually do .



we just generally like the look of it.

From a branding perspective, we have a big Yeti logo on the front of the bag here.

Then we have a smallerYeti logo on the straps.

And then this kind of massive (let me just fold this over so you can see) Yeti imprinted logo on the back panel.

So there's really no question that you're actually carrying a Yeti bag.

They must stamp this inthere for air flow, right? That's gotta be the function, right? Not just because it looks cool.

In our opinion we thinkthis pack looks slick but beauty is always inthe eyes of the beholder.

That's why we polledour Instagram audience over @packhacker.

So be sure to go head over there.

Follow us @packhacker, if you want to be involved in future aesthetic polls.

Wrapping it up from amaterials perspective, we have some durable YKK Zippers that are super smooth to zip.

We have dense EVA foamused on the back panel and straps for a comfortablecarry and laptop protection.

We have durable andchunky Duraflex hardware used for these strap adjustersand the sternum strap.

Kicking it off with theexternal components – let's start with the harness system, specifically the straps.

So, overall, this is a very thin strap but it is dense EVA foamgoing on in the inside of here and overall provides a comfortable carry.

You won't find any mesh foradditional breathability here.

It's just that 1000D Nylon, pretty much sticking to yourself.

So if you're wearing a tanktop or something like that, might generate a littlebit more perspiration than we'd like to see.

However for a smaller bagof this size at 26 liters, we think that's totally alright.

The bottom half of the strapfeatures three loops of PALS webbing that can be used for attaching additional accessoriesand the sternum strap.

The sternum strap doesn'treally have a permanent attachment, which we'regenerally not big fans of.

However, with the way that Yeti has designed this one, it stayson pretty tightly overall.

Like I said earlier, these strap adjusters are super chunky Duraflexand are satisfying to use.

I like that they're a little bit larger to promote additional durability as well.

They're just solid.

Right where the straps end, there is an additional Nylon Lash Loop and that can be used presumablyto attach a hip belt.

But it is a little bit confusing because over on Yeti.

com onthe product listing page, we are not seeing an add-onoption for a hip belt.

But this is generallythe design that matches other packs we've seen.

That's typically wherethe hip belt attaches.

Lastly, the back panel here is pretty much a giant EVA padded foam.

Again with that Yeti logo punched out, so there are no creases, no mesh for additional breathability.

Pretty much just that Nylonstraight up on your back.

Overall, the carry of thisbag feels a little bit stiff, which may primarily be dueto the stiffer back panel.

There are no dividers goingon in the back panel here.

And the way the harness system is anchored could add to some of that as well.

So, a little bit stiffer of a carry than we've seen in other bags.

It's sort of just like kind of a brick, which is basically theway this pack is built.

You definitely feel that onyour back as you're using it.

It's not a deal breakerespecially at this size, but it does take a little bitof getting used to the feel.

Overall the exterior ispretty minimal with this bag.

The last thing to coverwhich is pretty functional and pretty great, is the Roundhouse Grid and that goes around theentire length of the pack.

This is pretty much a combination of the tactical PALS systemthat you use to attach MOLLE accessories to.

Although you could maybe fitone small MOLLE accessory, you don't have those rows androws of PALS webbing here, to kind of permanentlyaffix a larger pouch or something of that nature.

However it's still goodfor attaching things like carabiners or maybe asmall MOLLE accessory.

There are three grab handleson the outside of this pack integrated directly withthis PALS webbing system which we really, really like.

There's two on the side, one on the top.

And it just looks clean and organized 'cause you just have thisone long strip of PALS – versus PALS, and then a handle, and then maybe some otherthings on the exterior of the pack.

It keeps a really cleanand streamlined look.

Three handles are nice whenyou are grabbing the bag in the overhead compartmenton the airplane, whether you're at a coffeeshop getting up, ready to leave or whether it's under theairplane seat in front of you.

So, having that versatilityof three handles is helpful.

Kicking it off with the quick-stash pocket on the top of the bag – itis solid and it is secure.

So, overall, pretty simple to understand.

The zipper opens right up and there's a giant compartment in here with that 210D Nylon liner.

And really great sizehere, you can almost fit a plus-size iPhoneinside of it vertically.

I know Yeti explains thatyou can hold jerky in here – so boom! we got somePerky Jerky in there – as well as a couple otheritems inside of here.

And really love thespace that this provides.

It's easy to access and itis a little bit more secure since it is closer to your back.

You kind of have this handle in the way, little bit harder to access.

So, that's a nice securityperk there as well.

One additional note here, isthat there is a zipper garage for this YKK Zipper onthe quick-grab pocket.

So, when you put that in the garage, it is a little bit harderto get moisture inside.

And although, again, these arenot YKK AquaGuard Zippers, every little bit helpsfor weather resistance.

Speaking of the zipper pulls, they are all very nice and pullable.

So, you kind of have thisparacord material going on here and they don't jingle likeother metal zippers do.

So, a lot of the times youkind of have a jingle fest going on at the top here.

Not the case with these – they are silent.

The front compartmentopens up horseshoe style and offers some prettygood width and depth.

So, I just have a jacketstuffed in here right now.

It goes down to about fiveinches remaining in the pack.

So, you do have a littlebit of extra space at the bottom where that pocketdoes not go fully down to.

And it's kind of nice fora pocket of this size, since it is a little bit thinner.

If it goes way to the bottom, it's a little bit easier to lose things at the bottom of the pack.

So, they've kept it a little bit smaller.

Inside there is another verysimple zippered pocket here.

In this case, you see thatthey've used a gray zipper pull to kind of match the interior.

I really like the minimalist look of this.

All the colors are very subdued.

We open that right up.

The height of this oneis a little bit taller than the size of a plus-size iPhone.

Definitely a good amount of space in here to hold smaller items andjust have quick access to.

You always know where they're at.

Now, before getting onto themain compartment of this bag – let's chat about ourleast favorite feature, which is the laptop compartment, for a couple of reasons.

The sleeve itself is niceand padded on all sides with that EVA foam.

However the laptop pocket goes all the way to the bottom of the pack, which means there's no false bottom.

Which means that if your packhits the ground abruptly, your laptop is going tosmack the ground as well.

So we generally prefer packs that have a bit ofsuspension system inside for your laptop that just hold things a little bit higher up.

Next up – sliding the laptop in and out can be a bit of a pain as well, specifically because thisstrap is sort of in the way.

So when you go to unzip the compartment, that's just right inthe way of the zipper, which is just not ideal.

You kind of have to flip thestrap around a little bit, get it out of the way, and then you can fully unzip that compartment andthen get access to your laptop.

This again is by no means a deal breaker, just something to note.

And if the positioningof that strap attachment was a little bit different -maybe if the template and the design of this bagwas a little bit different – you wouldn't run into that.

But I also understand thatthere are design implications to just willy-nilly placing things around in terms of durability and quality.

So, just something to note – that is obstructing the laptopcompartment a little bit.

Now onto the main event -the main access of this bag and those zippers comedown fully clamshell style.

However, there is a bit ofa box on the bottom here and that's what allowsthis bag to stand up.

So although the zippersgo all the way down, you can't fully openthe bag clamshell style and that's actually apositive for this pack.

Although there's not anofficial water bottle pocket on the outside of this bag, if you open up theclamshell just on the sides, you can get access to whatever is in that side partition there.

So, we've just got theYeti Rambler in here.

Of course that's going to godirectly inside .



no other bottle, other than a Yeti bottle .



for this review.

So that just pops rightin here on the side and then you can zip that down.

So if you keep these zippers positioned, it's easy to get access.

The one thing that youjust want to make sure of is to not put leaky plasticbottles inside of there.

Make sure that your waterbottle is solid before you trust putting it inside withthe rest of your gear.

This boxy system at thebottom is pretty unique and not one that we havereally even seen before.

The square and boxy design and style kind of fits other Yeti products like their coolers or other soft goods.

So I think it's a designnod to that a little bit, and it fits into the family quite well.

The side pockets are nice for additionalcompartmentalization.

But just note if you do want to fit somethingin larger towards the bottom – say, like a full packingcube or something like that – the width might get a little bit tricky because these little side divider pockets might get in the way for larger items that you want to put at thevery bottom of the pack.

So just note that.

Not a deal breaker, but just something to consider.

It would be interesting to seeif this material on the sides was designed in a littlebit of a different way, so it laid flat while not in use versus sort of just being in the way if you aren't using those side pockets.

In the same height of this box, there is a separatedivider pocket in the back that's good for flatter items.

Say some documents, a keyboardor maybe even a second laptop if you're that type of person.

Around the interior, Yetihas the same exact pattern for the Roundhouse Grid on the exterior.

Except on the insidehere it's just a little bit less robust of Nylon going on.

It is handy to have on theinside as well as the outside.

So, we've got just aday pack hanging here – this is the Ynot Deploy – that's just hanging up here at the top.

And then we've got theintegratable Yeti bottle opener on the inside as well – because who doesn't likeopening beers for people? Makes sense to have this here -there is additional utility and it reinforces it from the inside.

And then on the top insidehere there is a nice, soft, mesh pocket with a greatYKK zippered access.

There's a little bit of give here, it gives you a little bit of depth.

But generally this is goodfor flatter items, as well.

At the time of this review, Nathan and I have been testing the Yeti Tocayo for a little bit over twoweeks in Detroit, Michigan.

Overall it's been a pretty good carry around the coworkingspace and the coffee shop, just generally around town.

Having the pack stand up onits own just by setting it down has saved us a lot of time and effort.

However, with the timewe've saved from doing that, we've lost a little bit oftime fishing that laptop out.

So, that strap definitely gets in the way.

It was a bit of anannoyance in actual use.

The smooth zipper operationhas been nice, as well.

Everything runs very smoothlyright out of the gate.

So, to wrap this thing upwith some Pros and Cons, starting with the Pros.

The Yeti Tocayo uses somesolid and durable materials that are pulled togetherin an excellent way.

It stands up on its own.

Not a lot of bags can do this.

And the Roundhouse Grid is aminimal and functional feature that ends up being quite useful and the handles are a nice touch.

On to some of the Cons.

The zippers could offerbetter weather resistance.

The carry is a little bit stiff overall.

And lastly, the laptopcompartment access is not ideal, that strap just gets in the way.

The Yeti Tocayo is a well-built pack that'll last a long time.

The style is ideal for folksthat like a mix of giant bucket style storage with acouple smart- zippered pockets.

The bag stands on its own reallywell, even when it's empty, which is actually quite rare for a pack.

And this is a benefit thatshould not be glossed over.

If you can get over theminor laptop access nitpick and a slightly stiffer carry, the Yeti Tocayo comestogether to create a solid bag that's a joy to use as a daily driver or minimal travel pack.

So there you have it, ourreview of the Yeti Tocayo.

Be sure to let us know in the comments what you think of this bag.

We always love hearingopinions from our community because that's where someof the best ideas come from.

So, thanks for keepingit here at Pack Hacker, your guide to smarter travel.

We'll see you in the next video.


Printful All-Over Print Backpack | Review

Printful All-Over Print Backpack | Review Carrie What's up rare tribe, I'm back and better With another review video but this time with the printful backpack all over print backpack How beautiful it came out.

I love it I just wanted to make a review video on a backpack because I haven't found very many just like for The Weekender tote so I put my design on one of the printful products and I wanted to make a real video for you.

Ok, so I did go on the website and I did take a few of The features and details that I wanted to share with you just so you didn't have to go look for yourself It is all over print because that means that they do printing on every part of the backpack that Would be blink.

So if you were to look at the mock-up online on the printful website, it's just a blank blank White backpack, but I guess all over print Allows for you to literally put your design on every blank part where my design is all this is white online until you drop your design on top of it, obviously and if you look There's literally Print even in like the places that you think Rain wouldn't be present Which is cool because There's no awkward white blink spaces anywhere.

So that would be the all-over print Medium-sized backpack, that's what they said that says.

It's medium-sized to me I don't know if it's because I'm just teensy tiny I'm I'm like 5 1 so this just kind of makes me look like a first grader but That's okay.

I like big backpacks because I like to put lots of things and my big backpacks There is one good in her pocket And they open it just and I can see It's pretty big and wide open really like that lots of room in there for lots of stuff There is a laptop sleeve and It's supposed to fit a 15-inch laptop.

So that's pretty cool Because a lot of times it's difficult to carry a laptop in a backpack.

That doesn't have a laptop sleeve So, it's cool that you can customize one with a laptop sleeve So this would be the all-over print printful backpack with the laptops we do have a Front pocket the front pocket is pretty big as well.

If you look at it.

It's like this whole entire You know front area that opens up for the big inner pocket, which is pretty cool because most backpacks like this Have like a little tiny pocket in the front or whatever It's not really the entire surface area of the front of the backpack.

But this has a really big open front pocket Which is good.

Like I said, it is all over print.

So my design is also in Side of the pocket which is cool because it's it's consistent and it's still really pretty even when you open The pockets in the back.

I like that because I Don't know.

I just like it.

We do have a hidden pocket on the back I thought this was really cool because I've never seen this before For me personally I am a little bit concerned when walking around with a backpack like this with a front pocket and Things like that because people can easily just go in here and take things if they wanted to and you never notice.

So the back Pocket on here, which is on your back.

It's pretty spacious and big as well.

It can hold like your phone and your wallet It's nice.

It's nicely lined back here.

It's covered by the mesh And it's like a little secret pocket So I thought that was really cool because it's a little bit more security for the things that you don't necessarily Want people to easily grab out of your backpack? It is said to be water-resistant Which is another cool thing because I don't know about you guys, but I am spill prone.

I Make messes quite often So the fact that this is water-resistant or you know, just liquid resistant in general it's cool cuz it'll keep your stuff dry and It'll keep it safe from like rain, you know, if you live in a really rainy place, it's a really nice It looks like it's water resistant or honestly, if you looked really close at it.

It looks pretty water resistant So that was a cool feature It does have the padded mesh on the back for comfort.

A lot of backpacks don't really have this.

They're pretty uncomfortable especially if you have to carry Larger books and heavier hardier things so that was pretty cool.

So it won't hurt your back It won't make you uncomfortable.

I like that because I tend to carry a bunch of heavy textbooks for school and Technology for school too.

So That was pretty cool for me.

So now for the details on the bag itself, it is a hundred percent polyester It is 42 centimeters in height 31 centimeters in width and it is centimeters deep.

It's supposed to be able to hold four gallons Like I said this backpack to me.

Um, it's pretty big.

It's a good size It looks like it'll hold a lot of things but the capacity of it should be four times the first thing that I wanted to note was first of all the design The design came out Super Crisp and clean.

I really like the way that it was printed on here It doesn't look pixelated It doesn't look you know of lesser quality it honestly looks exactly like how I drew it on my iPad This deep red color came out exactly like how I wanted it even down to the lines In my design, I tend to draw very intricate little designs.

This one's not one of them You know not as intricate as others, but all the lines and the flowers came out super nice even for the smaller ones You can tell that you know It just transferred really well You don't lose any of your actual artwork or design quality by Moving it onto the backpack for them to print money that I really loved First and foremost that's what caught my eye because a lot of times that is a concern when using, you know, print-on-demand Sometimes the quality doesn't come out as good as you expect it to and then you end up disappointed But this was not disappointing at all.

