Alice Unique Mini Backpack Diaper Bag Review | On Body Shot | Fawn Design & Miss Fong Alternative

so today we will be reviewing the fauxleather diaper backpack from Alice Unique Hi Mamas, I'm Shen and welcome back tomama banana where I share hacks tips and reviews on fun and beautifulorganisational products just for Mama like this gorgeous bag from Alice unique.

so I am going to go through all the features with you and then we are gonnapack this up and I'm going to give you my final thoughts on it at the very end okayso I am going to be reviewing the Alice unique faux leather mini backpack todayso this is basically very similar to the one from Fawn Design and the one fromMiss Fong (MF).

This is 30 US dollars from the amazon.

com website so it's about a thirdof the price of the one from Fawn design (and $8 cheaper than Miss Fong) but it is such good quality let'sgo through all the features of a first and then I'm going to pack this up showyou how much it fits and then I'll give you my final thoughts at the end because onthe outside there is one two three slip pockets okay and these have like asatiny lining I don't think you can see there okay so it just makes everything abit smooth I'm easy to take in an edge right this I can fit my whole hand inthis front pocket here these are a bit smaller and obviously when the bag ispacked up really full then it's kind of hard to put in things in here but thisis the mini bag its advertisers I can just for a quick trip out for yourchild's oh I have a ruler here so this is about ten and a half inches wideokay and there is a little zippered pocket on the front and yeah it's aboutthe size of this okay and this is probably perfect for things like anearphones and loyalty cards okay not small the lowestcards just loyalty cards okay and then you have the long (messenger) seatbelt strap so you can wearthis crossbody or troll it over the shoulder okay on this inlike a seat belt strap and then on the back here I love this okay so neitherbag from the Miss Fong or Fawn Design have this okayorally it's not that I could tell from Amazon anyway so at the top you have thefaux leather and then on the bottom you have the nylon strap okay so the problemwe're having it all faux leather means it's very hard to just a strap and whenyou have it all with just a nylon I don't think it looks very nice the waythat this is blended from one material into the neck so it's nylon allunderneath it just looks so much better and classier now just a little tip whenyou're wearing this strap okay it can't slip on you so once you've adjusted itto the length that you want you need to push this little bar down close to thebottom so that it wraps to strap in there and they won't shift on you thenand on the back there is a slip pocket with the magnetic closure so you can popthe straps into here and then you could just put on your long seat belt strap orwear it over the shoulder of crossbody which I do because I love the look withthis bag it's such a cute little bag and this color I don't know what you call itlooks like it's great to me but I might put in the comments below or down herewhat the color actually is then there is a grab handle here which is all falltogether and then this zippers here there's a cool little design on us inthat like it it has that much quality hinge on it so the zip can swim around Idon't think that it makes it functionally any better but I love thelook of it it just looks a little fancier like that showing in the camera so has a hinge there and it just looksso fancy and then and there's the d-rings on theother side when you attach the long strap and the inside of this and youknow I love these type of bugs because there's so much organization in it okayso in the back here there is a low zippered pocket okay and you can fit somuch in here and then you have one two three three mesh pockets right large onein the back here and then two side pockets there's no and insulation bottlepockets but like I said this is a mini diaper bag I don't think it needs it andthen I'm on the front of the bag there is another separate pocket so there is alot of organization in this absolutely another now I am a slight over Packerso I predominantly use this one I only have one child with me but I love thisbag so much I'm trying to make a work with two but because my toddler is pottytraining and I have am the fold will toilet seat with her it makes this bag abit tight one just don't practice up for my baby because we're going out to theplay center now I'll show you how I pack this up so in the back pocket here I'mjust gonna put and got Japan and my power bank okay quick tip to keep allyour cables together with your power bike I just use a hair bound and then Ihave a custom set to put some piece here okay and I'm Kofi print with all mymummy essentials pop that in here I have a little pouch here this is from Planetwise I love that somewhat see true or it is seat your brother on the other sidethat's just got spare hats and socks it's cold in Ireland and then at thebottom I'm just putting in a mini wetbag from Jujubethat's in case if there's any accidents and then I have this diaper and clutchfrom baby bumco I absolutely love this it is so happy it is amust-have for every mama hey this is where I keep all my diapers and mysipes and it fits so much you can actually fit enough diapers in here foraround two kids if you'd like to see a review on this I'llinclude a link in the cards up above appear and also in the description boxdown below here I have some snacks and jujube snack bag here in the back asmall again I think this is a must-have for everyone I have an Ikea fold away bag here this is such a nice size is so durable like it's not even just forshopping but I find that when I'm out with my girls our eyes and when we leavewe seem to have so much more stuff alright so a lot of times if I'm leavingin a hurry I just quickly 12 hats scarves extra jackets whatever straightinto here so that I can quickly just grab the girls and leave okayno matter what diaper bag I have I normally don't have enough room forinsert jackets and scarves and we magically seem to have a ton of extrastuff when we're going if that is you as well then let me know and share in thecomments down below but this buy clothes look so smalllove mm-hm I'm like I usually wear this with the messenger strap just cause it so pretty so final thoughts on the mini backpack bag fromAlice Unique, I absolutely love this bag it is gorgeous all right I don't havethe one from Fawn design (or Miss Fong), as much as I love the look of it and it does seem tobe better quality materials (Fawn Design) this is a third of the price and because I boughtthis from amazon.

com to send to Ireland it cost me about another 41% more in shippingand taxes okay so it is substantially much cheaper for me to buythis than it is for the Fawn design between the cheaper price point and the shipping and taxes okay well I think that this bag isreally high quality I can't believe that they actually only charge $30 forthis there's so much organisation within I love that the straps are different Ithink that the straps here are just so much nice designed from the onefrom Fawn design and miss Fong it's gorgeous I love that I can actuallyfit a lot within here I brought this to a Santa experience yesterday where Ihave packed for my toddler out of my 10 month old baby and I was able to fiteverything in now granted it was very tight putting everything in because mytoddler is potty training so I did have to put in a foldable toilet seat butit was possible to put everything in and when I go out I bring a lot with me Ieven packed and lots of food for them as well it was able to fit everything Ilike to put it that I am an organized over Packer so this bag actually held upreally well and I found it quite comfortable to wear and I actually babywear it as well so I was wearing my baby on the front and this unpack and it wasall very comfortable I am very happy with this now I won't wear this to thelikes of Disneyland and wear something much bigger but like I said this isgreat for shorter trips out or if you've only one child and you're not enough forPacker like me if you'd like to see more videos like this then please dosubscribe to my channel and give this spend your tongue sobs I know thatyou've enjoyed it if you've any questions at all then ask me in thecomments down below I will include an affiliate link to this product on theAmazon website so if I'd love it if you would shop through me please subscribeto this channel to support something so I can keep doing what I do and share allthese reviews and have some tips with you so until the next video thank youand goodbye.