24 Hours Handcuffed to my BEST FRIEND! (Mystery Note Found in Backpack) | Rebecca Zamolo

what are we gonna do I'm handcuffed to her it may be a thing here like makeup and stuff I don't know yeah just go check in here are we gonna do like a 24 hour challenge you know like as best friend you're not ghost friend we just met

but no you know I'll just keep just go through it in here if it's not over there it's definitely in here making the biggest minutes okay well we need to find the key mat wear handcuffs right now hey Cynthia as you guys saw we got handcuffed together me

and my neighbor Alice my best friend we just met but anyways we're handcuffed and now it looks like we're going to be doing a 24-hour challenge and handcuffed with my best friend Daniel D fine II think he I think the keys in there it's in one of those

drawers I know it's not there obviously everything is out today turn into a different type of challenge obviously I'm excited how did you guys use the handcuffs on yeah how did we all I know is I was there and then you put it on and then well no

one told me what it was for and I got it on my arm and it looked like it works oh I thought I put it on your gnar is that a tattoo uh yeah you like it so what I'm gonna do is ask you and the Sam fam

what we should do today because until Daniel finds the key we're gonna be in these so we need some activities so let me grab my phone I'm gonna go on my Instagram then I'm going to put out a video yeah I mean I'm gonna ask them what we

should do we need ideas Matt I mean I'm in handcuffs for 24 hours okay so I'm gonna go and do a story with you and we're gonna get people in the zfm to decide what we're doing okay I don't know if that's a good idea bye I am

I don't think they might get mad I haven't really been approved for Instagram yet don't worry we'll put an emoji over your face okay so be visible nope not at all I'll make sure okay I think that's okay okay hey fam fam right now we are doing a

challenge handcuffed I'm doing it with someone right here won't be able to see their face but I need you guys to vote and decide what we are going to be doing for the next 24 hours so Billings oh okay so I just put a ton of poles out

on my Instagram stories hopefully you guys are following me on instagram at Rebecca's the mole and we're gonna see what you guys decide for us to do today this is gonna be a metallic look good eye down noise canceling headphones oh this is fun look okay look so

look like this over here okay so before I hit play we're gonna discuss what phrase we're gonna say and then once I put the music back on you're gonna have to try and guess what we're saying okay ready here we go okay hey she can't hear us oh

you're right you're right I'm really happy I'm so in this we should be discussing something okay don't like her okay she purposely put handcuffs on you okay what's the plan we need to figure out how to get the key all right because I'm gonna be a cop I

know you can't be handcuffed because I don't really trust her I think it's fine with that but I just want me Santos off so I don't wanna do it 24 hours handcuffed challenge with my best friend well do we really need to find the cage or whatever I

do you just get it by Maggie can you hear us now okay great so you guys like really need to find that key otherwise they're gonna be here we know did you hear all the stuff we were saying not exactly but you guys said Kiel what yeah we

do need to find that key though right Daniel friends so yep why don't you get back to finding the key and I'm gonna figure it out and on my Instagram stories what naziha family wants us to do first for this filter or challenge I can see I put

out a pull on Instagram for you guys and the first thing I asked you guys is if you wanted us to come as best friends or order delivery and you guys chose cook we're gonna try to cook but okay are you left-handed or right-handed right so we're gonna

be using our bad hand we're gonna be like conjoined twins right gonna be like one person yeah this is gonna be fun I was thinking we make pancakes Heidi – okay this is gonna be good let's go ladies I'm gonna switch out of my outfit okay you want

to be a rainbow I guess begin to eating rainbow foods for 24 hours so exactly okay hopefully though we have eight you need to get he pew pants down here right yeah yeah exactly we cooked earlier about the grilled cheese remember yeah like a flat pan what are

you thank you we are going to make pancakes we need the Bisquick break the thing okay we need you Alice how tall are you only five two oh I guess I'm taller than you because I'm 34 yeah I say I'm five five but I guess I'm yeah Mac

we need your help I'm gonna tell this one here I'm not bad okay so now all we need is an egg and some milk – all grab the egg I'll grab the oil wait oh I think it's that one where's our eggs this new milk egg company a

so too much that's fine perfect we need a bowl to mix medium right this is a much harder challenge yeah okay basically we got this it says to up two cups of that milk okay I don't know are you guys right-handed or left-handed comment below I'm left-handed yeah

you can just guess to me it doesn't really matter it's not exact they're gonna be delicious and Matt you're having movies nothing your moves I just do some milk not sure how much there is yeah I think if you guess it's fine it's a solution right now okay