This was actually great.

So thank you printful.

It was awesome The second thing that I wanted to note was the quality of the backpack itself aside from my design It's very sturdy it does not feel flimsy or you know, like it will tear apart easily or Like your things on the inside will poke through it does not feel like that at all.

It's actually very thick and material It's very, you know durable it seems like I said, it was water-resistant.

So it is pretty durable to water But it seems like it's durable to you know, wear and tear as well as far as the back like I said before they do provide this padded mesh for comfort I personally no of many backpacks other than you know, like they're really expensive Swiss Army and All the ones with the little pockets and like locks and stuff.

I don't know I've never seen a backpack very simple like this with a padded back for comfort.

They're usually Simple all around it does have adjustable straps Even the straps itself, you know, they kind of look Durable too looking at them they seem very Strong and sturdy.

So it looks like you can carry a lot of heavy things.

They're adjustable So the quality of this adjustable strap just seems really nice to me.

It's one of those thicker Nicer ones that you know, you don't really seem to have to worry about popping or breaking or anything like that So that was really cool I do like the amount of space and compartments that you have So the front pocket was really big like I showed you before I really like that.

I really like the laptop See that was cool.

I like the You know the actual size of the bag, I think it is on the inside And another thing that I really appreciated with the Princeville all-over print backpack is the fact that they do all over print It's not half as it's not half finished It's very good quality and it's actually your design carries over into all the little spaces that you even think it would it is Actually hand cut and sewn in-house by the people of printful so They do take the time to make sure that you know Your design does get into every inch of the backpack so that you're not missing anything.

There's no awkward white Spaces left over every little part of this box that's covered in design if you see right here And my flowers carry over even into the inside pocket.

There's you know My flower is my design is present in the inside market, which is pretty cool because there's no ugly Or inconsistent spaces left, you know funny designed I guess so you can say Everything just seems quality.

Even the zippers in here.

Nothing seems like it'll break.

Nothing seems like it won't last It's all really good quality stuff.

So I would even compare this to like a JanSport backpack Seems like it would last Long, so I really really like that one thing that I wanted to show you Was how well my design actually carried over onto The backpack because that would be obviously the most important thing when using print onto me so I'm gonna pull up my design and show you How well everything actually transferred over all right, so this is my actual design that I drew on my iPad This is on procreate.

I use my Apple pencil.

I use all these stuff and procreate.

These are the colors that I chose.

That's Just the canvas in which I actually drew the design on so If you look at my design on her create and read that my design on the backpack You can see that the colors are pretty consistent The dark red is a dark red that beige is still a beige All of the quality of my design like the little intricate details transferred over perfect on to the backpack.

So the print quality is Amazing or like that a lot and Nothing really is different, which is what I appreciate because a lot of times The colors tend to come out different especially if the print quality is, not that great but as you can see here printful did a great job at actually keeping the the authenticity of my design when transferring it over onto the all-over print printful backpack, which I really really liked so The only things that I would actually say are that The backpack does seem to be a little smaller when you're doing the mock-ups or comparing it to You know real life versus what you see online.

The backpack seems to be slightly smaller than this but I'm not disappointed and that I actually like bigger bags.

I'd like to carry a lot of things.

So I'm fine with it But it just seems a little bit smaller than you would think when you actually get it in the mail so that's one thing to keep in mind, but Other than that, I think printful did a great job It's a nice quality backpack.

It's like you can tell that it's sewn hand-sewn and you know a Lot of time and energy was obviously put into this because everything about it is pretty perfect and you know high quality.

So I Really appreciate that.

I like the fact that Principle does great playful backpacks.

I really like so That is about it, I don't really have anything else I thought I'd share with you guys I really wanted to see a parental backpack review So yeah, that's my opinion On the print pull all over print Backpack.

Oh Yeah, thank you for watching.

So go ahead and like comment and subscribe If you liked the video, or maybe do it anyway, I don't know Well, yeah.

Thank you Babe, babe.

24 Hours Handcuffed to my BEST FRIEND! (Mystery Note Found in Backpack) | Rebecca Zamolo

what are we gonna do I'm handcuffed to her it may be a thing here like makeup and stuff I don't know yeah just go check in here are we gonna do like a 24 hour challenge you know like as best friend you're not ghost friend we just met

but no you know I'll just keep just go through it in here if it's not over there it's definitely in here making the biggest minutes okay well we need to find the key mat wear handcuffs right now hey Cynthia as you guys saw we got handcuffed together me

and my neighbor Alice my best friend we just met but anyways we're handcuffed and now it looks like we're going to be doing a 24-hour challenge and handcuffed with my best friend Daniel D fine II think he I think the keys in there it's in one of those

drawers I know it's not there obviously everything is out today turn into a different type of challenge obviously I'm excited how did you guys use the handcuffs on yeah how did we all I know is I was there and then you put it on and then well no

one told me what it was for and I got it on my arm and it looked like it works oh I thought I put it on your gnar is that a tattoo uh yeah you like it so what I'm gonna do is ask you and the Sam fam

what we should do today because until Daniel finds the key we're gonna be in these so we need some activities so let me grab my phone I'm gonna go on my Instagram then I'm going to put out a video yeah I mean I'm gonna ask them what we

should do we need ideas Matt I mean I'm in handcuffs for 24 hours okay so I'm gonna go and do a story with you and we're gonna get people in the zfm to decide what we're doing okay I don't know if that's a good idea bye I am

I don't think they might get mad I haven't really been approved for Instagram yet don't worry we'll put an emoji over your face okay so be visible nope not at all I'll make sure okay I think that's okay okay hey fam fam right now we are doing a

challenge handcuffed I'm doing it with someone right here won't be able to see their face but I need you guys to vote and decide what we are going to be doing for the next 24 hours so Billings oh okay so I just put a ton of poles out

on my Instagram stories hopefully you guys are following me on instagram at Rebecca's the mole and we're gonna see what you guys decide for us to do today this is gonna be a metallic look good eye down noise canceling headphones oh this is fun look okay look so

look like this over here okay so before I hit play we're gonna discuss what phrase we're gonna say and then once I put the music back on you're gonna have to try and guess what we're saying okay ready here we go okay hey she can't hear us oh

you're right you're right I'm really happy I'm so in this we should be discussing something okay don't like her okay she purposely put handcuffs on you okay what's the plan we need to figure out how to get the key all right because I'm gonna be a cop I

know you can't be handcuffed because I don't really trust her I think it's fine with that but I just want me Santos off so I don't wanna do it 24 hours handcuffed challenge with my best friend well do we really need to find the cage or whatever I

do you just get it by Maggie can you hear us now okay great so you guys like really need to find that key otherwise they're gonna be here we know did you hear all the stuff we were saying not exactly but you guys said Kiel what yeah we

do need to find that key though right Daniel friends so yep why don't you get back to finding the key and I'm gonna figure it out and on my Instagram stories what naziha family wants us to do first for this filter or challenge I can see I put

out a pull on Instagram for you guys and the first thing I asked you guys is if you wanted us to come as best friends or order delivery and you guys chose cook we're gonna try to cook but okay are you left-handed or right-handed right so we're gonna

be using our bad hand we're gonna be like conjoined twins right gonna be like one person yeah this is gonna be fun I was thinking we make pancakes Heidi – okay this is gonna be good let's go ladies I'm gonna switch out of my outfit okay you want

to be a rainbow I guess begin to eating rainbow foods for 24 hours so exactly okay hopefully though we have eight you need to get he pew pants down here right yeah yeah exactly we cooked earlier about the grilled cheese remember yeah like a flat pan what are

you thank you we are going to make pancakes we need the Bisquick break the thing okay we need you Alice how tall are you only five two oh I guess I'm taller than you because I'm 34 yeah I say I'm five five but I guess I'm yeah Mac

we need your help I'm gonna tell this one here I'm not bad okay so now all we need is an egg and some milk – all grab the egg I'll grab the oil wait oh I think it's that one where's our eggs this new milk egg company a

so too much that's fine perfect we need a bowl to mix medium right this is a much harder challenge yeah okay basically we got this it says to up two cups of that milk okay I don't know are you guys right-handed or left-handed comment below I'm left-handed yeah

you can just guess to me it doesn't really matter it's not exact they're gonna be delicious and Matt you're having movies nothing your moves I just do some milk not sure how much there is yeah I think if you guess it's fine it's a solution right now okay

I think we got it okay I'm gonna put this back oh yeah sorry about that forgot that we're handcuffed for 24 hours unless Daniel finds the key so here it makes a crunchy okay let me try to do this I haven't done this we ended before so this

is my new strategy if I oh we might have had a few shells and that's fine we'll just start yeah snap high-five yeah okay I think we're ready for some pancakes I think we got most of it all the clumps Oh a little chunky I think that chunks

are supposed to add flavor for the pancakes not sure whatever book you've been reading please don't time to make the pancake so do you want to pour do you want to spray I'll do pouring so we could normally like we can just pour it from the container I

feel like that I'm spraying I've never used this kind of spoon oh it's linked okay so yeah just pour it on and we're gonna eat these delicious pancakes there we go yeah why did you guys vote for us to cook you know we should have just ordered food

yep there we reach the limit we gotta we gotta work fast whoa there's a lot of chunks in that okay yeah go for or if we do one big pancake we could like no no like a large cookie when you cut the cookie yeah yeah so one for

you one for me one for both of you allocating three two girls three spatulas so before we flip this giant pancake I want you guys to subscribe to have notifications on give the video a thumbs up comment below 24 Hour Challenge Alice best friend yeah comment mat below

if you did it okay all the ones all in one okay maybe we oh okay we flip it towards you like that okay we turn it down alright we got it we got it that one's max you got it almost aw man this is one's for you we're

just hoping Daniel finds the key soon poor it's another 24 hours in bonding time yeah so we take the backpack off there's something like kind of poking out the back here and yeah it's fine it's fine okay guy I got plates for us to eat the dollhouse that's

good sweet the dollhouse where where's the dollhouse oh it's just this place that I was at yeah we've never never been to a dollhouse before Matt do you want me to carry yours okay here's max flapjacks happy about this challenge I can't believe the first thing we did

for this 24 hour challenge is eat food I don't get the eggshell oh yeah there is a surprise on one of these Bank yeah who gets the surprise you guys fit II think Matt you have to try your pancake yeah big made pancakes with handcuffs before so not

back what no no did you get that Michelle you got a shot so good guys thanks for my next Instagram stories pull I asked you guys if we should get coffee you guys know that I love a two-pump vanilla latte it's almond milk yep with almond milk or

if you wanted us to go shopping you guys voted that we go shopping I love SH I know so we're gonna go get some cute things right now okay let's go okay so we are here at William B you guys voted that we go shopping we're gonna pick

out some outfits right it's really cute we have to do something where we may be matched the big visit thing have you found anything there's like so many cute things here right I love everything yeah I love color – okay you're right oh this is oh you oh

I like this I like this – okay oh man I don't have my wallet I can't you have Mac buying twin dresses which we can't even try on because we have handcuffs on you guys voted for us to do a lot more things besides shopping so once we

get this we got to get back and do the other things okay so we got our matching dresses and now you guys are deciding if we are working out on the roof or inside and ready let's do it okay so we are back from shopping we have cute

dresses that we can't actually put on because we have handcuffs you know so I asked you guys in the damn family should workout insider sorry and you guys chose outside so we're gonna go up on the roof to work out right now yeah that's what the the same

fam decided the roof oh yeah I guess I guess it should be okay yeah great so let's go good old workout ball our guys I'll be right there okay guys that was really weird I think something about the roof is really like bothering her I need to get

the rest of that note to see what's on the bottom I feel like there's something else on the bottom give us a thumbs up right now if you think that she's hiding something about a roof no here is the roof this is the room it's kind of your

roof too because what you doing there yeah I don't actually have the key I don't can't find it so I haven't been able to come out oh wow now you know the roof okay so Matt is gonna give us some moves and then we are going to attempt

to do them okay jumping jacks jumping jacks okay we just gotta go straight up okay okay push ups push up easy ready oh this is fine we're good do some sit-ups set up okay we got this okay oh honey your backpack what you can't take it off backpack

maybe you could take one arm off yeah we can always move it this yeah yeah oh yeah oh yeah I feel like we're not in sync no none of the bicycles icicle crunches okay okay this is hard we're good we're good all right challenge complete okay so the

next thing that you can avoid it on is doing a tick-tock have you done tick-tock no they didn't allow us you what you guys we had you vote on Instagram stories if you wanted it to be two best friends doing a tick-tock or us plus Matt and you

guys voted for Matt to do to the Matt we're gonna go do it take time you really want your backpack yeah then they're specifically for peanut well let's get down and do some cringy tic TOCs this is gonna be fun Rebecca and Alice are doing tic TOCs right

now they're setting up and practicing but I want to come in here because you guys said while we were eating only rainbow food for 24 hours that she was doing something to peanut she was only messing with this shirt you know perfect come here okay there's something yeah

I think it floated this right now put up on the screen you let me know what this means I have no idea right so the photo of that is right up here comment down below what this means it looks like it's a code of some sort okay so

now you guys wanted us to do a tick-tock and you guys voted for three of us which means Mack is involved so Mack come on down for tick-tock okay guys we're gonna watch us film this cringy tick tock obviously we don't want to get copyrights you're gonna have

to go to my tank top to see the real thing we're gonna add different music but enjoy okay we're gonna go it's not done and then uh and then we're gonna go like this map right together left together [Music] that's the one so if you guys want to

see that make sure to go to my tic top and watch the cringe yeah I guess it's so for the next poll I asked you guys if we should go to the beach yes or no and you guys definitely want us to go to the beach obviously we

can't really change we have to go in this cuz we're in handcuffs so yeah I mean as long as we get my backpack wet okay yeah no we will get it what we might have voted for the ocean but the Sam say I might've chose something else so

let's do it so we are here now at the beach in Hanko best friends 2,000 friends at the beach in handcuffs exactly I asked you guys if you guys wanted us to post an Instagram story or if you guys wanted us to go live everyone wants us to

go live I mean not everyone but the majority right now okay so I am going to get on my life right now oh this is awkward cuz wait maybe a let's switch side because I have my right hand okay hopefully we get connection here at the beach hey

guys I am on live right now we are doing an Instagram video as you guys can see and you guys voted for us to go to go live what do you want to say hi hi okay so I guess supposed to be both of us online but I

should go live right now okay great okay okay so I'm here and Matt is filming right now you guys I guess we'll have to watch the video one comes out tomorrow love you guys and make sure you vote and I guess you don't have to do that okay

bye okay yeah listen I am I am really but you've been a critic and were they I just look different you know it's getting so late in the day and you know I I have my things that I have to get done just feel like we should move

along okay okay so for the next poll I asked you guys if you wanted me to post an Instagram photo on my actual Instagram feed of the two of us they voted yes when is this gonna be posted when this video comes out is that is that okay

yeah yeah that should be fine that's okay yeah okay so I think it's time for us to take a photo and it's gonna go on my Instagram feed Matt gee can you take it for him yeah sure okay okay here we go okay you guys should get a

little closer okay why are you guys switch sides okay Sam fansite wants you to go on my Instagram and comment that you came from here check out all the pictures and I guess just pick your favorite one I think it's time to announce what they finally had us

