Best Budget-Friendly Backpacks/Rucksacks For Men 2019

(upbeat music) – Hey, I'm Dorian, joined by my wife andcelebrity men's wear stylist, Ashley Weston.

– Hi.

– So, guys, today we're talkingabout a very important topic for this time of year, the best budget friendlybackpacks that we've tested.

Let's get into it.

(upbeat music) Before we get into it, these are the top three thatwe loved the most; however, there's a couple thatwe really also liked, but for time.



(laughing) We don't want this tobe a 30 minute video.

We linked them in the articlein the description below, so check it out.

There's actually quite afew others that are included in that list, so definitely, definitely hit the link in the description below.

Let's get into the first selection.

It is.



– This guy by Incase.

– Yup.

It's fantastic.

We're huge, huge, huge fans of the Incase.

Every single time we do a backpack and/or a briefcase/messenger bag video, they always make the cut.

Very high quality for theprice and I just think.



– Yeah, this is your traditional backpack.

The zip goes all the way around, but it has great padding.

The structure of thebackpack stays intact.

– I love they always do, depending on the style, they always have a littlehidden compartment.

I don't know why, butthat just gets my goat.

– It's a super clean design, so everything from thezipper detail to the tabs, everything matches thecolor of the backpack, so it's just super clean and sharp.

And, then, just functionally, it's great.

Whether you're carrying alaptop, IPad, your books, notebooks, whatever, nothingis going to get squished.

– This one's a little on the smaller side, so if, obviously, you're notlugging around a lot of stuff, this is going to be best for you.

They make another version andit's linked in our article in the description below, that's a little bit bigger than this, but very, very, very similar style, so definitely check it out.

Our second favorite budgetfriendly backpack this year is what Ashley? – This guy by Herschel.

– Yup.

So we particularly like this one 'cause it's a bit of a different design, although kinda classic.

We talked about a similarbackpack years ago and the thing that usually drives us crazy is that these buckles arereally hard to deal with, but they did you awonderful, wonderful service and they made them – Magnetic snaps.

– Magnetic snaps.

So much easier to use.

– This is a top loadingbackpack, so a little different.

We'll open this up, basically you just open up, it fits a lot.

– Very roomy.

Very roomy.

– Yes.

– And you have the added bonusof having the candy stripes on the inside, that's a wonderful touch.

– It's just a classicHerschel designed backpack.

You've got the leather detail here, also padding on the shoulder straps.

– It's really, really thick actually, so very comfortable, especially when you have a lot of heavy stuff in it.

I noticed that when wewere testing this for sure.

I just think the design, overall, is very good.

And for the price, it's really hard to gowrong with Herschel stuff.

I have to say, they'rereally, really high quality, and they always do a great job.

It also comes in various colors.

– [Ashley] Oh yes.

– So if you don't likethe tan and the navy, you could definitely do other colors.

Definitely many, many options, so check out more detailslinked in the description below.

So, Ash, what is the third one? – Well, I'm super excited about this one because I am a personal user of them.

It's an Aer backpack.

– An Aer backpack? – Aer.


This backpack is by Aerand this type of design, it has a turtle shellthat has a zip down here.

– I think that's very interesting.

– As well as the traditional zipper all along the perimeter of the backpack.

– Yeah and it has apadded laptop compartment, pockets, etc.

, but you particularly like thisand you failed to mention, your clients also use this backpack.

– Yes.

I converted them.

– What is on the bottom, Ash, that you really like.

– A feature of this backpack that I love is this compartment down here, this is where you can putyour shoes, your gym shoes, in here and I use this all the time, especially if I'm traveling, I like to put my athleticsneakers, my workout sneakers in this compartment.

It doesn't take any additional room with the rest of the backpack.

It's just so great.

So many great compartments andways to organize your stuff.

– [Dorian] Comfortable, padded.

– It's so comfortable, yes.

There's padding in the backas well as on the straps and this backpack, I've carriedmine for a few years now, and it still looks brand new.

Obviously, we tested out alot of different backpack and we're fans of a lotof different backpacks.

– Yup.

But, for me and for my clients, we still just keepcoming back to this guy.

It's fantastic.

It's soroomy.

It fits a lot of stuff.

– I like the design, personally, of the Incase bags a little bit, they're a little more modern, this is a little moretactical, we'll call it.

Guys, again, check out the article linked in the description belowfor some other really great, budget friendly optionsthat just didn't make it for time reasons.

Fellas, thanks so much for watchin', we'll see ya in the next one.

– Bye.

(upbeat music).