Emma Fox Convertible Leather Backpack

we made a couple of pieces and it is one of my favorites I love it too okay so that's still coming up but right now brand-new and thank you for being with us in this hour you know the final hour of the visit your chances we said to

find out about this incredible quality in a backpack so we have the backpack available holiday price only 169 90 and that backpack is this beautiful almond clove we also have it here in the black with the mushroom and then we have it lisa is holding it in the

cranberry and already an update in the cranberry 20 only left in the backpack and then we also had at least I flipped when I saw this then you remember all leather this is the wristlet that is actually two wristlets in one comes on to present leather 79 dot

94 the wristlet and the wristlet cranberry very limited the almond clove in the center will show you and then over here we have it in the black also so walk me through person I don't want to scare anyone with a backpack thing okay because this is a multifunctional

bag yes so let's get let's talk about talk about our cranberry by the way is lipstick red it is gorgeous it is the most beautiful red we went through so many lab tips to get this red teach you to get this red right well you know sometimes he

look a little to our action dragon little purple e so this is really really the perfect color red red handbag should be a staple in your wardrobe it's it's so easy to go to with denim with black it kind of all year round in the summer you can

turn it into a nautical talent there's so many constituent Lee okay so let's dive into this Bobby so first of all it has this top handle okay which is the easiest way to carry it three-inch is a backpack okay it is a backpack and can be worn as

a backpack big trend now for women carrying backpack very much so it's not a back-to-school kind of situation with a girl she curses chic and three inches on the backpack so with the strap 30 inches and completely adjustable on that so a lot of people like to carry

these backpacks over the shoulder how I carry it I think it is like you could really rock it celebrities with this look and it is fantastic I was like you know what I don't know if my customer you know would love the idea of having a backpack but

you know we buy investment things so what we did is we made the backpack and let me show you what i'm doing here ladies we made it convertible so this converts very easily it is not tricky you just take these things with extraordinary ways yeah those are the

most important to certainty factors to me and your high-end designer bags as the weight of the hardware so this comes through and this gets carried as a shoulder bag love it so there really is you have the three ways to carry it is the shoulder bag which is

a crossbody the top handle and if you want to use it as the backpack you can I like the idea of having the opportunity to do all of those things and that is important to us I would like you know life is so like sometimes your options we

like option area sometimes you're not and sometimes many places will take this off completely it is kind of like going out to dinner very much so prize on this to Lisa that I love the size is like 10 and a half long and nine and a half high

so it is the perfect size you know a lot of your backpacks are really you know so the reality is very very okay can we talk about we have to talk about this wristlet focus I matta fact I bought it before the show I bought one in each

one of the colors I think this is the coolest holiday gift first of all I'm going to take this one here because I want you to see it we have it in all the colors it basically is about nine and a quarter inches in length by six inches

high but this is what is amazing remember remember leather leather leather but first of all you get with its own lobster claw clasp another completely separate wristlet so so you're getting literally right all leather two in one full pocket to the front full pocket to the back and

completely adjustable with your gold chain and your leather strap you at all of this for 7990 now I will tell you what this is brand-new this was saved for the hour this has not been seen exclusive HSN item I made it I felt like it was the greatest

little Christmas isn't we should know in the other corner this comes off completely comes off completely comes off it is just a fun little bag if you wanted to be solid so you get to own a two-tone beg you get your own a solid bag this you can

kind of take off and run into a store you can buy these as cosmetic bags put them into your large bag for that right and leather this little just even the small little insert alone what are you selling a little this is 7990 for both pieces I know

and I have to tell you I you know I mentioned least I bought three of this before the show but this is to me I can give this to absolutely any female my lesson in age 20 30s 40s 50s 60s and you know what a great little after

five bags the great little run to the run to the run to the store they are so slow the cranberry you know it is just such a great look this here I took this off to show you ladies how it looks as a handbag it is an awesome

looking handbag but then you can wear it as a backpack so if anybody has travel plans this would be a great bag to take on vacation with you because it's so versatile let's talk about the difference in leather what makes the leather that you use so special in

these myself so first thing you know when creating I've been obviously in the business for over 30 years so the first thing to me when I look at making a leather bag is the leather yes okay we are making a handbag obviously you have all these design ideas

on what you want it to look like but it is like starting a recipe yeah and not having the main ingredient okay it's like you're cooking something that you have that main ingredient the main ingredient is leather this is American cowhide which is the best cow hide in

the world okay Lisa interrupt you but we have an update already we have in the wristlet we have 15 left and we have only 20 left in the cranberry backpack start right ahead okay we know everybody loves her and of course the holidays and it's not this beautiful

red out there I've seen some really unattractive Reds out there so I'm glad you ladies appreciate that so we start out with that gorgeous leather how that leather is saturated is in this drum dyed process so there is two ways to to get leather the color that we

wanted one is to spray it like spray paint and the other is to drum die from die so we are different we do not want to drum dot you what a drum die thing for as long as possible so these are all drum dyed leather all right well

we will let you know when it's sold out particularly in the cranberry which should be very very soon so definitely stay in the ordering process do you know you