do at the beach so we asked you guys in the Sam fam if you guys wanted us to play volleyball with handcuffs which would be very challenging right yeah or go into the water what do you think the Sam Sam chose they obviously chose to play volleyball yeah

yeah you would think that but no we're going in the water but what about my butt I mean we have to do it it's part of the challenge it's the handcuff 24-hour challenge best friends right can we do it without getting my backpack what I mean can you

take your back I can't at the backup okay alright time to go in the water so shoes our own we're gonna just go in are you ready ready three two 13 on rooftop meeting on night time hey-hey-hey-hey meeting on rooftop yeah and also Tina has a notebook what

is that Oh why why did you tell me what do you mean what is that you've been looking at beautiful times right look underneath your shirt it's a code what save him you guys told us that she kept looking at Pina is that why there's a code but

they didn't tell me but I don't know what the code means yes no you're not supposed to be there it's on our roof it's on real time it might be our rooftop okay we have to go we have to sky be there though we'll figure out a way

well hi when is it they have to send me a message to let me know what time I just know later like what like today it could be I just whenever I get the message I have to go up we need to get back let's make a plan

so that we can attend this meeting okay let's get back let's get set up there's a meeting happening God Daniel we need the key yeah okay Daniel right here where did he go he was looking for the key beep put it anywhere where how do we not have

a key they just texted meetings gonna be happening soon soon like site soon what you just said wait for a second text but be ready we need to get these okay okay look like it's a metal it's like small it's round we need to see it it wasn't

me where they gave you a key what it's not any of food wait that's a key they put it under my doormat I found it this morning I just didn't know I thought it was for the roof this is it I'm pretty sure right now yep who gave

this to you they gave it to me okay save them let's see if this works hold on hold on okay if we agree to take you out of these handcuffs right now it works you have to let us come in the secret mean it's one or the other

we're going to the meeting with you no matter what so we can either go into handcuffs and they're gonna know or you let us spy on you okay okay just get the handcuffs off okay breathe yes yes but you guys have to say it and they can't know

you're there so make sure you are subscribed to have notifications on shout out to you guys set out warn the Sam fan merch and tag me on Instagram make sure to check out the photos that we did on Instagram and post it there thanks to all of you

guys that voted on pulse check out the video right here where we only ate rainbow food for 24 hours okay okay are you ready okay three two one oh we were like you shoot your zone no hold on hold on okay we have a meeting to attend

Crochet || crochet backpack || subtitles available

assalamu alaikum (peace upon you) crochet friends meet again with my channel, Sulis Setiowati and this tutorial about how to make Azura backpack and don't forget to like, subscribe and share my video bismillahirohmanirrohim at this tutorial, Im use polyester yarn two color and hook I'm using tulip hook no

5 let's start it for base bag, I have made it already square base bag this base bag having multiple of 6 there is 138 sc of total lets start it for first and next round until more and less getting 4cm of hight I will use sc and spike

but for first round, I will use sc back loop only like this insert hook on back loop 1 sc back loop in each of next 138 loop continue until return to the starting point we are going to 2nd round 1 sc in first loop 1 spike in next

loop insert hook on 2 round below which at first loop repeat again 1 sc in usually loop then 1 spike insert hook in 2nd round below sc then 1 spike at here ordinary sc then spike at 2nd round below sc spike I'm using this motif at 2nd round

repeat pattern until getting 4 cm of hight this is body bag's looks after got 4 cm of hight I did until 9th round for body bag for 10th round I will change color insert hook, yarn over and pull a loop change color with orange next step is I

will make 2 chains one two skip first loops at here insert hook in 2nd loop and make 1 sc at here lets brown yarn free not follow in crocheting let it free make 2 ch one two skip first loop insert hook in 2nd loop make 1 sc next

step is make 1 ch skip first loop insert hook in 2nd loop make 1 sc then 1 ch skip first loop insert hook in 2nd loop make 1 sc repeat pattern from this 2 ch make 2 ch skip 1 loop insert hook at 2nd loop make 1 sc

1 ch skip make 1sc ch 1 skip make 1 sc this is the look of motif for 10th round so there are big ch's loop this one and this one and sc for another stitch repeat pattern until return to starting point you can add marker at starting point

or no because, there is brown yarn that not following in crochet after return to starting point insert hook in first loop and change color with brown pull up the brown this do slip stitch tight the yellow yarn make sure the yarn is tight next, we will work for

brown yarn we are going to 11th round make 3 ch one two three next step is we will make dc at first loop 2 dc one two next step is make 1 ch insert hook in 2nd sc one two insert hook at here make 5 dc in same

loop one two three four five this is the looks repeat pattern make 1 ch insert hook at 2nd sc there is big hole big hole there is 2 ch insert hook in middle loop fill it by 5 dc one two three four five repeat pattern until return to

starting point and we approach the starting point here 5 dc have done already insert hook in first loop and make 2 dc one two pull the yellow yarn so it would not appear like this insert hook in first loop in first dc's loop yarn over yellow color like

this pull the brown yarn tight for 12th round, make 2 ch then insert hook in big chain hole, fill it by 1 dc which at 10th round make 1 dc next step is 1 ch at dc or shell part skip first loop insert hook in 2nd loop and

fill it by 1 sc make 2 ch skip first loop and insert hook in 2nd loop make 1 sc repeat pattern make 1 ch insert hook in big chain hole which at 10th round and make 1 dc make 1 dc repeat pattern skip, make 1 sc rmake 2

ch skip make 1 sc 1 ch make 1 dc in big ch's hole this is the looks of project for 12th round repeat pattern until return to starting point the pattern is same as Lilla crochet bag just a little bit different I have reduced the chain Lilla has

3 chains and this bag has 2 chains I'm approaching the starting point insert hook in first loop pull the brown yarn out pull through and do slip stitch like this pull the yellow yarn so it tight we are going to 13th round 13th round has same principle as

11th round this brown a little bit different first, make 1 ch make 1 dc in yellow dc's loop insert hook at here and make 5 dc in same loop two three four five next step is 1 ch repeat pattern make 5 dc in yellow dc loop one two

three four five 1 ch make 5 dc at here one two three four and five this is 13th round look, have same principle as 11thr round repeat pattern until return to starting point I'm approaching the starting point at here insert hook in first loop little bit hard like

this yarn over the yellow do slip stitch 14th pattern is similar with yellow round this yellow pull the yellow and brown yarn so it tight continue and make 1 ch make 1 dc insert hook at here here make 1 dc first then 1 ch skip first loop insert

hook in 2nd loop fill it by 1 sc 2 ch then skip first loop insert hook in 2nd loop make 1 sc 1 ch repeat pattern make 1 dc 1 ch, skip make 1 sc then 2 ch skip 1 sc 1 ch then 1 dc this is the

looks its a repetition of previous round which is 13th round just a little bit different repeat the pattern until it reaches the height we want this is the project look after I did repetition of pattern the heigh is more and less 23 or 24 cm for mouth bag

I will make same motif at this part I will make 5th round the motif is same, which is sc at first round, and then spike motif for 2nd round join it first using slip stitch change color tight the brown yarn then make 1 ch 1 sc in each

of next loop 1 sc in chain loop fill it by sc 1 sc in sc loop 1 sc in chain loop 1 sc in sc loop repeat pattern until return to starting point 2nd round is spike motif repeat pattern until 5th round the bag's cover is like this

how to make it is same as Lilla crochet bag which is sheet-like this there are 5 motif make 32 ch 1 sc around as border and I'm using spike motif like this the next step is I will put lining or Eva foam on this bag cover first, I

will gluing the Eva foam and the fabric give glue to the sides after gluing the sides then join with eva foam I give mark on it as magnet position give glue then join them the next step is the installation of the O ring like this at the base

of the bag cover the opposite of the magnetic position at here sewing it manual put it on the middle of bag cover the next step is to put magnets on the ends of the bag make sure the corner of bag then bend forward like this estimate it only,

the important thing is left and right are same next step is sewing the bag cover and body next step is put ring Ring D like this sewing it at each corner and here let's sewing it next step is put lining fabric the lining is an ordinary, without hp

and zipper pocket insert it sewing it that's my tutorial about Azura crochet bag hopefully useful for crochet friends bye bye and wassalamu alaikum

A Meat-Hauling Day Pack?! Mystery Ranch's Pop Up Backpack Review

Hey guys Scott Reekers here withEastmans' hunting journals.

Today we are going to cover the Pop Up 28 and the Pop Up 18 from Mystery Ranch backpacks.

As you can see these new load carriage systempacks from Mystery Ranch are built around the idea that you should be ableto carry weight very well and these are day packs for the day pack hunter.

A lotof us spend a lot of time in the field hunting from the truck.

You have that oneSaturday where you want to go hunting but you want to be able to get meat outon your first trip or say you're antelope hunting you want to get the wholeantelope out once you break it down.

This is a day pack that is ideal for thattype of setting.

These backpacks are called the Pop Ups because they have aframe system that you can see right here that is built the same way that theGuide Light system is built, but what you can see here is that with this systemthe pack actually pops up providing you with functional shoulder lift.

As a tallguy functional shoulder lift is incredibly important to me in any packthat is intended for hauling weight.

It takes the weight off your shoulders anddistributes it properly onto your hip.

That is mission-critical for being ableto take a pack and use it for getting all that that precious meat out of thebackcountry.

These packs both feature the Mystery Ranch Overload shelf.

Now this is a load shelf that is designed for the momentwhen you have meat down or you've got awkward loads like these shed antlersthat we've got.

You can pop it open.

You can adjust it and you can put that heavyload here and you can manage it.

So this makes this a true legitimate meathauling pack even though it is actually a day pack.

This gives you the functionalshoulder lift that allows us to be a comfortable pack out with heavy loads.

Soyou can see here this is the Pop Up 28 and the Pop Up 18 and this is a biggerpack that is going to be used I would use this in a situation like some ofthese later mule deer hunts like what you have in Montana where you're goingto be hunting from the truck but the deer are really moving coming out of theyou know that big country and following after the does.

This is goingto be a situation where you're coming back to base camp.

That's the idealsetting for me where you're gonna come back eat lunch and head back out.

That'swhere I would use these packs in particular.

With these bags you can seethat there are functional pockets that make your day trips a very easy taskthat also help with organization.

Most of us who have hunted out of the back of atruck or you've done the overnight trips or the day hunt trips you like to have apack that is organized and easy to get into regardless of the situation.

Thispack offers that with multiple pockets with places for water, places for yourbipod.

You can easily fit a large scale spotting scope for when you're glassingup those you know those shed antlers or when you're looking for that big muledeer that's deep in a drainage.

You have the ability to haul that in comfortablyand you can do this in a lightweight fashion.

Mystery Ranch is also known forbuilding quote-unquote bulletproof packs and you can see with the 500 denierCordura that these packs fall right in line with that you can also see whattheir zippers these aren't zippers that you're going to blow out easily.

They're very strong.

They're tough, durable.

You can also see that on thePop Up 28 that you can see that it's very similar if you like that tri zipdesign tri zip to pop up lid this is very similar to that for what Mystery Ranchis offered in the past.

You can also see on the Pop Up 18 that it is a veryfunctional pack that's going to ride well right around your hips for whereyou're going to be carrying that weight on just a daypack type setting.

For moreinformation on the Pop Up 28 and the Pop Up 18 from Mystery Ranch make sureyou visit mysteryranch.

com and also make sure you have subscribed to theEastmans' youtube channel and our e-news so that we can send the emails everytime that we have a gear review that matters to the backcountry hunter.



today we're talking about the in case DSLR pro pack and if this backpack is the perfect camera backpack for you if you're new here my name is Jeff and Dovie I do a lot of filmmaking tutorials a lot of camera views adventure travel all that good stuff so

one of the things that I'm always searching for is the perfect camera backpack there are so many different situations where I'm taking my cameras with me and I need the proper backpack to carry all the gear because I'm not just bringing a camera I'm bringing drones and bringing

gimbals and bringing all different sorts of things and different configurations of my gear I can never find a good bag that I'm happy with however this DSLR Pro Pack is actually really good and it's something that I've been using for a while now so before we get into

the review and I kind of show you how this bag works and all the features about it and things that I'd like about it I do want to tell you that this bag was sent to me for free I was not paid by incase to do this review

they just sent me their bag to test out and I actually do really like it and one more note is that I didn't just get this bag like a couple days ago and now I'm reviewing it I've spent the last couple months taking this bag everywhere that I

possibly can and actually using it in real-life settings because one of the things with a camera backpack is you need to know if it works in your workflow and if you need to know if it works in multiple settings you can't just pick up a bag and think

that it works there's definitely been bags in the past that I've purchased that I'm like this bags amazing and then I take it out on my first shoot and I'm like this bag sucks and then I get rid of it because there's just things that happen when you're

actually working with gear and your bag dictates how that workflow goes out in the field on a shoot in any situation so a good bag is super important so I've taken this bag I've taken it traveling I've taken it on day shoots I've taken it hiking I've done

me a lot of different stuff with it so let's get into my review of this bag and so you can see all the features about it [Music] this is the in case DSLR Pro Pack and as you can see it's a pretty sleek designed bag it's black there's

not a ton of like extra things hanging off of it I like it because it just looks very clean now the way this bag is designed is that there is like a core module and you can see when I flatten down everything that it still has this whip

to it and that's because when you open it up you can see that it's got basically a divided section that holds its rigidity in place which is a good thing for camera gear now you could completely take all this out and then it would be a much softer

bag that squishes but honestly for purposes of what we're doing cameras and all that you're gonna want to leave this in in the past I like to work with bags that are basically soft bags where you build cases within it for example my maverick air is in a

separate case what I would do is I'd put all my pieces of gear in separate cases like this so that I could just reach into my bag and grab out the piece of gear that I want this bag is designed a little differently where you don't need to

have these kind of separate cases for each pieces of gear because you have this interior module that basically holds the rigidity so it actually works in your favor and I didn't used to like using bags like this until I really got my hands on this bag because before

now they're big they're bulky and a lot of the bags I worked with I just didn't like the look of them this one like I was saying it's much sleeker bags so I feel like you know walking around like a city with this I'm not drying as much

of attention as if I have like a big camera bag that has that big square form it's still not a tiny bag but it's definitely not massive either this is a great sized bag for all your gear now for me when I'm looking at a bag I want

a bag that can hold all the gear that I potentially will take on a trip whether it's a day trip or a few day trip and the other thing I want to look at is how I can use the bag so this bag is really good for like

a city kind of adventure like a day trip but nothing where you get too extreme on hiking or anything like that and that's because if you look on the back here you've got your two straps which are actually very comfortable you've got your chest harness here which is

nice because it holds the camera it takes the weight off your shoulders however as you can see on the bottom there is no hip strap and so for if you're doing like extreme hiking you're going out for a long day with this pack on your back you're gonna

want to hip straps so that's one thing that this bag doesn't have that I did take this out hiking I tried it in a few scenarios where I was out on the go and the hip strap is something that was definitely missing and I wish that I had

another thing for like longer days like hiking and all that is a water bottle holder which this one does not have as you can see on both sides you have the tripod holder on one side and then this side is a pocket which is nice to hold things

but there's no water bottle holder and one thing that bothers me in general about camera cases is that where's the water bottle holder a lot of times we only have this bag on us and we need to be able to carry water because we are shooting we're working

