Dooney Bourke Large Murphy Pebble Leather Backpack

when I was trying to commute to college where was this bag when I was trying to be stylish and still remain hands-free so if you like the idea of hands-free but across what he's still too petite for you you might want to consider this I want to do

colors it's gorgeous beautiful pebbled leather we have it available for you in that super irresistible oyster color which we have been fawning over especially as we enter into our fall fashion edit what a popular choice today we also have the midnight black in the front then we also

have gray and we also have red so we're calling this one stone Paul okay so stone lack black and and I just want to point that out only because you're gonna notice that all the contrasting trim it's actually all black whereas the other styles have that russet trim

so if you're looking for that black sleek option that is definitely a go to stunning even the straps are black on that one so tell me about the beauty of bringing backpacks back because they're convenience right Okin vini and you mentioned like we're both moms with kids like

where your purse on your back because I've got this hand accessible this hand so this is a great large backpack all done in that beautiful pebbled leather again so soft so durable and I just love all of the capacity and again the styling versatility you get with this

starting on the front of the bag you have that amazing easy access front zip pocket I will remove again you're getting the dust cover because it's another leather bag but you've got that nice accessible front pocket and you'll see here we've got this flap which has a magnetic

closure and you're getting that gorgeous tassel detail and these just pull open and open extremely wide well-read lined inside you're getting you know the slip pockets on the front another secures that pocket on the back the key key leash for your keys and I think I forgot to

point out the awesome slip pockets on the front of the bag which is great like young mom through a baby bottle in a water bottle anything you need just quickly pens it's a deep pocket it goes all the way to the base of the bag but what's best

about this bag when you draw it closed or drawstrings are meant to just stay shut so you've got that security there these straps are so incredibly comfortable it's that web strap they're adjustable they really do just sling over your shoulder beautifully it's so comfortable to wear and you

can put it over the one shoulder you can wear it over both of your shoulders and then Leslie check that out you can just carry it around like a purse right so if I wanted to put this on the crook of my arm as well I like the

size of this it is the just right size it's not big and overwhelming where it looks sloppy it still has that structure and that style it's about ten and a half inches in the length we've got it at seven and a half wide thirteen and a half high

and then with that three inch handle the strap goes ahead and adjusts all the way to the 16 inches of course it's done in that signature pebbled leather as well which is really easy to care for I find that the leather right from the beginning it's soft and

sumptuous and beautiful and I can only imagine the reason people adore their Dooney and Bourke is that they get even better with DES it gets softer but it still maintains its structure you never have to worry about the bags just puddling down to the ground right beautiful durable

leather so at the end of the day we want this bag this is the most limited I believe in the show Paul I believe I have about 160 of these total so 157 pound to be exact its 328 today brand-new for you if you want to bring it

home on flex pay that's $65 a month for the next five months and you can go ahead and break it down and justify I mean literally two dollars is that two dollars and change a day to have something that becomes a lifetime bag I mean that is the

Heritage remember that they are inspired by classic American leather goods and what you're getting is a timelessness yes you know you're paying for that timelessness you're paying for that that cost functional ability yes and all the artisans that create this these bags are still being handcrafted for you

and so what a treat today to own this lifetime bag zero eight eight two two eight here is the oyster color very popular it's beautiful against your shirt angular here is your black so black we also have it available for you in that stone color and then we

also have it available for you in the red which you know if you wear a lot of neutrals come on little pop of color I mean look I have yellow in my denim on and I think it looks fabulous yeah I mean they really don't be afraid to

carry color especially it's on your back I mean it I think it works mmm we've got Gloria King saying Dooney and Bourke happy-face we've got Veronica I love the red crossbody love my duty hi Loretta good morning to you too we also have Ruth on Dorothy saying how

much is the crossbody bag so the crossbody bag we just finished presenting to you that's a hundred and sixty-eight dollars 42 dollars on flex pay Dorothy so I hope that answers your question we also had another question about that crossbody where I think it was Jerry saying does

the iPad Mini fit in that crossbody that we started with I believe no it will hold most of your smart phones but the iPad Mini as person see this is what I love to connect but back to the bag you know we were talking this morning I said

look fanny packs are back yes you know backpacks are back I mean we're definitely looking back and saying how can we improve these styles we use things or if you're going to the theme park sporting events I mean the kids are back in school I'm running around like

a crazy person now this is so functional because I can load it up I live out of my car in my bag so definitely and it disperses the weight it's not uncomfortable to carry in the slightest so I love that it doesn't slide off your arm you know

there are some shoulder bags that you they are roomy and they're convenient and then they're always sliding off your shoulder they're very uncomfortable I love how this disperses and and distributes the weight evenly this is why kids can carry a heavy load of books on their back think

same thing for you mom think same thing for you grandma you know the same thing you know you can load that bag up and it's another alternative to being hands-free so if you do love to go auntie King on the weekends if you do go to the football

games the theme parks football seasons officially starting yes yeah you're going to need to go ahead and attend all those games and practices and all that stuff this might be an option for you now the red is the most popular this is one of our most limited selections

this morning so it will be the first to go if you want it it's zero eight eight two two eight please keep in mind we do have five flex for your duty and Burke on this bag today only okay we're gonna wrap this up still have so much

more to show you take a look at we're gonna start with the models we've got the satchel coming up next a satchel is iconic a sad