9 Tips To Buy A Quality Backpack | Rucksack Buying Guide | Select The Right School Bag

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Today, I'm going to give you nine tips onhow to purchase the perfect backpack for your needs.

I know a lot of you guys are going back toschool, maybe going back to get your MBA, going to be starting undergrad.

You're entering your final year of high school.

You want a backpack that's going to suit yourneeds.

It's right size that is value-priced.

I understand that.

These nine tips, guys, I'm giving to you sothat you can go through them like a checklist.

And you can make sure you make a smart purchasingdecision because I don't want you to go out there and buy something that's too small, something that falls apart on you.


It's just a waste of money.

And guys, this is brought to you by reallycool company called “Kattee.

” And I'm excited to bring them to you becausein the past, many of you guys have complained that I bring in products that are just tooexpensive.

Guys, Kattee is value-priced.

They're on Amazon.

Almost all of their products are going tohave four plus stars.

So you can go check them out.

I'm going to say great things about them, but you can go check out what other people are saying and make a smart purchasing decisionno matter what you do.


So tips number one: guys, the backpack hasto be comfortable.

Take that backpack.

I want you to try it on, throw some weightin it and walk around.

And if it's not comfortable, don't purchaseit especially if you've got three or four heavy books in there.

Because if it doesn't feel good, if it's notcomfortable it's never going to feel better.

And worst case is you actually could hurtyourself.

So best case scenario, you just don't wearthe backpack.

You buy it, okay.

But worst case, you wear it and you bite yourway through the pain and you end up hurting your back.

Guys, don't buy something that doesn't fityou properly.

Make sure that you work with a company that'sgot a good return policy.

I go into a little bit more detail in thearticle which all of my videos, I always support with an article.

I'll link over to that.

But guys, make sure you buy something that'scomfortable.

That way you wear it and you get your money'sworth.

Point number two: durability.

So I took this backpack and I ran it throughthe wringer.

And when straps aren't coming off here, theyaren't coming off there, you want to check that.

I had a backpack, I remember, as a kid.

I was in a store and I tried that and thething ripped right off.

I didn't tell anybody.

I walked away, but yeah.

You don't want to buy something that's goingto fall apart that easy.

Now, you don't want to abuse the backpack, but you want to make sure that it's built and it's got nice stitching on it.

So when I open up and I look at the bottomof the backpack — usually a backpack is going to fail up here on the strap or it's goingto fail at the bottom.

I look for actually a lining which this backpackmade by Kattee does.

I also look at when the interior comes togetherand then it's double sewn with stitching, with a cover.

This one actually has that.

To me, that's a sign of quality.

If they pay attention to those details, they'reprobably going to pay attention to others.

Let's talk about protection of what you actuallyhave.

For most of it, it's going to be laptop.

This laptop sleeve does not have much protection.

And you want to be aware of that.

There's good things.

There's bad things.

Laptop sleeves or areas with not a lot ofprotection are going to be lighter weight and you can always go buy a sleeve.

A lot of us have them lying around.

However, if you really want something that'sgoing to protect your backpack, you want to make sure it's got all that cushioning inthere.

If you are carrying around photography equipment, you want to make sure it's actually got an area for the photography equipment with abit of air space.

So in case you do drop it, it's not goingto fall and break.

In any case, there's always going to be abit of a tradeoff.

So understand, if you've got really expensiveequipment and you don't want to buy a sleeve for your laptop, then you're going to wantto make sure it's got that protection.

But oftentimes, it's going to come.

It's going to be more expensive and you'regoing to have less room in the backpack.

Make sense? Okay.

So point number four is the actual size ofthe backpack.

So one tip that you may not hear a lot ofpeople saying is I advocate that a man buy the smallest backpack for his needs.

If you buy a bigger backpack, you're goingto find ways to fill it.

You're going to overstuff it.

And that's not what you want.

So make sure.

Look at the height.

Look at the width.

Look at the depth of the backpack.

All that information should be there on thewebsite.

Oftentimes, I'll go and look at reviews andpeople are complaining, “It was too small.

” The information is right there.

Make sure to use it.

Maybe look at one of your older backpacksand kind of measure that.

Again, that's why having a good return policyis important.

Get the right size for your needs.


Point number five: activity needs.

So if you're going to be going backpacking, if you're going to be out in the wilderness for a week, this is not the right bag foryou.

You're going to want something that's actuallystructured.

Maybe have a frame that goes up higher thatcan hold a mat and a sleeping bag.

So understand what your activity needs are.

If you're going to be out biking in the desert, you want a camel bag, something that's got water in.

Again, right, it can be this type of backpack, rucksack style.

This is going to be good for going to thegym, for carrying around school supplies, throw in books in there.

Throw in your computer in there.

So make sure you understand and you get what'sright for your activity needs.

Point number six: material.

So we're going to see a wide range of materialsout there, but almost everything is going to be made from nylon that's really expensive.

You're going to see different types.

You're going to see a very lightweight, maybea rip-stop.

You're going to see ballistic which is goingto be heavier weight.

[0:05:03] So if you can, try to get that ballistic orthe non-rip.

I like to avoid nylon and I'll tell you why.

Because I want something that's usually goingto be a lot more durable.

Nylon isn't the most durable material.

So I like cotton canvas.

It's inexpensive, very, very durable.

Leather is another material we're going tosee out there.

It's often times in more luxury bags.

Number seven is organization.

You're going to see usually two styles.

They're going to be the backpack that havepockets for everything.

You're going to give up room.

And then you're going to have bags that areactually more open.

In the sense, they have a few maybe a materialpockets that are sewn in, but they don't take a lot of space.

I like this because it gives me kind of thebest of both worlds.

Point number eight: budget.

How much money can you afford? A lot of this is tied to the material.

Leather again is going to be more expensive.

Something that's handmade from leather isUnited States by an artisan is going to be much more expensive than something that'smade from canvas, made in a factory in China large-scale.

So those are the things where you're goingto pay for.

I say you want to find the best value andthat's where Amazon is really useful.

And again, Kattee fits that description.

But you, guys, you're going to have this checklist.

You can make your own buying decision.

Finally, point number nine: style.

Leather, I think, is going to be the moststylish.

Usually darker is going to be more stylish, but it's going to be more expensive.

Canvas, this is like I said, it's got a militaryheritage.

I think that right there gives it.

It's more casual, but it also gives it a veryrugged, very masculine type of feel because of the military connection.

Some of the nylon ones out there especiallythe ones designed for kids, those aren't very stylish, gentleman.

Yes, you may want to grab it.

Sometimes if you can't find your bag and youneed something to carry gym clothes, but be careful.

The ballistic nylon, not too bad especiallyif it's going to be in black, but it's always going to be more casual than leather.

I'm going to go ahead at this point, referyou over to the article.

I've got all points right there broken out.

But I am going to recommend Kattee, guys.

I've got a number of their bags here.

I've looked at their leather products.

I've been looking at their canvas products.

Again, very durable.

That's what I'm impressed with.

I'm also impressed with the price.

They've got great reviews.

You can go make your own purchasing decision.

Go look at Amazon.

Use this list however you want.

But guys, definitely check out Kattee.

It's a good company.

They're supporting us here at Real Men RealStyle.

And I will see you in the next video.


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