we're moving we need to have water that's just something you always have on you as a as a shooter at least something I always have so those are the two things that I think this bag is missing which like a hip strap would be great if it was

something that was interchangeable where you could stick it on if you need it for like the longer trips where you're going out hiking or something and then just a water bottle holder on the side now as a whole I really do like this bag though I mean those

are the only two things that really stood out that I really disliked so let me show you as I pack it kind of how you can fit gear in here and why I like this bag so much more than a lot of the other bags that work with

this bag I have been using non-stop for the last like month and I don't plan to stop using it because this bag works very well now beyond the water bottle and the hip strap which isn't that big a deal this goes with me whenever I'm traveling whenever I'm

like exploring the city or doing like a day shoot this is the bag that I take now if I'm going like hiking or something I do have other bags that I take that are made for more adventurous outdoor kind of activities but this bag is your perfect like

all-around bag and I do really enjoy that to pack this bag there's a few different compartments now when you lay it on its back one thing that really makes this one stand out is to access your cameras you have two ways you open the back and you have

your big zippers here now what makes this nice is that you can just flip these back unzip and there is all your gear your straps don't get in the way which is annoying if a camera bag has straps of getting away but you can access everything the other

way that you get your gear is this quick pouch right at the top you unzip this and you have access to like your main camera body and a few other pieces or lenses on the sides here so you have like your cameras that you need up top that

you could just grab and go and then all the rest you hear back here that's not that hard I just set this on the ground like this open it up and go and another thing if you had hip straps would be that you're able to you know hold

it like this and pull your gear out and this one you can't do that so another thing to keep in mind but I just throw it on the ground it's really easy to pull my gear out and go alright so let's pack this up now typically when I

go shooting I have my main camera body which will go up top here so have quick access to it I'll also put some of the other lenses that I use up top here so that when I open the top I have access to these might throw a lens

down here that I'm not gonna use as much my microphone I'll put up here mini tripod I will also slip up here and then as we get deeper into the bag you see how much more space that I have I'm gonna throw my Mavic controller I'm gonna put

my drone in here right there I'm gonna put my lens filters in D filters you always got to have them I am going to put this tripod head we're gonna put a hard drive just stuff a bunch of batteries and other things in these pouches down here still

have room in this pocket I've room in this pocket you could fit a ton of gear this is drone camera for lenses filters batteries hard drives the other cool thing is when you open it you have this pouch here which all my cables will go here so power

cables charging cables extra batteries anything you've three pockets that allow you to basically put all your stuff in so that's where all my cables go and that is the main apartment alright so when you open this on the top unzips right there you have your camera good to

go take a photo to your video stick it back in and this is one of the strongest bits about this bag is you have that on the top which makes it very accessible to always pull out your camera and shoot a lot of other bags you don't have

that access so you're holding the camera in your hand typically when I'm out like traveling or like in a city or something I don't always want to carry my camera so having quick access to it makes a huge difference okay on the front is separate than the rest

of the bag so you can see the the cameras are on the main compartment and then here you have a big pocket which has a slip for your laptop and you can throw some other stuff in this that's a 15 inch macbook pro right there you can put

some other things in here but for now that's all I'm gonna put in that pouch and now you still have all this space on the front so I'm gonna unzip this which is a really cool pocket and something that I really like about this bag and that is

you have this which kind of pops up and you have a big space here one of the issues that I always have is carrying a gimbal and I don't want to have to take apart a gimbal to put it in my bag pull it out reassemble it so

I've got my a soon a1 s which is a great gimbal and you can see I just throw it right in here and it fits perfectly so I can pull that when I need it I also have my little mini smarta electric slider which I've been taking with

me recently all right and so I have these bigger objects that are awkward and that's kind of what the best part about this bag is is you have this pocket that you can use for anything you want and so if you have Awkward gear that doesn't necessarily fit

in little compartments like you have on the other side for all your camera bits this is the perfect pocket and it's big enough where you can put a full gimbal in here and not have any issues with space and having to pull it apart or do anything like

that and I still got plenty of space in this pocket to put some other things if I needed it now on the front here and slip my hand in you can see this is just another pocket and that is everything that I carry with me and it fits

nicely in here and in the way that this sits on your back it's actually very comfortable you got your chest strap here like I was saying you can adjust it it's one of the more comfortable bags that I've used in terms of having gear on me now without

that hip strap it does tend to start getting heavy after a long day but that just depends on what it is that you're shooting if you're gonna go out hiking I don't know if I'd necessarily recommend this bag for hiking it's not a hiking bag one more thing

before we go when we look at this top bit here one thing that I hope that gets changed on the next iteration of this bag is that this handle if you have the zipper open a little bit it will start opening this top pouch so you have to

be careful to make sure that your zippers always closed so that when you pick up your bag that the zipper doesn't open it and your cameras are exposed and it's just one of the things when I first started using this bag I didn't realize that and this would

kind of pop open a little bit so you got make sure your zippers always close when you're using this top handle otherwise you could just pull it up using the back hands and so that's all my gear in the bag and this is typically what I'm gonna use

to go out traveling or go out for like a day shoot this is my setup and I can put everything I need in here and it's not too heavy to carry on my back because the straps are nice [Music] there's definitely not a perfect bag that's gonna address

the needs for everyone in every situation I like this bag and I like it for specific settings and then there's other bags that I like for when I'm doing other things like hiking so guys let me know in the comments below what you think about the DSLR pro

pack guys that's it if you're new to this channel make sure you hit that subscribe button there's a lot of us in filmmaking tutorials a lot of camera reviews I also have a creator film school where I go nuts to bolts everything you need to be a full

time creator and guys I will see you on the next one

Peak Design Backpack 20L / 30L / Sling 10L Full Review【English subtitle underway】巅峰设计相机双单/肩背包评测

#music# Hello everyone, Thanks for watching Colorbee photography life magazine, I'm Brian.

​ in previours epsoide, some people asked me what kind of camera bag did you use.

It is Peak design Sling 10L.

today we take a close look at this brand In my case.

The camera spends 80% its life sleep in camera bag, 15% time has been carried on the shoulder, 4% in my hand and the rest 1% sit on the tripod.

when people using their camera frequently in those “carrying modes” Peak design understands the photographer's habits and designs backpack/strap and camera clips let's start with the backpack.

when I traveling, my camera is in my backpack most of the time.

I a bit fussy of my camera bag.

it has to be “looks pretty, with large compacity and nice fit” Peak design products looks nice.

As a brand start from The Kickstarter crowdfunding website .

its appearance has to be caught most people's eyes Most people first impression of the camera bag were BBU (Big Black Uglily) Peak design to make a camera bag that doesn't look like a BBU camera bag Today I'll go through some modes I have been used.

They are sling 10L,backpack 20L和back pack 30L There are so many PD products unboxing video, which contains detailed descriptions of the functions and user reviews.

I will not go into to much details here but I would like to talk about the impressions that I feel Pro and Cons Sling 10L, is the package I use most Because it is very comfortable on my shoulder, the size is suitable for a daily use.

It has a large capacity.

Can put a camera with 2 lenses, plus mobile wallet headset iPad such such If you open the expansion, you can easily fit in a bottle of water and carry some tripod in the same time.

Pull the strap to adjust the buckle, you can quickly swing the camera bag to the front to get your camera out.

Thanks manufacture thoughtfully designed with anti-theft locks and camera clip spot to ensure the safety and quick use of the camera when carrying, making it ideal for street shooting The only thing I found a bit of annoying me is that this strap will creeping in its use and i need readjust sometimes In particular, the bag is very firm so it can retain its shape whether it is full or empty.

Unlike other messenger bags, looks unpleasant when its empty The overall material is solid, waterproof material and waterproof zipper and metal buckle indicate it in decent production.

there are black, charcoal and ash gray color options When I was doing heavy work, I used a PD backpack.

​ BP 20L and 30L, the price difference of only 30 bucks.

The only difference is the capacity it looks significantly different in size i was so confusing to choose between two sizes.

​ but when I got them.

I feel okay while on peoples shoulder an even big person like Rock Johnson or slim girl 30 L could fit a laptop, DSLR with battery grip.

up to 70-200/2.

8 lens or other 3-4 lenses.

and also with tripod gimbal such such 20L slightly smaller.

it wouldn't fit your 70-200/2.

8 in horizontally.

but still quite big for most your gears.

even with a laptop and a small tripod Rule of thumb: Bigger is better.

I bought 30 L eventually.

I choose Charcoal color doesn't get dirty easily Same as Sling bag.

the material of bag pack is great.

it feels substantial, but so light on your shoulder The main reason is that its strap design is free to move, and the strap itself is flexible to ensure its comfort.

There is a dedicated spot for Peak design clip on the strap.

on the side of the backpack originally had a quick buckle that was designed to hold the key.

I used it as a hanging camera.

The backpack has a double-sided opening design.

I must say that the side opening design does not necessarily suit everyone.

It is suitable for travel photographers who frequently take cameras in and out If you are the kind of on-site “pull up everything” photographer, I think it's more suitable for you to have front opening camera bag Peak Design is the most convenient.

Both sides can take advantage of the camera, and the opening is very large when you open the side door.

even the working area for changing the lens is all there.

There are hidden accessories pockets, memory cards, filters, cleaning pens and other accessories that are easy to organize and pick up there is tree favorite design of PD backpack The first is that the internal can been completed reorganized This bag becomes a special photography package, you can also take out the partition into an ordinary travel backpack.

The second is the external four strap ties design.

Many large items that are temporarily needed Drone, Helmet, Jacket The third is the intimacy of small organizations everywhere.

For example, anti-theft zippers, such as passport bags hidden in bags, and charger pockets for computer Even it has specially designed three handles to pick up the backpack from the trunk.

that there are designs for photographers The only thing that made me feel a little bit regretted was the design of the flip-top lid The suspected design will block the face, slightly sturdy.

This flip-up cover is designed to expand the capacity.

The camera I bought can even be packed into the entire package it comes with Black, ash gray, Charcoal and camel gray There is also a special edition of Leica with a red dot, the same price as regular colors ash gray and charcoal color in 30L now we can talk about Peak design strap The length can be adjusted while on your shoulder Because the camera has to be at a reach in your hand when you doing street photography Keep strap shorter while walking to prevent camera bump around Shortened strap while shooting video and used as a stabilizer It has “quick adjust buckle” design which you can pull and release strap very quick these two buckles pull and loose, easy to adjusted I have a medium size strap to fit on my Sony A7 III body it comes with black and ash gray color You MUST take strap off while you put camera on gimbal or tripod Peak Design has “quick anchor” to solve this This quick-release design basically runs through the entire PD product line Hanging camera, hanging keys, hanging attachments.

Extremely convenient This quick-release anchor can hold up to 100KG weight.

Yes, not 10KG, it is 100KG 4th Version quick anchor just been released last week it can suit most most camera please go to Peak design website to find more information How to get v4 anchor to Sum up You need a good camera bag I used to be a Lowepro Fastpack loyal user Now I used Peak design sling 10L the most Backpack 30L for heavy duty jobs to carry laptop/ tripod such I hope that review can help you choose which package to use.

If you have any questions, please leave us a message in the comment thanks for watching, see you next time.

How The "Backpack Kid" Became Famous | GaryVee Business Meeting

(imitates phone ringing) – Backpack, backpack, backpack.

(imitates phone ringing) ♫ Imma ♫ Shine ♫ In your face – What up, what up, what up? – Hi, Gary.

– How are you man? – I'm doing good, how are you? – Such a pleasure, how are you? – I've seen you all over the internet.

– Thank you, I've seen you as well.

– Lionel, nice to meet you.

– Lionel, real pleasure.

– Ron, nice to meet you.

– Ron, real pleasure.

– What's up man, Russell.

– Russell, real pleasure.

I'm so sorry I'm late guys.

– Oh no, you're fine, you're fine.

– [Gary] How are you guys doing? You sitting here Russell? – [Russell] Yeah.

– [Gary] How's it going? – [Backpack Kid] It's goingpretty good, how are you? – Come in.

So tell me how this all started for you.

– [Backpack Kid] All right, okay so.

I just created an Instagram, I had 300 followers, and then I just posted a video of me dancing in a silly way just for fun, and then it just blew up.

Big pages started reposting that video, and it just wenteverywhere and then it was just that constantly throughout the week.

– [Gary] It just went crazy viral? – Yeah.

– When was that? – [Backpack Kid] It wasa video of me dancing.

– No, no I saw it, when was that? – [Backpack Kid] Oh when, it was.



It was last January, January of 2016.

– And Rihanna shouted him out, Katy Perry brought him out to perform.

– [Gary] I remember.

– On the SNL.

– I remember, I remember, I remember.

– It just took off, he brokethe internet with dancing.

– Yeah, because everybody was like, everybody loved the recall, right that the SNL clip was.

I remember I was like, 'cause her performance first of all was justgonna be interesting to watch how culture was going to respond to, and then when you came out it was just wild to watch reaction.


And so, do you have anyidea how it became viral? Like do you have any ideaof that 300, what happened? – Oh, yeah I remember, okay so one person commentedon that post on my page, #dontstopwhitepeople2k16.

I have no idea why, I will never know why, but then some with 700, 000 followers saw that hashtag and of course I was the only video on that hashtag.

So he saw that and he was like, hey, this kid's kind of cool, and he reposted it and tagged me.

– [Russell] That was the start.

– I love it, I love it.

– From there then you know, Rihanna– – [Kid] I'm still in contact them too.

The person on that page.

– What did you say, my man? – I'm still in contact– – Where do you live? – I live in Atlanta.

– Atlanta? (laughter) – He's done business before andthat's how we all linked up.

– They just started an agency.

Him and the number onevideo he put on there.

So yeah, he's actually– – A creative agency? – Yeah.

– Good for you.

– We basically justfocused on like culture instead of like looking at demographics and whatever like cultureis the new skin color.

– It is.

– And our focus is justreally like focused on culture people who are kind of changing that so we rep people butwe also do creative as well.

– I understand.

– Go ahead, Boyd.

– We did music and commercialhe did for anti-tobacco.

– So you guys have knowneach other for a while? – [Boyd] Yeah.

– Yeah.

– [Boyd] He's like the hot new kid.

So like, it's happening as you know.

It's happening right now.

Katy Perry's put him in the music video, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla.

– How many views is the Katy Perry video? – I think it's about 115 million now.

– How old are you? – I'm 15.

– [Gary] Love it.

– [Boyd] What they weretalking about was backpacks.

We're trying to getmore of these backpacks like we were talking about maybe having his own backpack.

Helping a backpack outof the owning part of it.

Like he just– – Can you guys manage him or rep him or– – Yeah, we rep him.

– Understood.

– And you guys knew each other or you reached out and connected? – I actually, one ofthe brands that I run, he was at one of our eventsand he couldn't get on stage.

– There was a concert yeah and got seats backstage sothat I could get on stage.

– And I was like hold upnobody's like repping you? Because every, like peopleare looking on the stage but there was always 15 peoplearound him in the crowd.

– Yeah.

– He would go to the other side and you would see all these phones.

And I was like hold up, nobody's like helping you out? And, I think he had somebody but they didn't really understand– – At the level.

– And so like since– – [Backpack Kid] Securityguards didn't know who I was.

