Dooney Bourke Pebble Leather Zip Pod Backpack

from Dooney & Bourke you have a winner and that's exactly what we're bringing to you here always I mean this has like a following people that collect absolutely your backpack so it's right I mean it takes hands-free to a whole other level I mean cross bodies are great

for that but there's so much versatility obviously in style with this particular backpack so I'm really excited this is the first time that we're seeing this there's fantastic colors colors that you can wear year-round this really is if you're looking for a year-round addition to your handbag collection

something that's gonna be hands-free versatile structured this is such a great option this is head-to-toe pebble leather this is where we launched as a brand we're known for our beautiful pebble grain texture this is all drum dyed so the colors are there through and through super easy to

care for it get it wet it'll dry back to its natural state and that's one of your favorite signature colors that's the elephant again yes and then we'll take you through maybe we'll go down to the front should we do it that way or what's easier Andre let

me okay so we'll go on to the front there sure midnight blue deep dark navy okay and then right next door is our classic red which is so beautiful with that contrast russet tram oh it's like their signature ribbon beautiful and then classic black black okay and then

we're finishing it off with caramel which is our most tonal option with that russet trim it kind of just bleeds into the body of the bag I want to put it next to oh yeah okay so we have the bone and the caramel the elephants these are kind

of your neutrals in the front signature red black and then the neat yeah midnight blue oh and I love the contrast of the luggage color right that you have on the handles and on the strap yeah it's so beautifully done I mean it grounds it definitely I think

gives it the opportunity to carry these bags with everything don't be intimidated by a red bag pair it with your blues your blacks your Browns carry it with the yellow it looks fantastic so don't be intimidated by the colors everything's grounded with that russet trim I love that

this backpack gives you that comfortable rolled handle so you can even start out carrying it like a handbag and like Gabi's showing that way right so it's comfortable it's functional but you know what now I need to go hands-free so now I can just sling it over my

one shoulder or I can wear it as a traditional backpack so we give you these great adjustable handles and then we have the center ring which allows you to just kind of sling that over one shoulder you can use one strap or both so you really do get

three unique looks in one with this I love that we're giving you the double tassels here on the zipper poles and they're just gonna glide all the way down and I love how structured and narrow this bag is but we're giving you gussets deep gussets so nothing is

falling out of this book bag when you open it all the way up you're gonna fit your tablet day planner full-size wallet and umbrella snacks you name it great organization with a zipper and slip pocket here on the back wall you've got two deep slit pockets here on

this wall and then we have of course give you the long extended leash for your keys these tabs here these leather tabs are what make it super easy to just kind of zip this bag up on the fly and then I actually just brought this a purse down

to this side too so you've got two looks depending on where you want your zippers to lay and there's such a style to this type of all those like you know just I don't know something very effortless and very European display you know your shoulder or two to

bring it over both your shoulders and then be a hundred percent hands-free but tons of room you could put a whole bottle of water in here this is that bag that I always say it's like never ever ever full because you have so much room and organization and

that beautiful bright lining that Dooney and Bourke are known for that makes it easy to see everything the worst thing in the world is when it's dark and you have anything at the bottom because to stop this you know we're gonna really load this up and that's what

it's meant to be and the dome the silhouette to this I mean don't be afraid you could load this to the tippy-top and it's never gonna look it's not that sloppy book bag you know if you have it on both shoulders and it's placed in the center of

your back it's not gonna look like I'm hiking through a forest you're going camping like you can't see it from the back but like if you want to show it off swing it over the one shoulder or carry it like the handbag with that nice rolled handle so

it really is very classic very chic day to night work to weekend there's so many ways to style this I love it like that very nice again that luggage color that's the stone that we said or the bone that's the bone color so that's gonna be the lightest

of the neutrals then you have what's the gap is showing off the and then you know I'm getting an update we are just a like a handful in each of the colors here I bet – and fully adjustable again a hundred percent cotton lining on the inside but

fully adjustable leather individual straps here which is great because if you want to wear it higher or lower footballer or shorter it's wonderful having that full adjustability and overall dimensions is 10 inches in length 11 inches in the height with a nice again wonderful strap here which is

a tall leather padded strap so it just feels good it's all doubled whip stitch throughout and great comments on Facebook everybody loves those who love it's funny because we had Birkenstock on last day which is such a huge following and it's like Dooney & Bourke same thing so

many of you are saying you know over 25 foot bags and we hear that over again so call us if that if you are Judy and burger land we completely get it you know unfortunately this has become very much a lost art so when you can continue to

like we are showing you in the video Dooney & Bourke stands behind bringing to the ultimate and premium quality and leathers all the hem iseman ship that goes into each and every one of the handbags that's what makes them heirloom bags each one will come with its own

dust cover you will have whatever you decide to choose or if you you know just tuned in to be entertained we appreciate that – really you will have these bags for years I mean 20 30 40 years that we have quality that we're bringing to you what are

we looking at here I mean this is actually footage of the making of a bag so you see I mean this is these are artisans at work everything is done and stitched and finished off by hand we're known for our craftsmanship our durability the bags are effortlessly functional

so not only are they built to last they're built to make your life easier and as a mom and a lover of bags myself I want a bag that's going to work with me that I'm not going to be fighting with on a constant basis so we really

do I think win across the board you know it's a good question we just had came in from I believe it was Denise and she said can it fit an iPad so I believe so it's definitely fit my tablet and I've got a couple size – oh you

tease this is just a standard because we're streaming live right now so I just have a state a standard iPad so I think it's going to oh yeah then some perfect yes and that's great because not a lot of handbags do fit a knife exactly unless you're going

with a really large heavy heavy satchel that's another thing it doesn't start out heavy it doesn't like something that they think is so fantastic it's so lightweight it's so beautiful again these colors are drum dyed in they're not gonna scratch or flake don't be intimidated take this out

in the rain it's a leather that can get wet and it'll dry back to its natural state if it does get dirty just some soap and distilled water a nice soft cloth and you want to clean it in a circular motion it cleans up beautifully I love hearing

that thank you because it's a workhorse – sometimes you think leather oh I gotta treat it with kid gloves I used to be terrified I'm like shocked I've been making mistakes all these years just throwing bags away because they don't stand the test of time but duty does

night now I have fewer than two dozen remaining in the midnight blue and it is a beautiful rich rich blue yeah it's a navy with that luggage color contrast which is stunning you want to have fun and kind of think outside of the box go with that red

absolutely it's just it just makes it it just makes the outfit again you can do this as a one-shoulder throw it over your shoulder bag both shoulders which is so good if you're if you're really are stuffing this it's a bit heavy it's nice to take that wig

off or again just to hold it by a little straddle it's Gabby showing you as a cute little handbag I think this is such a great gift I mean obviously we've got Mother's Day and Easter coming up but for like a college graduate who's going off to school

I think like how how amazing this would have been to carry around campus and then still you know carry when I'm off campus doing things so it's very sophisticated but ageless and timeless as well for sure and basically with flex pay here five flex payments break up your

payments over the next five months it'll be fifty three dollars and sixty cents your first monthly payment to get this at home it's six eight nine two zero six quite popular today so thank you and you know what else here would be a great opportunity