A Meat-Hauling Day Pack?! Mystery Ranch's Pop Up Backpack Review

Hey guys Scott Reekers here withEastmans' hunting journals.

Today we are going to cover the Pop Up 28 and the Pop Up 18 from Mystery Ranch backpacks.

As you can see these new load carriage systempacks from Mystery Ranch are built around the idea that you should be ableto carry weight very well and these are day packs for the day pack hunter.

A lotof us spend a lot of time in the field hunting from the truck.

You have that oneSaturday where you want to go hunting but you want to be able to get meat outon your first trip or say you're antelope hunting you want to get the wholeantelope out once you break it down.

This is a day pack that is ideal for thattype of setting.

These backpacks are called the Pop Ups because they have aframe system that you can see right here that is built the same way that theGuide Light system is built, but what you can see here is that with this systemthe pack actually pops up providing you with functional shoulder lift.

As a tallguy functional shoulder lift is incredibly important to me in any packthat is intended for hauling weight.

It takes the weight off your shoulders anddistributes it properly onto your hip.

That is mission-critical for being ableto take a pack and use it for getting all that that precious meat out of thebackcountry.

These packs both feature the Mystery Ranch Overload shelf.

Now this is a load shelf that is designed for the momentwhen you have meat down or you've got awkward loads like these shed antlersthat we've got.

You can pop it open.

You can adjust it and you can put that heavyload here and you can manage it.

So this makes this a true legitimate meathauling pack even though it is actually a day pack.

This gives you the functionalshoulder lift that allows us to be a comfortable pack out with heavy loads.

Soyou can see here this is the Pop Up 28 and the Pop Up 18 and this is a biggerpack that is going to be used I would use this in a situation like some ofthese later mule deer hunts like what you have in Montana where you're goingto be hunting from the truck but the deer are really moving coming out of theyou know that big country and following after the does.

This is goingto be a situation where you're coming back to base camp.

That's the idealsetting for me where you're gonna come back eat lunch and head back out.

That'swhere I would use these packs in particular.

With these bags you can seethat there are functional pockets that make your day trips a very easy taskthat also help with organization.

Most of us who have hunted out of the back of atruck or you've done the overnight trips or the day hunt trips you like to have apack that is organized and easy to get into regardless of the situation.

Thispack offers that with multiple pockets with places for water, places for yourbipod.

You can easily fit a large scale spotting scope for when you're glassingup those you know those shed antlers or when you're looking for that big muledeer that's deep in a drainage.

You have the ability to haul that in comfortablyand you can do this in a lightweight fashion.

Mystery Ranch is also known forbuilding quote-unquote bulletproof packs and you can see with the 500 denierCordura that these packs fall right in line with that you can also see whattheir zippers these aren't zippers that you're going to blow out easily.

They're very strong.

They're tough, durable.

You can also see that on thePop Up 28 that you can see that it's very similar if you like that tri zipdesign tri zip to pop up lid this is very similar to that for what Mystery Ranchis offered in the past.

You can also see on the Pop Up 18 that it is a veryfunctional pack that's going to ride well right around your hips for whereyou're going to be carrying that weight on just a daypack type setting.

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