– And what does yourfamily think about this? – My mom, she's pretty supportive and she let's me go everywhere.

And my dad is like not very into the hip hop culture kind of thing.

– [Gary] Uh, huh.

– But he's kind of like, sees me as a normal son that he birthed.

– (laughter) Understood.

I love it, I love it.

So keep talking, Boyd is there anything? No thank you.

– [Woman] Sorry.

– Is there anything fromany of your perspective that I might be able to help with? Is it things like more philosophical, big thinking around brand or JB.

What are the economics around getting really put on by a Pack Pack brand or starting your own, that business talk? – [Boyd] Yeah, so thistalk is really strategy.

It's happening right now.

Like they were saying everyone'shitting him right now.

And some people were saying, we're just gonna give you product.

We're just gonna do this and I told them what you've been sayingto a lot of people.

When you find the next hot backpack and you own part of it, that looks kind of cool.

– Yeah.

– Right before you walkedin we were thinking well, he was asking, whodo I know makes backpacks, or whatever, you know? – So what's this backpack that you got? – [Russell] Sprayground, like the hottest hip hop branded backpack.

– [Gary] Hm, mm.

– [Russell] And we're cool, we appreciate your support.

We're actually going there tomorrow.

– [Gary] Where are they based out of? – [Russell] New York.

– They're barely over like 17.

– Right.

– I mean it always happens, but– – ]Russell] On the street, but his is IG demographic is still like 18 to 24.

– Of course, 'cause the way it works.

What are you doing on Snapchat? – [Boyd] He was saying he has a lot of 12 year old fans andreally young ones too.

– Make the toughest sense.

– [Russell] Growing with him.

– Of course.

– I use Snapchat for– – Real life? – Yeah, I restrict Snapchatto just me and the people that I know in real lifethat like go to my school.

– Why? – 'Cause since Instagram is such a public social media for me, I just like– – You wanted to havesomething for yourself.

– Yeah.

– And texting couldn't do that for ya? – With texting can't like socialize with.

– I get it.

– People as good at Snapchat.

– I understand.

– And I don't want to give out my number all the time to people that I know 'cause maybe I don't trust them as much.

– Of course.

– Here's my Snapchat, here's my number.

– What about, are youproducing content musically? – I had musically a while back.

But I kind of got bored of it 'cause it didn't reallyfit me, like Instagram did.

– Just let it play, understood.

– [Russell] He also does music.

He's working with this DJ.

DJ Suede, I don't know during Thanksgiving did you ever hear thegreens, beans, tomatoes.

– Yeah.

– [Russell] He produced that.

So he's been working with that and that's something thatwe're kind of developing.

– Trying to see how much or howlittle opportunity you have.

– [Russell] But right now, his impact as a digital influencer, the recall that we get withthe brand deals that we did, we just did something with Xfinity.

He posted it, we got over 1, 500 comments.

The viewers were on point.

We did something with an appcalled Holo which is like a– – What are the size of the deals? – [Russell] 10 to 20.

– Great.

And he's like at 70, 000 right? – [Boyd] Almost there.

– [Backpack Kid] Like 875, 000.

– That's good, that's a goodnumber for that kind of like.



But the depth is there.

He's got real fans.

– [Russell] These are realfans like they engage with him.

– Hm mm, my recommendation? Like if I was like, we came into this and we're gonna be all partners.

I quit Banner Media and this is my life.

Number one move I'd do is map every single backpack company in the game.

From them, if they're number one.

'Cause you actually like them.

And it's hot all the waydown to the one that is wack and not hot and look atit in a room like this.

And be like, okay reach out to all of them and be like cool, yeah what's up guys.

What can we do? And they're gonna say, well we'll give you a ton of shit, we love you.

What about money? No.

What about equity? Of course not if we'renot giving you money, we're not giving you equity.

Cool, thank you next.

(imitate phone ring) You know, Jan Sport wewant to bring that back.

Everything's back, Jan Sportyou wanna do something? Yeah.

What are you gonna give us? Free stuff, of course.

You gonna pay us? Sure how much do you charge? 20, 000 (mumbles).

Cool, you want to give us1% equity in the company? No, number three.

(imitates phone ringing) Backpack, backpack, backpack.

What up, hey.

You gonna give us free stuff.


You gonna pay us? Yeah, how much is it? 20, 000 .





You want to give us equity? Yep.

How much? We'll give you 2% of thecompany if you sign a three year deal only wear our shit, de, de, de.

Then you decide.

Cool thank you, next.

(imitates phone ring) Hello, backpack, backpack, backpack, backpack, backpack.

– [Backpack Kid] What are you saying is that you can only work one deal.

– Sure.

Notice how I'm calling everybody? (laughter) – If I have to wear thisstuff for three years, I can't wear stuff for three years.

– Ready, ready, ready? You're exactly right.

Let's play it out.

If I paid you $100 towear one backpack for the next three years, would you do it? – [Backpack Kid] No.

– If I paid you 20 milliondollars would you do it? – Yes.

– That's the game I'm explaining.

What you need to do is get it from, no to 100% to fucking yes.

Everything in between and thenfigure out the right spot.

When I did my K-Swiss deal, right? First thing I negotiatedbefore money before anything else, I was like, I'm wanna wear other sneakers.

They could've said no.

I've got football players.

Braxton Miller, my football player can't wear other shit besides Addidas.

It's all about.

– [Russell] The deal.

– When I was your age there was a wrestler in the WWF, his name wasThe Million Dollar Man.

He said the smartest shit of all time.

Everybody's got a price.

I might can make Beyoncedo something right now.

It might cost me 50 million dollars but I can get it done.

So that's the game youneed to figure out, got it? – A little bit.

I'm only 15 and I'm not goodat investing like you are.

– I get it, but thisis not about investing.

This is about maximizing opportunities that you feel good about, both financially and as a kid living your life, right? You don't wanna wear those Adiddas, every pair, every day but that's what companies sometimes may want you to do.

– [Backpack Kid] Ifthey paid a lot I would.

– Correct but what you start learning is things that you say yesto now, you'll say no to.

People used to pay me$5, 000 to fly somewhere.

They'd pay for my flight, give me a hotel room and pay me $5, 000 to go onstage and talk for an hour.

And I thought that was thecraziest shit of all time.

I was so happy.

I fuckin back flipped to Florida, right? Now people offer me$90, 000 to give a speech right here in New York City and I won't do it because that'a an hour and 45 minutes between commuting and being on stage, isjust too valuable to me.

– What do yo mean valuable? If it's like, because in New York.

– Because I believe with that same hour and 45 minutes, I can make more money.

Maybe I don't get paid for it.

Like this meeting, this meeting, I don't the last time I checkedunless Boyd's keeping it.

I don't think you'repaying me for this meeting.

But I'm deeming likepeople that I respect Boyd.

I've known him for a decade.

He respects you guys, cool, now we're getting connected.

You got your moment in culture right now.

I'm interested, you're so young.

It's gonna be fun to watch, we get to say what's up to each other.

I try to give you some advice, that might be valuable to you.

Seven years from now, you're like man I'm really glad I took that one meeting.

He taught me something, right? So sometimes you're playing the long game, and sometimes you'replaying the short game.

Sometimes I want the $150, 000 for that two hours to speak, other times I'm taking 10 random meetings likethis that don't make sense but they make sense to me in the 20 year window not in a 20 minute window.

– But isn't it better to do a few big jobs and a lot of small jobs? – I think it's good to doas much as you fucking can.

In the 18 hours that you're asleep, awake excuse me.

(laughter) – I was like what? – So yes, you know what I mean? So sure, I mean look I think.



I think it's good to do whateverthe fuck you want to do.

And that's the spot weall want to be in, right? Or you're doing exactlywhat you want to be doing and how you're doing it.

And by the way, it'snot just about making.



Like I'd much rather makesix million dollars a year happily than make 21million a year unhappily.

– Really? – 100%.

– But $21, 000, 000 will make you happy.

– What you learn iswhen you have 6, 000, 000 that the difference between 6, 000, 000 and 21, 000, 000 isn't much.

You got to get to like.



The quality of lifemaking $6, 000, 000 a year and $20, 000, 000 is pretty much the same.

– In the short term, he's about to approach a million followers.

– Yep.

– We're thinking aboutreaching out to a couple brands to do something that's really cool.

– Yeah, I think.

Let me give you goodpiece of advice on this.

I think you should do something around 947, 000 followers.

Everybody does that ship and as you know.

Because that why you guys are good at it.

The way to hack culture is to not do what everybody else does.

– [Russell] Right.

– So to me everybodycelebraties the million.

In my career, I hit in Twitter in 2007.

Instagram I never acknowledgesthose watershed moments.

Everybody else does.

To me you might be able to do something.

Here would be a great example.

This way you havesomething to think about.

You know how a lot of brands have numbers? You should really see ifanybody out there has number.



Like is there a brand called 937? See where I'm going? – [Russell] Yeah.

– Is there a zip code? I'm sure there's a bunchof zip code brands.

I used to always think about creating a 908 brand for Jersey.

Anyway, I would do a little homework and see if there's some sortof fun number like that.

'Cause you reach out to that brand, that's kind of– – See where I'm going? Fans will be like, ohshit, that's fuckin cool.

Fuckin celebrating.



Who celebrates 937, 000? Like it's a million, you know what I mean? So just something to think about.

– [Russell] For sure.

– 'Cause that's kind of like commoditized.

Now to your point, if you can get a nice little brand deal, that'sa whole different thing.

(laughter) – [Russsell] Yeah.

– But give it some thought.

– For sure, for sure.

– So how does your fan base work? – My fan base irght now, I would say, is much like you guystalked about culture.

It's a mindset.

I've got a lot of.



My fan base is people who arewilling to put in the work who like want the grind, thechallenge from the mentality.

But from an age, I think the sweet spot right now is like 27 year old dudes.

– Yeah, I've seen that too.

'Cause like, I remember the first I saw.

I don't remember the firsttike I saw your videos on the internet, I was like, wow.

This dude curses a lot.

– (laughter) – I'm sure parents won't lettheir kids watch this guy.

– Yeah, no question.

I curse a lot.

That a little Jersey in me.

Yeah, it's funny.

It's really interesting.

I've been cursing on theinternet for a long, long time.

In 2007, six, eight, it really hurt me.

People like, everybody no matter what age were really offended I would say.

'Cause you, the internet video wasn't consumable, likeat the scale it is now.

TV didn't show it except for cable TV.

And I cursed, to your pointI'm inspired by Richard Pryor.

Like I curse every second word sometimes when I'm in the real zone.

So yeah, I get that reaction.

Now though it's been reallyinteresting to watch.

I'm sure you'll go through this and you'll probably hadn'teven thought of this.

What's really interesting about culture, especially for some ofthat are a little older have really watched hip-hop for the last 10 or 15 or 20 or 30 years, it's crazy what's cool now.

You would get punched so hard in the face so fast if you wore this backpack in 1991.

– [Russell] In the '90's yeah.

– So if you didn't wearTimbo's and a jersey or Starter jacket, you were– that's it, that was your options.

– That's the beautiful thing– – That's the beautifulthing, so what's really cool and this is probablythe best piece of advice I can give you if you're interested.

By me never wavering anddoing what people told me I needed to do back then, it allowed me to have what I have now.

– You didn't listen to anybody? – Yep.

– Oh.

– I'm a big fan of it.

Let me say it in a differentway that's more truthful.

'Cause that's just funny to say it.

Don't listen to anybodywhen it feels terrible inside of you to listen to it.

It seemed ridiculous to me to not talk to people the way I would talk to people when I would pump up mybrother for a basketball game.

Why would I change just'cause that's there.

That seemed too hard.

I was like, fuck what if I meet people? What if I meet people, I never want to act.

– [Russell] Yeah mask on, mask off.

– Too tough to remember.

– [Russell] Yeah.

– So, yeah I think you listen to people.

You got people around you who are smart.

You got your parents, yougot your siblings, friends.

Listening is fine but if that shit doesn't feel good inside when you hear it.

Never waver.

– Yeah, I remember everyone wanted me to go to this thing for Big Critic.

– Good.

– I really did not want to go at all.

– Yep.

– But I went because Ithought that since he wanted me to do it thatit'll be good to do.

– And how did it feel? – And then my mom was like, Russell this is your career.

It is not anybody else's.

– [Gary] It's true.

– You are not a puppet.

– [Gary] That's right.

– I was like, well Nicky Minajbecame famous being a puppet.

(laughter) Nicki Minaj, like signedwith some producing company or something and they made her big by, changing her whole entireappearance and stuff.

– Yeah, I think the question becomes that's the narrative that you and I hear.

How much of that is true or not? – [Backpack Kid] She probablywasn't happy doing it but I mean she got big in the end.

– We don't know.

Maybe she did, I'm alwaysfascinated by that stuff.

What's perceived versus reality.

I had a meeting today with anemployee where I said look.



He said to me, one piece of advice, you're killin' it, I love you as a CEO, like be more involved with Banner Media.

And I said, you're beingseduced by my content.

I spend 90% of my time on Banner Media it's just that most ofmy vlog can't show it 'cause my meetings are confidential.

So the reality of something is very different than the perception.

Your perception is thatNicki was a puppet.

My perception is maybe.

But I don't know how those meetings went.

Maybe they were just there toexecute on what she wanted.

– [Russell] Oh.

– Maybe she couldn't find anybody else that wanted to supportwhere she wanted to go and they were the infrastructure for her instead of she doingwhat they wanted to do.

I don't know, truth is, I don't know.

What I know is that, much to your point.

So you went to the Criticthing or you did not? – [Backpack Kid] I did.

– Okay good, so to methe question becomes, in that scenario, let'sjust use your example.

You got to do it, yougot advice to not listen to it or at least debate it for yourself because it's your career.

Then you did it.

If that happened to be themoment where something happened, that was 10x SNL and wasactually the thing that changed your career, the question would become, were you a puppet, was it him, was it him and then you deciding for yourself, yes.



It's interesting right? – Yeah, I went for two hoursand I only got a seven second part and it only took like 15 seconds to actually record that seven second part.

– [Russsell] But how many people are gonna see that seven seconds? – And you know what else happens though? You'll like this one, the amount of things I do that are exactly the way you think about that that don't work out.

You know, your man says, but how many people are gonna see it? My team says, but how many see it? And the answer is, notas many as he thought.

That happens everyday.

But the problem is the otherside of things happen too.

The amount of kids that thought making vines, musiclease andInstagrams of a piece of content and then said, this isstupid, who's gonna care and deleted it, but you posted it and it changed thetrajectory of you career? That's the game.

It's saying yes and realizingsome shit's gonna work, some shit's not but if you just keep saying yes shit's gonna pop.

– Yeah, that's what I did before like before I got really, really big before SNL and Katy Perry'svideo shoot and stuff.

I just went to every possible available video shoot for anything I could.

My mom was like, Russellwhy are you doing this? It's taking too much time.

It's not gonna ever makeyou go anywhere or anything.

And then it was actually one of the videos that my mom told me I should have gone to 'cause it was after school on a school day and I came home, back really late.

It was actually that videothat Katy Perry found me in.

– Yep.

– Okay mom, how do you feel? (laughter) – Wrong, she feels wrong my man.

