AmazonBasics DSLR and laptop backpack review


In this video, we take a look at this AmazonBasicsDSLR laptop camera bag.


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Okay, let's get into this.

In a very recent video, I previewed my newcamera bag which was the F-stop Sukha bag.

It was a very expensive package.

It seem to upset quite a lot of people justifiablyso in a lot of cases.

For me, it was perfect because I’m gettingout into the mountains to film my vogs and things like that.

But it is overkill a little bit, there’sno doubt about it.

Something bit more modest and a bit more affordablewill definitely do the job just as well.

So, in this video, I have picked up this whichis the Amazonbasics DSLR and laptop camera bag and it will fit the bill, hopefully, fora lot more people.

So we’ll get into this bag and take a look.

The first thing that strikes you, when youget this bag out of the box, is it’s, actually, pretty decent quality.

That’s the Amazonbasics ethos is to havehigh quality gear without the fuss and, because they’re building it in such bulk, you getgood value.

That’s what this bag provides.

At just over £30 in the UK and about $40in the US it is excellent value for we get.

So let’s open it up and I’ll show you.

So we have the main compartment here whichyou just unzip.

Then, like many other camera bags, it's gotlots of different sections and it's going to hold all your normal gear.

It’s not the biggest bag in the world butit still is pretty roomy you’re going to be able to carry, pretty much, what you needfor your day shoot, hopefully.

It does taper off towards the top.

So it is thinner at the top than it is atthe bottom bottom.

You’re going to have to your bodies layingflat.

There isn’t enough room to lay your bodyon the side.

But you probably could fit two bodies in here.

It also has this area, another front pockethere.

If you can see in there, you’re going toget loads of other stuff in there.

You could put a little coat in there, if you’rethat way inclined.

There’s places for pens, memory cards, wires, things like that, that you can shove into there.

Food, of course, if you’re trekking awaylike me for the day.

Then you have the laptop area towards theback.

So, let's try filling this bag and seeingwhat we can get in.

So, we’re going to start off with a camera, my Canon 5D MkIV.

That goes in.

Canon 100mm macro lens, check.

Landscaping lens at 17-40, that goes in.

It stands upright like that.

Canon 85mm 1.

8 lens, check and a flash.

Now, Canon 400mm F5.

6 wildlife lens.

check? This is pretty impressive for this value.

A couple of filters, check.

There you see that is fitting everything therepretty comfortably.

I’ve got to say, I am really impressed withthat.

It does feel solid as well.

I feel like my gear will be safe in there.

It’s padded front and back as well.

Let’s just close that up, take one laptopand then just slide that in and, again, that just sits nice.

That’s a 15 inch laptop that’s gone intothere and now that’s just sat in that bag pretty nicely.

Now, I need a tripod.

Can we attach a tripod to this? Yes we can.

Lift this little pocket up, put one leg inthere like that and then it’s just a case of strapping the straps around the tripod, clipping in like that.

Now there we go.

That is is really easy.

This is the Befree Manfrotto tripod.

Now, is the bag waterproof? No it isn't but Amazon do you a little offavour and provide a nice little rain cover.

So, very simply, just pull that over the bagand it should go over the tripod as well.

Lay it flat, like that, and pull it over, fit it on.

There we have it: one waterproof bag thatcosts less than £40.

I mean, that’s brilliant.

Let’s try it on.

It’s got a waist strap, a chest strap.

That is pretty good.

I’m happy with that.

This one comes with a grey interior but itdoes also come with an orange interior as well, if you want a little bit more stylein your life.

So is the bag too good to be true? Well, there are couple of small downsides, although, I emphasise that that's a small downside.

Like I said, it's not waterproof but, still, this is pretty thick.

It will take quite a lot of rain to breachthis bag anyway but, as soon as you put that cover on, accessibility becomes a problem.

In fact, accessibility is probably the biggestproblem of this bag because you have to undo the top here, open it right up.

Although, it’s not too bad.

You’re going to have to put the bag downsomewhere and, like I said, it’s not waterproof and then, normally, your body is going tobe right at the bottom here.

So, it’s not a hundred percent ideal interms of accessibility.

Some people may, also, not want to advertisethe fact that it’s Amazonbasics but, very simply, get a piece of tape, stick it overthere and then the job is a good one.

Another small downside is the strapping onthe back here.

It's strong enough and the stitching feelslike it will hold, as well, but the padding just doesn't feel that substantial.

You can feel the foam inside almost.

It just feels a little bit cheap.

I'm not sure after wearing it for a littlewhile how much support that will provide.

Having said that, the big selling point ofthis bag is that cost.

I’m absolutely impressed with his bag, Ireally am.

I could definitely recommend this, if it fitssomewhere in your budget range.

I’ve put a link down below for you to checkit out.

If you’ve tried this out before, pleaseleave a comment down below and let everybody else know what you think.

Okay, I hope you enjoyed that.

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