I think we got it okay I'm gonna put this back oh yeah sorry about that forgot that we're handcuffed for 24 hours unless Daniel finds the key so here it makes a crunchy okay let me try to do this I haven't done this we ended before so this

is my new strategy if I oh we might have had a few shells and that's fine we'll just start yeah snap high-five yeah okay I think we're ready for some pancakes I think we got most of it all the clumps Oh a little chunky I think that chunks

are supposed to add flavor for the pancakes not sure whatever book you've been reading please don't time to make the pancake so do you want to pour do you want to spray I'll do pouring so we could normally like we can just pour it from the container I

feel like that I'm spraying I've never used this kind of spoon oh it's linked okay so yeah just pour it on and we're gonna eat these delicious pancakes there we go yeah why did you guys vote for us to cook you know we should have just ordered food

yep there we reach the limit we gotta we gotta work fast whoa there's a lot of chunks in that okay yeah go for or if we do one big pancake we could like no no like a large cookie when you cut the cookie yeah yeah so one for

you one for me one for both of you allocating three two girls three spatulas so before we flip this giant pancake I want you guys to subscribe to have notifications on give the video a thumbs up comment below 24 Hour Challenge Alice best friend yeah comment mat below

if you did it okay all the ones all in one okay maybe we oh okay we flip it towards you like that okay we turn it down alright we got it we got it that one's max you got it almost aw man this is one's for you we're

just hoping Daniel finds the key soon poor it's another 24 hours in bonding time yeah so we take the backpack off there's something like kind of poking out the back here and yeah it's fine it's fine okay guy I got plates for us to eat the dollhouse that's

good sweet the dollhouse where where's the dollhouse oh it's just this place that I was at yeah we've never never been to a dollhouse before Matt do you want me to carry yours okay here's max flapjacks happy about this challenge I can't believe the first thing we did

for this 24 hour challenge is eat food I don't get the eggshell oh yeah there is a surprise on one of these Bank yeah who gets the surprise you guys fit II think Matt you have to try your pancake yeah big made pancakes with handcuffs before so not

back what no no did you get that Michelle you got a shot so good guys thanks for my next Instagram stories pull I asked you guys if we should get coffee you guys know that I love a two-pump vanilla latte it's almond milk yep with almond milk or

if you wanted us to go shopping you guys voted that we go shopping I love SH I know so we're gonna go get some cute things right now okay let's go okay so we are here at William B you guys voted that we go shopping we're gonna pick

out some outfits right it's really cute we have to do something where we may be matched the big visit thing have you found anything there's like so many cute things here right I love everything yeah I love color – okay you're right oh this is oh you oh

I like this I like this – okay oh man I don't have my wallet I can't you have Mac buying twin dresses which we can't even try on because we have handcuffs on you guys voted for us to do a lot more things besides shopping so once we

get this we got to get back and do the other things okay so we got our matching dresses and now you guys are deciding if we are working out on the roof or inside and ready let's do it okay so we are back from shopping we have cute

dresses that we can't actually put on because we have handcuffs you know so I asked you guys in the damn family should workout insider sorry and you guys chose outside so we're gonna go up on the roof to work out right now yeah that's what the the same

fam decided the roof oh yeah I guess I guess it should be okay yeah great so let's go good old workout ball our guys I'll be right there okay guys that was really weird I think something about the roof is really like bothering her I need to get

the rest of that note to see what's on the bottom I feel like there's something else on the bottom give us a thumbs up right now if you think that she's hiding something about a roof no here is the roof this is the room it's kind of your

roof too because what you doing there yeah I don't actually have the key I don't can't find it so I haven't been able to come out oh wow now you know the roof okay so Matt is gonna give us some moves and then we are going to attempt

to do them okay jumping jacks jumping jacks okay we just gotta go straight up okay okay push ups push up easy ready oh this is fine we're good do some sit-ups set up okay we got this okay oh honey your backpack what you can't take it off backpack

maybe you could take one arm off yeah we can always move it this yeah yeah oh yeah oh yeah I feel like we're not in sync no none of the bicycles icicle crunches okay okay this is hard we're good we're good all right challenge complete okay so the

next thing that you can avoid it on is doing a tick-tock have you done tick-tock no they didn't allow us you what you guys we had you vote on Instagram stories if you wanted it to be two best friends doing a tick-tock or us plus Matt and you

guys voted for Matt to do to the Matt we're gonna go do it take time you really want your backpack yeah then they're specifically for peanut well let's get down and do some cringy tic TOCs this is gonna be fun Rebecca and Alice are doing tic TOCs right

now they're setting up and practicing but I want to come in here because you guys said while we were eating only rainbow food for 24 hours that she was doing something to peanut she was only messing with this shirt you know perfect come here okay there's something yeah