And let me tell you the biggest mistake people make once they hitit big the way you did.

They stop doing theshit that got them there 'cause they get fancy.

– [Backpack Kid] Shoot! – [Russell] Doom, doom, doom.

(laughter) – Yeah 'cause like, yeah.

– It's just the truth.

– I don't think I cankeep doing the same three moves in every videofor the next five years.

– I respect that.

– Make it as a career.

– That I respect, I think that's smart.

I think the question becomes, one, never get high onyour own supply, right? So you're big but not really.

I don't know, let's go seehow many of the 7.

7 billion people on earth know who the fuck you are? So like one thing people get confused on especially your age demo on Instagram.

Like that is currency, like you have more fuckin followers than yourentire school combined.

(laughter) So like, maybe or maybe notbut you know what I mean right? – Yeah.

– So I get why it's happening, but it still doesn'tmean what I say is right.

Which is you're just starting.

You've got the bigadvantage over all of us.

The one asset that mattersmore than anything is time.

– Well I'm young.

– You got it.

So you got a lot of opportunity.

More than you can evenwrap your head around.

So I would just say, please be thoughtful about saying yes to things as oftenand as for long as possible.

– That's what I did toget Katy Perry to find me.

So if I said no to that one video shoot probably would've never have found me.

– And I think you've got seven, twelve, fifteen more of those in you.

But if you only say yes to43 things instead of 719.

It's gonna be harder for that to manifest.

– These are very specificnumbers to that thing.

– They come to me.

(laughter) – Another line thathe's really approaching is kind of like comedyand being a creative.

So he's not, what's unique about him is you have a lot of dancersand they're dancing like super serious uthe has this brand where he can dance super serious if he wants to but he has a brand ofcomedy that's into it, so he really kind ofwants to either get into creating skits and evenwriting, is something that– – You know, I've got a goodpiece of advice for you guys.

You should continue to challenge.

So you're a creative, interesting man.

– [Backpack Kid] Yeah.

– You need to keep tasting shit.

Let me tell you what I mean by that.

You know while I was listening to you, what inspired me, I'mjust listening to you.

You know what this kid needs to do? He needs to do everything at least three times to see if he likes it.

Like you should paint, like you should draw.

– [Backpack Kid] Paint? – Like when one is creative, it's only them not trying other creative avenues that stops them.

Like I don't know, you're a fuckin bad ass dancer.

Maybe you're a better painter? You just might be.

I feel like once youhave the genetic DN.



You see where I'm going? Ya might, maybe Lebronwould've been the greatest heavy weight champion of all time.

Maybe, I don't know.

– [Voiceover] He's right.

– You see where I'm going, like right? I don't know, I know thatwhen you have creativity especially if I hear he's funny and he's thinking about writing.

If he's creating that framework because he's looking for other avenues for you to explore, that's one thing.

If that's coming to younaturally out of curiosity, that then speaks to.



You better, great and you better.



You should cook, you should try shit because those creativejuices if you put them in the right outlet, theymight have been boom over here.

Something to think about.

– Well, I was gonna say something.

– While you keep thinking, anything else? 'Cause I know I gottarun to a client thing.

– Yeah they gotta go tooso, I mean this was great.

– [Russell] Yeah, this was great man.

– Yeah man listen.

Feel free to reach out, like any.



I'm on the karma kick, right? Just give love and if itbrings you guys value.

– [Russell] Yeah.

– Go ahead.

– People like sorta know about me because the way I dance was somethingno one has every seen before.

– And how did that happen? – It just went along with my personality.

Like always enjoy making people laugh so I always thought up withways to make people laugh in different ways just incase I got bored .




And it's just when that hit.

– I like that.

– People, hey I'm tired ofseeing all these serious dancers, let's look at this funny guy.

– uh, huh I like that.

Is there a question behind that or is that a piece of data like information.

– Yeah it's information, this is what I did.

– Cool.

– To get people to recognize me.

I didn't like try to get people to see me.

I was like aye, I'm gonna post this video for my friends to see you.

And it started getting the views and views and views and views.

– How much did that video get views? How many views did that video get? – I think, I was getting followers on the spot.

I think in like 24 hours, we got like 45, 000.

– [Gary] How manyfollowers were you getting? – I got like 2k a day.

For like a month.

– That's awesome, so good.

– 45, 000 is a lot to me.

Right now 200, 000, 300, 000is a lot for me now.

– I get it.

That's good my man, that's good.

– [Russell] Cool.

Appreciate it.

You want us to hit you up through Mike? – Yeah, or Mike can sharemy email with you guys too.

– [Russell] For sure, for sure.

– My pleasure.

– We appreciate the timeman and working with– – Come to Atlanta soon, it's pretty lit.

(laughter) – [Russell] Get you lit.

– Listen, I'm obsessed with Atlanta.

I was with Russ last night.

– [Russell] Right.

– I'm all about Atlanta actually.

I actually was about to doa shoe event in Atlanta.

I have a sneaker coming out with K-Swiss.

I'm just trying to milksome time in New York.

I mean this company– – [Russell] Any Atlantapresence or whatever you do.

– Yeah, we'll let you know.

– [Russell] Awesome, Mike knows what's up.

– Cool.

– I do appreciate it as well.

– Of course.

– [Russell] Very generous of you man.

– Thank you, thank you guys, be safe.

Love you Boyd, talk to you later.

– [Man] Nice meeting you man.

(upbeat hip hop music).

Backpack and Boots…what to do with them Hammock Camping

I'm Shug and I'm talking to you whatI'm talking to you about today is your backpack and your boots whenyou're in your hammock this is kind of a worry for a lot of new hammockers but thequestion has come up over and over and over and over and over and

over againabout where you put your pack and your boots at night so I wanted to say I'vedone a video on packs and boots before but it was 2014-2015 and what happens asnew viewers ask the question they don't want to go back into my catalogue andlook for it nor

do I a lot of people worry about their boots if they justleave them on the ground at night that a possum or some sort of varmint will comeup and start licking that salt and drag that boot away now that has happened topeople and a good way to possibly

prevent that is take your boot laces andtie your boots together what I did here is I put a couple of metal stakes in theground and you could just take your boots and it kind of wrap around thatstake like that but what that's gonna do is keep an animal

from you know draggingyour boots off but a lot of people worry about spiders and slugs and stuffgetting inside the boot just take a sock put your sock down in there and justsort of spread that over the top of your boot like that all rightor just stuffing the sock

in like that now I happen to have some camp shoeswith me on this fake trip I'm on because I'm not going to use my boots in thenight and I'm worried that something is gonna come and run off with them but youtake your boots and you pretty much just

flop them over your hammock suspensionlike that usually I just leave my boots on theground right by me why cause I'm lazy I'm lazy all righthere's one more idea with the boots I took these metal stakes I have them putthem in the ground but what you could do is

go out in the woods find yourself acouple of sticks you know knee-high or whatever and just pound them into theground with a rock or another log or something like that andwhat you got is you have a little place to take your boots and hang them upsidedown like that

that way your boots are hanging at night more than likelystuff's not going to get in there they kind of air out and that's a reallyeffective way to secure your boots as well so uh let's take a look at our packnow and what are a couple of options with

that when I've been riding my steedall day and I pull into camp and I hitch that nag on up to a treeI got to figure somewhere to put my boots and my saddlebags what I like todo is take my saddlebags and I'd like to unload them in the

uniform manner andput everything in its proper place so it's protected and not from varmintsthat's the way I do it you may do it just a different way everyone's good atthat when I get to camp I just parked my mule and I dismount from my mule and mysaddlebags and

I don't unpack them too goodI'll lay them on the ground and kind of just worked out off them that way Ireally put anything away that's what I don't do the same things apply when you'reworking a dia hammock everybody style is different so you got to think what kindof

person you are how you load how much stuff you take out of your backpack atnight so when you're in your hammock what do you need to access in the nightwhat are you gonna reach down and get are you willing to get up out of thehammock to go get

it or are you like me the Lord of lollygag and want to beright in your hammock and reach down and get it without leaving the warmth ofyour nice down under quilt and top quilt all right so with your backpack herewhat I pretty much have is my backpack hanging

off my hammock suspension – iscoming off my continual loop right there and I'm using a stick and that stick isjust through my pack strap like that just a pretty strong green stick andit's going right through my continual loop and that just hangs it right thereor you can bring

a beaner and hang it either way they get your pack up off theground so even if I'm laying in my hammock my pack is right here I can Icould put things I need in a side pocket I could pretty much lean back there andaccess that thing and and

get things pretty well without even getting out ofmy hammocks now I just happened to have a hand a little knob sticking out of mytree right here but Hickory actually carries a separate little strap that heuses just for hooking his backpack to a tree so I could have this

thing hereit's really at a nice height to work out of it for the day my hammock is rightthere if I wanted to leave it here in it rainI'm gonna take my pack cover and just cover the pack at night so Ialways use a pack cover if I'm hiking

in the rain all day and it works out greatat camp for hanging your pack against a tree at night gear hammock another greatoption and I mentioned it in that last video I did on gear storage is the gearhammock it is a small hammock that just hangs right beside

the hammock that youare currently laying in enjoying the view or getting ready to have well ifyou're like me 10 to 12 hours of slumber the gear hammock right I'm a pack on theground guy and I'm a boot on the ground guy and normally at night I just take

mylaces and put them inside my boots and I've got them right there and if I donot have camp shoes with me these are what I'm stepping into at night if theground is mucky sometimes in fair weather I'm sleeping barefoot or justget up and go pee barefoot because that's

usually what I'm getting up inthe night to do if I'm in doubt sometimes think it's gonna rain orthere's too many critters on the ground I just kind of take my boots and do themlike that get a slug or a spider still get in there yes they can but

good ideaswith the boots before you slip them on if you're barefoot just give them ashake before you put your foot in there you'll be thankful for that tip if youdid not know that tip so my boots go right on the ground my pack will sitright on the ground

during the day and during the night and I always carry withme and I have for years it's always in mypack the piece of plastic right here I've had this now for 20-something yearsand that would just normally go on the ground right there a my back just sits on

it like thatso my pack is normally right by me occasionally I take a boot and I justput it right there by the pack to just shim it up so it doesn't fall over so inthe day time when I'm working out of my pack I'm all in it right

here and itnight want to go to sleep same thing I might have a water bottlejacked up under it or a small rat terrier so what I'm laying at night andI'm here and I need to get something I usually put my poop bag for in themorning I'm ready to

go for my morning constitutional right in one of the sidepockets maybe a piece of clothing I might want to add in the night goes inthe top if it rains and my pack is on the groundI make sure just like with my tents water can't get onto my piece

of plasticdown there my pack will be under my tarp and if it's a torrential rain I used toput my rain jacket from the pack cover over it and it might be laying back onthe ground but normally mine is kind of sitting uplike that so then when I'm back

in my hammock and I'm kick back and I'm underit's all right here I got it all by me tarp will be pitched boots are down herecamp shoes and that's pretty much what you're gonna do with your pack or yourboots some form here they're willy-nilly of what I just

showed you best way tofind out about this stuff is you know take it as an excuse to get out in campmore because you're only gonna find your groove by getting out and doing it andfind out what kind of a camper you are and how you like to arrange

your packand your boots or your you know for those of you that use trail runners samethings applies it's got to be very literal here what I do at night is Iloosen my laces at camp I have the boot spread wide open so when I get up Idon't have

to fight my foot in there I'm just stepping right in and staggeringover there and taking a pee and then staggering back getting out of them andgetting back into the glory and the wonder of this hammock Oh secure inSector seven whoo buddy why so stilbene oh you hate it

oh youdon't like to do

Tortuga Setout Laptop Backpack Review | Tech Focused 25L Pack For Carry On Travel

the set out laptop backpack is quite similar to the Tortuga set out divide with a couple of key differences cater towards carrying around tech gear and other daily carry items while you're on the road i'm tom the founder of pack hacker and we love helping people optimize their

travel experience with guides and reviews just like this one so if you're new to the channel consider subscribing let's jump right in to the Tortuga set out laptop backpack the main fabric on this pack is 900 d heathered polyester and it covers the entirety of the exterior of

the pack the heather gray material is beneficial because it's harder for dirt and little abrasions to show up we've had great luck with the original Tortuga set out as well as the Tortuga set out divide in our testing of over about a total of four months with both

of those bags previously we tested the home base line and we did not have quite as much luck with it it's made of a kind of sail cloth material a little too crinkly and it got abrasions on it quite easily so we're a little bit more excited about

the overall design aesthetic and material choice that we've seen with the set outline across the board they're finding some pretty good product market fit and in 2019 Tortuga plans to play the hits and bring us more of these set out series in the different colorways and different design

options we think the heather gray colorway looks pretty sharp and these smaller form factor of the Tortuga set out laptop backpack especially when compared to the 45 litre Tortuga set out everything just looks a little bit cleaner and tighter it doesn't look so much like a turtle shell

on your back like the brand would imply as far as branding goes you can find the little Tortuga shell across the entirety of the pack on the zipper pulls on the areas where there's a logo even on the velcro and these shoulder straps there are a lot of

logos on this thing however they are tastefully done of course we love getting your thoughts as well so we pulled our Instagram audience over at pack hacker and here are the results on whether or not people like to look at this bag to wrap up the materials these

zippers are pretty strong they're number eight racket coil YKK zippers and most of them are lockable plus dura flex has been chosen for the plastic hardware across the entirety of the pack another great and durable choice lastly tortuga uses injection molded foam on their Hana system to make

it super comfortable why you carry as well as on the back frame sheet to give you some added ventilation which we're gonna get into in the next section for the external components let's kick it off at the best place to start the harness system overall the harness system

is very similar to what we've seen with a lot of other tortuga set out products in the line the main difference with the laptop backpack compared to other larger bags is there's no place to attach a hip belt which is totally fine for a pack of this size

the overall in the harness system is that it's just solid it's comfortable and it's well designed it should be now that tortuga has had a couple of different iterations in their product to figure out what works across the board the shoulder straps use an injection molded foam and

it's a little bit thicker towards the top of the straps and then it fins out as you go down a little bit further this keeps the straps comfortable plus arguably less material is used where it's not needed for additional padding there's also additional mesh and holes in the

straps for added breathability and comfort on those straps we also have a properly anchored sternum strap and that is removable if you don't want to use it however it is there if you want the option we found that a sternum strap works pretty well especially if your bag

is packed with heavy tech gear or things that you're gonna be taking around with you during the day and you're gonna have this bag on for quite a long time so a sternum strap is good in those cases if you're just throwing this thing on and hiking to

the coffee shop you may not necessarily need it and of course these shoulder straps are more adjustable with the Douro flex hardware as well as they're being elastic keepers on those straps to hold the straps in place a little bit better the back panel offers some really great

breathability due to its design so it has high-density foam and on top of that some breathable mesh and overall this is one of the backpacks with the most airflow in its class towards the top we have a sewn loop for hanging and we like that it's sewn because

it offers a little bit of a flatter area to hang the bag up on plus it's more robust to wrap up the harness system everything here is hyda bull if you unclip it and then stuff it into the strap hider area this is a nice little feature when

you don't want straps flying around everywhere Plus this is the same compartment that's used for the luggage pass through the luggage pass-through is an ample size and you can fit most handles through it however just note that the straps might be in there and you might be kind

