Bao Lô – Tập 2 | Web Drama | Ngân Quỳnh, Lê Giang, Ngọc Thanh Tâm, Quang Trung, Phở Đặc Biệt

So? Isn't it as great as Pho Dac Biet? Awesome! But, how do you know the results? You really don't know? It's Iuck! What if it's not the number 60? So be it.

You took all of his money.

How could he make it in this city? I don't care.

What?Why do suddenly you have sympathy? We are a team.

Don't stab us in the back.

I have no other choices.

We take what we can.

There are no riches for you to live off.

Or prefer to starve and die? Who said that there are no riches left? Who else? You'll see.

Anything to say or I'm leaving.

It's hot here.

Do you know drawing? Yes, of course.

I like painting so much.

How about copying paintings? Of course.

I used to redraw characters likeDoraemon, Nobita, Shizuka, etc.

We're talking about real human figure.

Human? Yes.

I draw batman, spiderman, werewolf.

Anyway, I mean I can copy anything.

Even Picasso's paintings.

But for what? I need you to copy this man's works.

Whose? Tang Yin.

[intense music] Who is that? I'm leaving.

It's hot.

Forget it.

I really don't know who that man is.

Hey! Art collector focuses on 3 key points.

The artist, the material and the age.

Not composition or aesthetic elements? Those are the professionals.

For these pretentious riches, they only care about profit.

Then why Tang Yin's artworks? While Picasso's works are too mainstream, nobody copies Tang Yin's artwork.

No one can recognise this fraud.

Because he used Shuen paper and Chinese ink, which we can find easily today.

While Renaissance arts are oil paintings, we're not good enough to copy them.

How can people trust the authenticity of this? Second point, the material.

The papers from that age must have been worn out.

When it's done.

Soak it in water with alum for 24 hours.

Dry it under sunlight.

That's it.


Are you sure about that? Those who appear wise and sophisticated, are actually gullible.

The more we hide it, the more they want it.

But the most important thing is, an infiltrator.


How can you know everything? You know better than those with certificates.

A year, there areseveral hundred thousand people graduated.

While there are only a few scammers on the loose.

So, which one is more difficult? Hey, you guys all dressed up today.

Stop fooling around.

Why so serious? Sis, why do we dress up like this? This is a black market.

Free trade.

Antique dealers come hereto earn profit from stupid thieves There is a wicked old guy.

People call him Mr.


He loves Tang dynasty's art.

My stuff is the best thing here.

This one is really niceas you take a careful look.

Yes, I know that I like it.


How much?300, 000 dong.

How much?300, 000 dong.

300, 000 dong?Yes.

Take it back for your grandma.

Just kidding, I really like it.

I knew it.

I'll be nice to you.

300, 000? Here.

Take this much.

Only this much.

No more.


Phu!What? Unsatisfied? No more.

Suck it, boy.

This is Hung.

He collects security fees here.

He'll find us a good spot.

In exchange for 20% profit.

Your gang? Yes.

What is this? Ancient artwork? It's too precious to be shown off.


It's too precious to be shown off.



Follow me.

Hey! Go away.

I told you to get lost.



Go! Ouch! Ouch.

Are you blind? I'm so sorry.

So sorry.

Are you ok? I'm sorry.

Do you walk with your eyes closed? Can you afford it, you jerk?I'm so sorry.

Is your face ok?Yes.

I'm sorry.

Forgive me.

Be careful.

Yes, I'm sorry.

Why there is a real masterpiecein a middle of this garbage? Well, I can't just buy one piece, they'll know.

I have to fake it.

I'll buy them all.


I want to buy all of these.

How much? 35 million dong.

Pardon? 35 million?Are you nuts? 35 million for this garbage? Garbage?Buy it or leave.

Jeez, man.

Those are treasures not garbage.

Looking for cheap things?2 sunglasses for 15, 000 dong.

Shut up.

You know nothing.

Buy it or leave.

Don't bargain.

You jerks.


Again, how much? 35 million dong.

Are you sure? Sure.

No regret?35 million.

I'll take it.

Any regrets? Take it back for your grandma.

I'll take it.

Just kidding, I really like it.

Ancient artwork?It's too precious to be shown off.


No business here.

I'll buy it.

Follow me.

I'll take it.

This piece worths 35 million dong?I'll buy.

Are you crazy? It's fake.

I'll buy it anyway.


Take it.

Wait there.

There's more.


Count it.

Enough? Fine.


It's a bonus.

Take them all.

Now this is mine.

Got it? It's mine.

It's mine.

Don't forget.

Remember you are not alone.

Respect your ancestry.

Hung is the bastard of that market.

No one can do business while he's there.

We taught him a lesson this time.

Only this much?Give me the fee.

You too!What are you looking at? How about Mr.

Phu? Mr.

Phu is my god-father.

He taught me how to do business.

Without him, we couldn't accomplish this.

Your infiltrator turns out to be Mr.

Phu, not Hung.

Go! These jerks are so slow.

[yawn] [Smooching sound] Baby! You look hot.

Too hot for a salesgirl.

What do you want? For the drinks, of course.

Your order, exactly? You guys want some? I'll take one.

You got the whole gangto just drink one glass? I'm the VIP.

These are just my guards.

How nice.

My goddess.

You bastard! You hit me? Shit.

How dare you hit me? Are you kidding me?No one has ever hit me.

Prepare to be.



Ouch! Ouch! I don't care where you came from.

But I have been here for 30 years.

No one dares to lay a finger on me.

It's ok to drink here.

But do not mess with me.

I got it ma'am.

Get lost.

Here is the money.

What happened to your face? I'm pissed.

That drink stall lady.

If I had not respected the elderlies, I would have beaten her ass! I'll get the guys to smash her stall tomorrow.

You win over an old lady.

Will you still have reputationif everyone knows? She gave me all these bruises.

We collect money, not problems.

Calm down.

1 is fish.

2 is snail.

3 is ghost.

4 is peacock.

5 is bug.

6 is tiger.

7 is pig Mr.


I'm beaten up like this.

Which number should I bet? 25.

25? Tomorrow, I'll go all in with 25.

All in won't get you win.

You'll lose due to all in.

All in won't get you win.

You'll lose due to all in.