I think it floated this right now put up on the screen you let me know what this means I have no idea right so the photo of that is right up here comment down below what this means it looks like it's a code of some sort okay so

now you guys wanted us to do a tick-tock and you guys voted for three of us which means Mack is involved so Mack come on down for tick-tock okay guys we're gonna watch us film this cringy tick tock obviously we don't want to get copyrights you're gonna have

to go to my tank top to see the real thing we're gonna add different music but enjoy okay we're gonna go it's not done and then uh and then we're gonna go like this map right together left together [Music] that's the one so if you guys want to

see that make sure to go to my tic top and watch the cringe yeah I guess it's so for the next poll I asked you guys if we should go to the beach yes or no and you guys definitely want us to go to the beach obviously we

can't really change we have to go in this cuz we're in handcuffs so yeah I mean as long as we get my backpack wet okay yeah no we will get it what we might have voted for the ocean but the Sam say I might've chose something else so

let's do it so we are here now at the beach in Hanko best friends 2,000 friends at the beach in handcuffs exactly I asked you guys if you guys wanted us to post an Instagram story or if you guys wanted us to go live everyone wants us to

go live I mean not everyone but the majority right now okay so I am going to get on my life right now oh this is awkward cuz wait maybe a let's switch side because I have my right hand okay hopefully we get connection here at the beach hey

guys I am on live right now we are doing an Instagram video as you guys can see and you guys voted for us to go to go live what do you want to say hi hi okay so I guess supposed to be both of us online but I

should go live right now okay great okay okay so I'm here and Matt is filming right now you guys I guess we'll have to watch the video one comes out tomorrow love you guys and make sure you vote and I guess you don't have to do that okay

bye okay yeah listen I am I am really but you've been a critic and were they I just look different you know it's getting so late in the day and you know I I have my things that I have to get done just feel like we should move

along okay okay so for the next poll I asked you guys if you wanted me to post an Instagram photo on my actual Instagram feed of the two of us they voted yes when is this gonna be posted when this video comes out is that is that okay

yeah yeah that should be fine that's okay yeah okay so I think it's time for us to take a photo and it's gonna go on my Instagram feed Matt gee can you take it for him yeah sure okay okay here we go okay you guys should get a

little closer okay why are you guys switch sides okay Sam fansite wants you to go on my Instagram and comment that you came from here check out all the pictures and I guess just pick your favorite one I think it's time to announce what they finally had us

do at the beach so we asked you guys in the Sam fam if you guys wanted us to play volleyball with handcuffs which would be very challenging right yeah or go into the water what do you think the Sam Sam chose they obviously chose to play volleyball yeah

yeah you would think that but no we're going in the water but what about my butt I mean we have to do it it's part of the challenge it's the handcuff 24-hour challenge best friends right can we do it without getting my backpack what I mean can you

take your back I can't at the backup okay alright time to go in the water so shoes our own we're gonna just go in are you ready ready three two 13 on rooftop meeting on night time hey-hey-hey-hey meeting on rooftop yeah and also Tina has a notebook what

is that Oh why why did you tell me what do you mean what is that you've been looking at beautiful times right look underneath your shirt it's a code what save him you guys told us that she kept looking at Pina is that why there's a code but

they didn't tell me but I don't know what the code means yes no you're not supposed to be there it's on our roof it's on real time it might be our rooftop okay we have to go we have to sky be there though we'll figure out a way

well hi when is it they have to send me a message to let me know what time I just know later like what like today it could be I just whenever I get the message I have to go up we need to get back let's make a plan

so that we can attend this meeting okay let's get back let's get set up there's a meeting happening God Daniel we need the key yeah okay Daniel right here where did he go he was looking for the key beep put it anywhere where how do we not have

a key they just texted meetings gonna be happening soon soon like site soon what you just said wait for a second text but be ready we need to get these okay okay look like it's a metal it's like small it's round we need to see it it wasn't

me where they gave you a key what it's not any of food wait that's a key they put it under my doormat I found it this morning I just didn't know I thought it was for the roof this is it I'm pretty sure right now yep who gave

this to you they gave it to me okay save them let's see if this works hold on hold on okay if we agree to take you out of these handcuffs right now it works you have to let us come in the secret mean it's one or the other

we're going to the meeting with you no matter what so we can either go into handcuffs and they're gonna know or you let us spy on you okay okay just get the handcuffs off okay breathe yes yes but you guys have to say it and they can't know

you're there so make sure you are subscribed to have notifications on shout out to you guys set out warn the Sam fan merch and tag me on Instagram make sure to check out the photos that we did on Instagram and post it there thanks to all of you

guys that voted on pulse check out the video right here where we only ate rainbow food for 24 hours okay okay are you ready okay three two one oh we were like you shoot your zone no hold on hold on okay we have a meeting to attend