of fishing it through there so it's it's own dedicated area you still do have to weave it around those straps that may be in the way one thing that you want to make sure of is when you put these straps back on and you clip them back in

make sure that clip opening is facing the outside of the bag in our testing with the larger set out we found that these clips could come out without warning as you were picking the bag up if the clips were on the other side to wrap this up there

are two grab handles on this pack one on the top and one on the side and these are pretty padded definitely comfortable to use or you believe they don't need to be this thick and padded and do add a tiny bit of extra bulk however they are comfortable

to grab even though I pack of this size doesn't necessarily require that much padding opposite the side of the handle there is a really great water bottle compartment that lays flat when not in use and when you do want to employ it and use it you just unzip

and you have some nice stretchy mesh it's not gonna fit your massive Nalgene bottle inside of it but it is going to be large enough for those bigger water bottles moving on to the inside of the pack starting with the quick wrap pocket on the front wheel of

the Tortuga has included this here it's perfect for quickly stashing things away like your phone or snacks just really anything that you want to have quick access to and you can stow away quickly opening up the front horseshoe panel we are greeted with a great organizational area there's

only one problem here it is too low for the horseshoe opening so we wish that the horseshoe opening was a little bit deeper or the organization panel was a little bit higher up so you could have better access to it you can even see in Tortugas profile video

that is a little bit out of the way and hard to see and the person packing the bag seems to be having trouble getting the pen in as well also the photos on the tortuga site show somewhat extreme angles just to show what's going on inside of here

we definitely think there could be a little bit more room for you to organize this area a little bit more effectively we're curious as to why Tortuga has not updated this yet we've seen this on a lot of their previous packs as well where this front divider pocket

is just a little bit hard to access the organizational features that they've designed in here speaking of those features they are really great and really well thought it is just enough organization for the traveler and it's not too much and it does lay flat so if you don't

want to use any of it that is completely fine starting at the bottom we have a stretchy black pocket for a battery bank or small hard drive then we have for credit card with pockets of varying heights stacked on top of one another then there's one deeper liner

pocket next to three pen pencil and stylus pockets above that is a larger slightly padded partition for flatter items such as a notebook or any other documents that you want to carry around with you then there's another zippered quick wrap pocket that we've seen that's similar to the

exterior quick grab pocket in dimensions plus there's a metal clip the same one that's used to attach these straps to the bag on the harness system that can be used for flashlights keys or any other keychain like items this organizational system is awesome we just wish it was

a little bit more accessible kicking it off with these somewhat padded laptop sleeve this is good for holding laptops of 15 inches our MacBook Pro 15 inch fits in there really well plus there's a false bottom in the laptop compartment as well which means that when you put

your laptop inside of the compartment it doesn't go all the way down to the bottom of the bag so it's protected from unexpected drops or from you setting it down a little bit too hard in front of that there is a separate partition for a tablet or an

e-reader and then both of those compartments are closable via a velcro strap and of course there is a little tortuga logo on the velcro strap opposite of that there is a mesh pocket which is great for holding cables chargers and other bits of tech gear that are otherwise

hard to manage you can kind of just shove everything in there and have it nicely ready to go when you pull out your laptop this is a new pocket for these set out series we haven't seen this featured on either these set out or these set out divided

and it's a welcomed update to a laptop specific and more work specific backpack typically we like to use separate pouches for all our dongles and cables so we'd probably just load one of those up put that in this pocket for easy access but the mesh compartment is also

just great for storing wires in there as well if you don't want to have any additional pouches now moving on to the main event main clam shell opening that pretty much opens up to a giant bucket inside there's a bunch of polyester rip stop nylon which is great

once you start getting a small rip those little grid lines prevent it from getting larger the large compartment design is great for travel especially if you're going to be using packing cubes this large wide open clamshell style is a bit different to see on a bag that boasts

laptop and work functionality other bags we've seen in this category open up in a horseshoe fashion and these zipper is down the middle versus position towards the top flap there was also one other negative to this it's a little bit hard to tell which zipper is which on

first glance when comparing the front horseshoe panel to the main clamshell opening of the bag those zippers are very close to one another this is a very small nitpick but that is why our channel exists to look into all the details and bringing them up to you the

viewers so that you can make an informed decision on what you want to grab overall this is a travel bag though and we understand why Tortuga maybe want with this larger opening the top flap features two equally divided mesh pockets and have a little bit of dimension normally

you'd recommend packing underwear and socks in here to keep them separate from the rest of your clothing any flatter item will do here though and they are useful pockets to have but just kind of blend into the background if you don't want to use them at the time

of this review we've been testing me Tortuga set out laptop backpack for about two weeks we've tested the original Tortuga set out for three months and he set out divided for a total of one month since the materials are so similar between all these bags it'll likely follow

a similar trajectory in the durability and usage testing that we've done so far really there hasn't been any durability issues yet except for some small aesthetic blemishes on the 900 D polyester if you compare that to the sailcloth fabric of the Tortuga home base this is definitely a

massive step up and Tortuga is really finding their stride one thing to mention though is that if you plan on picking this backpack up we would strongly suggest that you consider the Tortuga set out divide as well the divide has everything the laptop backpack has and more besides

that mesh pocket that's in the back near where the laptop goes be sure to go check out our full review of the set out divide if you're curious about learning more now to wrap this thing up with some pros and cons starting with the pros the harness system

is solid and breathable the simple and thoughtful design that's been iterated on based on Tortugas previous versions works really well in most areas the water bottle pocket lays flat when not in use and is expandable for larger bottles when you want to use it onto some of the

cons that organizer panel is great but it's not visible enough to use easily either of the shoulder straps can fall off unpredictably on occasion if you put the clips on backwards when you're kind of picking up the pack and setting it down the large clamshell style isn't ideal

for a laptop backpack but we understand why they made those design decisions to make it a little bit more travel friendly the set out laptop backpack is a great addition to the set outline although we feel strongly about grabbing these set-out divide compared to this laptop backpack it

is a solid pack if you want something a little bit smaller and you don't need the versatility although the front organization panel needs some work on the positioning and the strap attachment isn't ideal this is a solid pack that fits its use case quite well thanks for checking

out this video we'll see you in the next one

Backpack Song | And Lots More Original Songs | From LBB Junior!

– [Child] LBB Junior.

(upbeat music) ♫ Do you have a backpackto carry your stuff ♫ Without a backpackthat would be quite tough ♫ To take everything that you need and so ♫ Pack your backpack it's time to go ♫ Water apple pens and your cagoule ♫ If you're out to play or off to school ♫ Put your backpack onyour back that's right ♫ And make sure thestraps are nice and tight (upbeat music) ♫ My backpack goes with me everywhere ♫ Walking or biking here and there ♫ I love my backpack how about you ♫ Do you love your backpack too ♫ Water apple pens and your cagoule ♫ If you're out to play or off to school ♫ Put your backpack onyour back that's right ♫ And make sure thestraps are nice and tight (upbeat music) ♫ Get on get on get on get on ♫ Get on the party bus ♫ Come on come on come on come on ♫ Come on the party bus with us ♫ Hey Incy Baa Baa Polly and Mia ♫ Grab some balloons Daisy you too dear ♫ It's time to join the party bus ♫ Come on Twinkle Baby Panda and Jacus ♫ The bus is filled up with balloons ♫ The music playing is our favorite tunes ♫ Next stop for us it's this little house ♫ There's a party goingon right here for Mouse ♫ Get off get off get off get off ♫ Get off the party bus ♫ Come on come on come on come on ♫ Come to Mouse's party with us (upbeat music) ♫ We can see moreballoons outside the house ♫ And a very excited little mouse ♫ Let's go right in the party's begun ♫ It's time for everyoneto have lots of fun ♫ Great party games and dancing all around ♫ Jumping here and thereand touching the ground ♫ The party's finished a little bit late ♫ So we thank Mouse whogives us all some cake ♫ Get on get on get on get on ♫ Get on the party bus ♫ Come on come on come on come on ♫ Come on the party bus with us (upbeat music) ♫ Friends ♫ La la la Friends ♫ Friends ♫ Everyone loves their friends ♫ Playing at the park ♫ Playing with our friends ♫ Playing all the time ♫ We hope this never ends ♫ Playing at our school ♫ Playing together ♫ Playing all the day ♫ We hope this lasts forever ♫ Friends ♫ La la la Friends ♫ Friends ♫ Everyone loves their friends (upbeat music) ♫ Playing lots of games ♫ Playing's lots of fun ♫ Playing every day ♫ Join in everyone ♫ Friends ♫ La la la Friends ♫ Friends ♫ Everyone loves their friends (upbeat music) ♫ Swim swim swim ♫ Gotta learn how to swim ♫ Go to lessons at the pool ♫ Learn to swim now let's begin ♫ Make sure you join proper lessons ♫ At your local pool ♫ You need a qualified instructor ♫ No ifs no buts that's the rule ♫ They'll teach you how to jump right in ♫ To the water and be safe ♫ You can wear armbands or other floats ♫ Like for instance around the waist ♫ Swim swim swim ♫ Gotta learn how to swim ♫ Go to lessons at the pool ♫ Learn to swim now let's begin ♫ Each week you'll swim a little further ♫ And learn more and more ♫ By the time you finish all the course ♫ Swimming in the pool you'll adore ♫ You'll be able to swim nice and safe ♫ Up and down the pool ♫ You might even get a certificate ♫ Congratulations so cool ♫ Swim swim swim ♫ Gotta learn how to swim ♫ Go to lessons at the pool ♫ Learn to swim now let's begin (upbeat music) ♫ Is your hair too longor really messed up ♫ Then it's probably time for a hair cut ♫ You can go to the barbers or a salon ♫ Some have a hair dressercoming to their home ♫ Snip hair hair snip ♫ Snip hair hair snip ♫ It's brilliant funsitting in the special chair ♫ No need to worry when they cut your hair ♫ The chair goes up and then goes down ♫ And you get to wear a hair cutting gown ♫ Snip hair hair snip ♫ Snip hair hair snip (upbeat music) ♫ Snip go the scissorsthen comb through your hair ♫ Then snip some more ♫ A bit more there ♫ After the hair cut you'll look like new ♫ You'll look very smartthis is really true ♫ Snip hair hair snip ♫ Snip hair hair snip (upbeat music) – Hi I'm Mia and this isJacus, we love dressing up.

– Come on we'll show you what we do.

♫ Today I'll be let's see ♫ I can be anything I want to be ♫ I'm a brave knight who fights the dragon ♫ Now I'm a cowboy with horse and wagon ♫ I love to be a photographer ♫ Or a very busy news reporter ♫ We can be anything we want to be ♫ Just I-M-A-G-I-N-E ♫ I'm the head chef baking lots of cakes ♫ And I'm a mechanic fixing broken brakes ♫ Today I'll be let's see ♫ I can be anything I want to be – That was great fun.

– We love dressing up, now it's your turn.


(upbeat music) ♫ Big small big small ♫ Short tall short tall ♫ Young old young old ♫ Hot cold hot cold ♫ What does opposite really mean ♫ Well the opposite of dirty is clean ♫ And did you know that dark to light ♫ Are opposites like day and night ♫ Fast and slow shrink and grow ♫ High and low stop and go ♫ Yes and no bye hello ♫ Are all opposites don't you know ♫ Big small big small ♫ Short tall short tall ♫ Young old young old ♫ Hot cold hot cold ♫ What else ah yes how about this lot ♫ Opposites are like cold and hot ♫ Little or lot start and stop ♫ Catch and drop bottom and top ♫ More okay there's happy and sad ♫ Good and bad calm and mad ♫ Learning opposites'll make you glad ♫ They're the most wordfun you've ever had ♫ Big small big small ♫ Short tall short tall ♫ Young old young old ♫ Hot cold hot cold (upbeat music) – [Child] Opposites.

♫ Nose nose nose nose ♫ Nose nose nose nose ♫ Don't pick your nose that's how it goes ♫ Picking boogers is never nice ♫ Blow your nose insteadthat's what I said ♫ The best booger remover advice ♫ So grab a tissue and blow your nose ♫ Then throw the tissue in the bin ♫ Now wash your hands and you are done ♫ Keep those pesky germs from spreading (upbeat music) ♫ Don't pick your noseno that's how it goes ♫ Picking boogers is never nice ♫ Blow your nose insteadyes that's what I said ♫ The best booger remover advice ♫ So grab a tissue and blow your nose ♫ Then throw the tissue in the bin ♫ Now wash your hands and you are done ♫ Keep those pesky germs from spreading (upbeat music) ♫ We love our books oh yes we do ♫ Do you love your books too ♫ Read a book just take a look ♫ They can take you anywhere ♫ Lots of stories of every kind ♫ To read on your own or share ♫ We love our books oh yes we do ♫ Do you love your books too ♫ Go to your library oh yeah ♫ Or your book shop that's true ♫ Go to the category you choose ♫ What books have they got for you ♫ Books we love our books yes we do ♫ And you love your books too (upbeat music) ♫ Kites flying kites ♫ No matter how fast I run ♫ No matter how hard I try ♫ Why why why why why ♫ Why won't my kite fly ♫ Well there's not enoughwind not even a breeze ♫ I need to wait untilthere's wind to move trees ♫ Once I see treesmoving the time is right ♫ To go outside and getmy kite to take flight ♫ Kites flying kites oh wow (upbeat music) ♫ Yes yes it's flying flying so high ♫ Watching as the kite dances in the sky ♫ Let out more stringsee how high it climbs ♫ Up up to the cloudskite flying's fun times ♫ Kites flying kites oh yes ♫ Kites flying kites the best (upbeat music) ♫ Welcome welcome and hello to you ♫ See this is no ordinary type of zoo ♫ Oh no not here not here you see ♫ All kinds of animals looking funny ♫ We have hippos ontiptoes see how they dance ♫ Elephants that bellydance a wobbly stance ♫ Giraffe in red scarf standing so tall ♫ Red ants in sweatpants keeping fit y'all (upbeat music) ♫ What's that what'sthis you want to see more ♫ Come with me right through this door ♫ What other animals will we see there ♫ Let's take a look but please don't stare ♫ Shy bats in white hats hang upside down ♫ Bunny is funny dressed up as a clown ♫ Tigers in lycra a sight to see ♫ Monkey so funky dancing in the tree (upbeat music) ♫ Thank you for coming we'll see you again ♫ And next time you comewhy not bring a friend – [Child] Bye.

