Fjallraven Kanken 13” Laptop Backpack Review | 3 Years Of Testing Across 3 Continents

the Cancun was originally designed as a school bag for children in Sweden as a solution for carrying heavy books on their back fast-forward 40 years of VR Robin has over 10 different Hankins a range of accessories and stores all over the world hey I'm Rebecca from pat Kaka

where we use our expertise and real-world experience to provide practical resources and honest opinions guiding you toward smarter troubles so if you're new here consider subscribing we've been testing the fear of and kånken 13-inch laptop backpack for over three years now yes you heard that right and it's

seen use in three different continents so let's jump into the review this pack is instantly recognizable from its boxy shape and large circular arctic fox logo on the front let's be honest you're not going to miss it but apart from the big look-at-me logo on the front the

rest of the branding is pretty minimal you can find the word for your oven on the zipper pulls and the arctic fox makes another appearance on their poppers as well finally inside the pack you'll also find a label allude into the kanken story and heritage where you can

add your name and contact details while we're digging that over I stetic and old-school style of this pack beauty is in the eye of the beholder so we put it to write Instagram audience to see what they think and 59% gave it a thumbs up which is a

pretty good result at the time of this review the cankered 13 inch laptop backpack comes in a range of 15 different colorways now while we've been testing this backpack we've found that the colors are constantly changing so if you don't see one that you fancy now check back

in later on all of the zippers on this pack of YKK number 5 making them strong reliable and durable we haven't had a single issue of them in three years of testing we even push them to the limit on countless occasions that should speak for itself the main

material of this pack is 100% vinyl on air this is a synthetic fabric that's been used to create the canker net from beginning a great advantage of this material is that when it gets wet the fibers swell making it more water-resistant this will work well if you're caught

in a quick shower or lights brain but it's important to remember that this material is not waterproof after getting stuck in a snow shower in Chicago for a few hours this pack did eventually soaked through so if you're going to wetter climate we recommend picking up a rain

cover which fjällräven conveniently have on their website as fire oven has grown and developed they've also created bags that are great for the environment too so if you're looking for a more sustainable pack they also have the recant which we tested in the USA and Portugal but it's

important to remember that that doesn't have a padded laptop sleeve moving on to the external components let's start with the harness system and being a 13 inch pack it's pretty simple the shoulder straps are adjustable and padded which we've found to be comfortable even when the pack is

at full capacity it is important to note though that the padded laptop sleeves only come on the laptop versions of the cancun the carry is also improved by the back panel on this pack the padded laptop sleeve works wonders and really is two for the price of one

there's also a feature that lets you strap down the shoulder straps when they're not in use we found this pretty unnecessary for a day pack and we didn't find ourselves using it that often you've probably noticed that there isn't a sternum strap or hip belt on this pack

while we never found ourselves in need of this due to the size of the pack feel Robin do have a sternum strap available that you can clip onto the shoulder straps at the top of the pack there are two quick grab handles which can be attached by a

loop that's already attached to one of the handles as a daypack we found this to be a handy feature which came in useful when we just needed to pick the pack up on either side of the pack our two pockets originally we thought these would be great for

water bottles but we've yet to find a bottle which fits which is pretty disappointing we've been struggling to find another use for this pocket as it's almost impossible to reach the bottom of them longer items are better and one item that we found that works well is the

Joby Gorillapod which you can just wriggle in like that now let's jump inside this pack we'll start with the main compartments which is basically a big bucket that you can throw your stuff into we've actually got the Cancun photo insert in here at the moment and if you're

into photography this cube can come in super handy for storing your camera gear on days out other than that with fans that due to the limited internal organization packing cubes and pouches come in a super handy for keeping your items together and preventing them from getting lost within

the pack inside the main compartment is a sleeve that stretches across the width of this pack this sleeve is useful for storing documents and flatter items now let's pop everything back inside so we can look at the back of this pack now the back of the pack is

where you'll find the dedicated laptop compartment the accessibility here is a big advantage because the laptop compartment is separate to the rest of the pack so there's no need to empty everything out or access the main compartment easy you can also use this compartment for documents that you'll

want to access quickly while on the go it's important to note here though that this compartment will only hold your 13-inch laptop without a case on and as a final note if your oven also have a 15 inch and 17 inch laptop backpack if you have a bigger

laptop now moving to the front of the pack and you'll see a small quick grab pocket this is a really handy size and it's big enough to hold those items that you'll need to grow quickly like your phone wallet and even your sunglasses so you'll find yourself using

this pocket pretty often at the time of this review we've been testing this pack for over three years so it's seen its fair share of adventures from Hong Kong to Tokyo Thailand Malaysia city hopping across Europe and even exploring the USA overall the fuehrer oven KenKen has held

up well and we impressive its durability and reliability even when it's been pushed to its limits over time we found the vanillin F the exterior fabric to be super durable and having been thrown around and used continuously across the world it's held up remarkably well however we did

notice a fair amount of fading which you can see over this pack while this does affect that overall look we don't mind it too much as it adds to that Heritage vibe that's going on here we do also have some complaints about the zipper covers which are not

as functional as we're too polite when the pack is at full capacity and boxed out to the max the covers stay on over the zippers however when this and such from the pack and the covers instantly move around it leaves the zippers vulnerable to the elements while this

wasn't a big deal as we rarely found ourselves hiking through the rain it wasn't ideal now on to the pros and cons the shoulder straps are comfortable the laptop compartment is easily accessible and the quick grab pandas at the top of the pack come in super handy now

the cons the material is starting to fade over time the zipper covers move away from the zippers and the side pockets are pretty useless considering that you can't fit a water bottle in them or even put your hands right down to the bottom of the pocket [Music] despite

the relentless test in this bag has endured the fjällräven kånken 13 inch laptop backpack has stood the test of time and we've been super impressed with the durability and versatility this little day pack has to offer although the material has faded a fair bit and the side pockets

weren't as functional as we'd like if you're looking for a long term day pack that you can rely on which also looks pretty good to the canyon could be a great contender so there we have it our review of the bureau and kenkon 13-inch laptop backpack and as

ever we'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below thanks for keeping it here at pack hacker your guide to smarter travel we'll see you in the next one