(upbeat music) ♫ We love to feel happy ♫ Being happy is the best ♫ But sometimes we feel different ♫ Sometimes we can feel stressed ♫ All of these feelings are okay ♫ The sad ones will fade away ♫ We all have good and bad days ♫ With skies of blues or even grays (upbeat music) ♫ Sometimes I get angry ♫ And sometimes I feel sad ♫ Sometimes I feel worried ♫ But often I feel glad ♫ All of these feelings are okay ♫ The sad ones will fade away ♫ We all have good and bad days ♫ With skies of blues or even grays (upbeat music) ♫ Wobbly tooth wobbly tooth ♫ You've got a wobbly tooth ♫ Wobbly tooth wobbly tooth ♫ You've got a wobbly tooth (upbeat music) ♫ Wobbly tooth is that right ♫ With no teeth how can you bite ♫ But don't worry 'cause all is fine ♫ New teeth grow backin a really quick time (upbeat music) ♫ Wobbly tooth wobbly tooth ♫ You've got a wobbly tooth ♫ Wobbly tooth wobbly tooth ♫ You've got a wobbly tooth (upbeat music) ♫ Little mermaid ♫ Little mermaid ♫ Swam around the ocean as she played ♫ Longed to know what was above the waves ♫ Had to wait until her 25th birthday ♫ She looked around and saw the ship ♫ A prince stood aboardand he made her heart skip ♫ He looked so handsome and so very brave ♫ But then came along a massive wave ♫ The ship was hit and started to sink ♫ The mermaid dived down no time to think ♫ She grabbed the prince'shand so very very tight ♫ And got him safelyto the shore that night – [Child] The littlemermaid missed the prince and wanted to see him again but how? ♫ The little mermaid wanted two legs ♫ So she could walk run and dance instead ♫ She drank magic potionand two legs appeared ♫ Her beautiful tail had now disappeared ♫ When she swam to theshore who did she see ♫ Yes her prince wasthere but looked lonely ♫ Staring out to sea tofind the one who'd saved him ♫ When he saw the littlemermaid he started to grin ♫ They were so happy had a big wedding day ♫ On the beach mermaidswatched from the waves ♫ They lived happilyever after and they knew ♫ Their love was sostrong and so very true (upbeat music) ♫ Yo yo it's my yo yo so so you know know ♫ Yo yo it's my yo yothrow high to low low ♫ Let it zoom ♫ Let it spin ♫ Down it goes ♫ And up again ♫ Walk the dog ♫ Check it out ♫ Do the elevator ♫ We all shout shout ♫ Yo yo it's my yo yo so so you know know ♫ Yo yo it's my yo yothrow high to low low (upbeat music) ♫ To learn to yo yo takes some time ♫ Watch some yo yo videos online ♫ They'll really helpyou to learn techniques ♫ You'll be yo yoing well in a few weeks ♫ Yo yo it's my yo yo so so you know know ♫ Yo yo it's my yo yothrow high to low low (upbeat music) ♫ First I pack my toys away ♫ Back where they belong ♫ Then I head to the bathroom ♫ And sing this happy song (upbeat music) ♫ After going for my final wee ♫ I have to brush my teeth ♫ Next it's time for my bath ♫ I do this before I sleep (upbeat music) ♫ After my bath I get dressed ♫ And jump into my cozy bed ♫ Someone reads me a story ♫ Then they kiss me on my head – [Child] Goodnight (upbeat music) ♫ Up up up up up ♫ Down ah wahhoo ♫ Riding a rollercoaster yes ♫ It's fun and scary the best ♫ Looping the loop turn upside down ♫ Another loop running round (upbeat music) ♫ Up up up up up ♫ Down ah wahhoo ♫ Zooming so fast just like a rocket ♫ Twist and turns no way to stop it ♫ Smiling wow hands in the air ♫ Everyone screaming oh yeah ♫ Up up up up up ♫ Down ah wahhoo (upbeat music) ♫ Cars vroom vroom vroom ♫ Cars vroom vroom vroom ♫ Cars they have four wheels ♫ Cars can go so fast ♫ Cars automobiles ♫ That's what they were called in the past (upbeat music) ♫ Cars vroom vroom vroom ♫ Cars vroom vroom vroom ♫ Cars some are for races ♫ Cars some taxi you around ♫ Cars take you to places ♫ Unless the car breaks down oh no ♫ Cars some cars use fuel ♫ Cars whilst others are electric ♫ Cars all have suspension ♫ Cars to make the ride majestic ♫ Cars vroom vroom vroom ♫ Cars vroom vroom vroom ♫ Cars vroom vroom vroom ♫ Cars vroom vroom vroom (upbeat music) ♫ C'mon it's party time let's go ♫ Dressing smart clothesare for costumes yo ♫ Play pass the parcel one two three ♫ And pin the tail on the donkey ♫ Now sit on the floor in a big circle ♫ Ready to play pass the parcel ♫ Give the present to the next person ♫ When the music stops the parcel's opened ♫ The parcel then carries on around ♫ Always moving until there's no sound ♫ The winner's the one who opens it last ♫ Come on it's party time what a blast ♫ Come on it's party time let's go ♫ Dressing smart clothesare for costumes yo ♫ Play pass the parcel one two three ♫ And pin the tail on the donkey ♫ Okay who's first put the blindfold on ♫ No peeking at all let's have some fun ♫ Spin around twice the tail's right here ♫ Whoops that's not right that's his ear ♫ Okay Mia is next better luck to you ♫ Blindfold on spin around one two ♫ Have a go pin the tail now check ♫ Blindfold off you were correct hurray ♫ Come on it's party time let's go ♫ Dressing smart clothesare for costumes yo ♫ Play pass the parcel one two three ♫ And pin the tail on the donkey (upbeat music) ♫ Growing up growing up ♫ Yeah we're growing up ♫ Growing up growing up ♫ Oh yeah we're growing up ♫ Have you noticed as you get older ♫ You really begin to change ♫ Growing taller not smaller ♫ Teeth falling out it's strange ♫ But it's so exciting growing up ♫ It happens to us all ♫ One minute you're a baby ♫ Next you're a big boy or girl ♫ Growing up growing up ♫ Yeah we're growing up ♫ As we get older and wiser ♫ We try out more new things ♫ Learning how to do stuff by ourselves ♫ Tying laces or buttoning ♫ Riding bikes around the park ♫ You're doing really fine ♫ Learning musical instruments ♫ Practicing all the time ♫ Growing up growing up ♫ Yeah we're growing up ♫ Growing up growing up ♫ Oh yeah we're growing up (upbeat music) ♫ Wow the noise and the music ♫ It's electric in the air ♫ Bumping around in bumper cars ♫ Is the most fun at the fun fair ♫ When it's time to go choose a car ♫ And take an adult with you ♫ The MC counts down three two one ♫ Push the pedal down is what you do ♫ They're chasing us bang crash ♫ Now let's get them back prang bash ♫ We bash a lot and crash a lot ♫ It's the name of the game to smash a lot (upbeat music) ♫ The music's pumping the lights flashing ♫ The fair's so exciting and loud ♫ You can bump into anyone you want ♫ Crashing and bumping are allowed ♫ Wow the noise and music ♫ It's electric in the air ♫ Bumping around in bumper cars ♫ Is the most fun at the fun fair (upbeat music) ♫ Bounce bounce bounce jump jump jump ♫ Wee so much fun ♫ Jump jump jump bounce bounce bounce ♫ Trampolines are second to none ♫ Bounce up and spin around ♫ Trampolining is the best ♫ Jump up so high and touch the sky ♫ Fun on your own or with friends ♫ Bounce bounce bounce jump jump jump ♫ Yes so much fun ♫ Jump jump jump bounce bounce bounce ♫ Trampolines are second to none ♫ Remember when you're bouncing around ♫ To make sure you play safely ♫ Avoid accidents like falling off ♫ So close the safety net properly ♫ Bounce bounce bounce jump jump jump ♫ Wee so much fun ♫ Jump jump jump bounce bounce bounce ♫ Trampolines are second to none (upbeat music) ♫ Buzz buzz buzz ♫ Shoo fly shoo fly ♫ Buzz buzz buzz ♫ Go away fly ♫ A fly flew into my home ♫ And buzzed from here to there ♫ It buzzed and buzzedand buzzed and buzzed ♫ Then landed on my hair ♫ Shoo fly shoo fly I said ♫ As it danced on my head ♫ I shook my head ugh I said ♫ And it flew off to my bed ♫ Buzz buzz buzz ♫ Shoo fly shoo fly ♫ Buzz buzz buzz ♫ Go away fly ♫ I went to find the buzzing fly ♫ To shoo it from my room ♫ But as I got closer ♫ It flew away zoom ♫ I looked to my left and then to my right ♫ I could hear the flybut it wasn't in my sight ♫ Then all of a sudden buzz buzz buzz ♫ It landed on my armyes that's were it was ♫ Buzz buzz buzz ♫ Shoo fly shoo fly ♫ Buzz buzz buzz ♫ Go away fly ♫ So I walked to the window ♫ And said to the fly ♫ Thanks for visiting ♫ But please leave now bye bye ♫ Buzz buzz buzz ♫ Shoo fly shoo fly ♫ Buzz buzz buzz ♫ Go away fly (upbeat music) ♫ This song is very silly ♫ So very very silly ♫ Hoptilly wibzilly jibdilly ♫ This song is very silly ♫ Bunnies are funnywith buns on their knees ♫ They hop round thebuffet at all the parties ♫ Monkeys are monks with lots of keys ♫ Unlocking the doors at the monastery ♫ Butterflies are flies of butter ♫ See their buttery wings aflutter ♫ This song is very silly ♫ So very very silly ♫ Hoptilly wibzilly jibdilly ♫ This song is very silly (upbeat music) ♫ Earwigs have wigs on their ears ♫ So much hair how can they hear ♫ Hamsters stir lots of ham ♫ To make a horrid meaty jam ♫ Kingfishers fish for royalty ♫ That's kings and queens to you and me ♫ This song is very silly ♫ So very very silly ♫ Hoptilly wibzilly jibdilly ♫ This song is very silly (upbeat music) ♫ If you want to be acool part of the LBB crew ♫ Then eat your vegetablesit's what you should do ♫ Take some raw carrots inyour school packed lunch ♫ They taste so great andmake a really loud crunch ♫ And for dinner timetry some beans or peas ♫ You can even have them with broccoli ♫ If you want to be acool part of the LBB crew ♫ Then eat your vegetablesthat's what you should do (upbeat music) ♫ Next time someone brings you your food ♫ Then you know whatto do to be a cool dude ♫ Eat up all your vegetables don't be lazy ♫ Be like Mia Jakus Pig Twinkle and Daisy ♫ If you want to be acool part of the LBB crew ♫ Then eat your vegetablesit's what you should do (upbeat music) ♫ Yes eat your vegetables is what you do (upbeat music) ♫ Hey there all the girls and boys ♫ Let's play and share all of our toys ♫ Some you play inside your home ♫ Some need an outside zone ♫ Cars football hide and seek ♫ Running jumping skipping ♫ Board games yo yos and teddies ♫ Bucket and spade for digging (upbeat music) ♫ So many toys and so many games ♫ No two games are ever the same ♫ Play alone or with your friends ♫ The fun just never ends ♫ Cars football hide and seek ♫ Running jumping skipping ♫ Board games yo yos and teddies ♫ Bucket and spade for digging (upbeat music) ♫ Red yellow blue ♫ These are primary colors ♫ What happens when you mix them ♫ They make secondary colors ♫ First you take the color red ♫ Next you add yellow then stir and spread – [Child] Oh wow it makes orange ♫ Now try yellow with blue ♫ Mix them up is all you got to do – [Child] Cool it makes green ♫ Take some red and mix it with blue ♫ A new color for me and you – [Child] Amazing it's purple ♫ It's so much fun let's do it again ♫ Red and yellow make orange ♫ Blue and yellow make green ♫ Red and blue make purple ♫ And when we mix all of the colors ♫ Together they make black ♫ Yes together they make black (upbeat music) – [Child] Yikes.

Ow, ooh, I've hurt myself now.

♫ Sometimes we can hurt ourselves ♫ Accidents can happen to you ♫ Be careful look after yourself ♫ But if you get hurt here's what to do ♫ Find an adult who can help you ♫ And tell them just what happened ♫ Show them where you hurt yourself ♫ They'll fix you up again ♫ Like one time I fell over ♫ And grazed both of my knees ♫ I went to find my Mommy ♫ Who quickly put me at ease ♫ She cleaned up all of the mess ♫ And dried it right away ♫ I stuck a plaster on both knees ♫ Then ran off to play ♫ Yeah ♫ Sometimes we can hurt ourselves ♫ Accidents can happen to you ♫ Be careful look after yourself ♫ And if you get hurt you know what to do ♫ Find an adult who can help you (upbeat music) ♫ Clean and bright nice and white ♫ Healthy teeth are a happy bite ♫ Dentists help to really make sure ♫ They check and clean and check some more ♫ You'll get to sit on a dentist's chair ♫ And rise up higher in the air ♫ Oh look around mirror so small ♫ Check teeth one two three four all ♫ Clean and bright nice and white ♫ Healthy teeth are a happy bite ♫ Dentists help to really make sure ♫ They clean and check and clean some more (upbeat music) ♫ Visit your dentist regularly ♫ How often depends on what they see ♫ They'll check forthings like tooth decay ♫ Open wide all dentists say ♫ Clean and bright nice and white ♫ Healthy teeth are a happy bite ♫ Dentists help to really make sure ♫ They check and clean and check some more (upbeat music) ♫ A long time ago lived a prince oh yes ♫ Who wanted to marry a real princess ♫ Went town to town and city to city ♫ He met lots of girlswho were really pretty ♫ Then one night a fierce storm clattered ♫ The house was rattledand totally battered ♫ The doorbell rang who could it be ♫ On a night so wet and windy (upbeat music) ♫ The door opened and who stood there ♫ A soaking wet girl with sopping wet hair ♫ Where she stood she formed a puddle ♫ I'm sorry to botherI don't mean to trouble ♫ The queen said kindlythat's all right dear ♫ You'll be our guestyou can stay right here ♫ The girl took a baththe queen found a pea ♫ And placed it under the mattress you see ♫ When we say mattresswe mean there were plenty ♫ Stacked so high there were probably 20 ♫ Straight to sleep no time for a yawning ♫ Tick tock tick tock soon it was morning ♫ The girl looked like she hadn't slept ♫ There was something wrong with my bed ♫ I tossed and turnedall through the night ♫ I couldn't sleep well try as I might ♫ This girl sat here is the real McCoy ♫ A real princess not pretend oh boy ♫ Only a princess could feel that pea ♫ And be kept awake so horribly (upbeat music) ♫ The search was over but would she agree ♫ To marry the prince well did she ♫ Yes was the answer yes she said yes ♫ Everything was perfectthe castle her dress ♫ Indeed this story ends wonderfully ♫ The prince the princess and the pea ♫ Yes they lived happily ever after ♫ Fairy tales rarely end in disaster (upbeat music) ♫ Playground oh playground ♫ La la la the playground ♫ It's great fun to play at the playground ♫ Where the roundaboutgoes round and round ♫ The swings they swing both high and low ♫ Climb up climbing ropes c'mon have a go ♫ Playground oh playground ♫ La la la the playground (upbeat music) ♫ It's great fun to play at the playground ♫ Where the see saw goes up and down ♫ Then monkey around on the monkey bars ♫ And slide down the slide really fast ♫ Playground oh playground ♫ La la la the playground ♫ Playground oh playground ♫ La la la the playground (upbeat music) ♫ It's great fun to play at the playground ♫ Where the roundaboutgoes round and round ♫ The swings they swing both high and low ♫ Climb up climbing ropes c'mon have a go ♫ It's great fun to play at the playground ♫ Where the see saw goes up and down ♫ Then monkey around on the monkey bars ♫ And slide down the slide really fast ♫ Playground oh playground ♫ La la la the playground ♫ Playground oh playground ♫ La la la the playground (upbeat music) – [Announcer] Check out thenext LBB Junior video now.

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