Fossil Faux Leather Backpack | Premiere: Fossil Handbags | ShopHQ | 2020

that cement is already very limited less than six dozen total to go around you've seen fossil handbags in the better department stores in the better boutiques you've seen them on your favorite fashion influencers but you've never seen fossil before on interest free value pays making their premier here

at shop HQ now you get to have that handbag collection of your dreams different shapes different sizes different colors all at price points you can afford I want to get into just one of two backpacks that janae has planned for you in this premiere hour this is a

faux leather backpack done in three different color executions obviously that's the black that you're looking at on our beautiful model Jenny we also have it available in a dusty blue which is such a nice way to bring that denim feel into your accessory game and then of course

we have the camel and when you look at the camel you would think this is some of the most expensive Italian leather in the world the way it's been distressed and patina'd this is done in a faux leather easier to care for is easier to afford easier to

carry seven four eight six three one is how you order janay let's dive into the details of this back yes first of all this is the perfect size backpack you have so many pockets and organization first you're using that magnetic snap closure in the front there's also a

pocket there on the top do you see that so you can tuck the straps in there if you'd like to carry this just by the top handle or you can use that for anything you need just quick access to maybe your work key card your phone then when

you dive on the inside you have even more storage so there's a nice extended pull so you can open that up very nice and wide 10 inches in width for you but then look at you soft slip pockets you have nice room this is 11 inches deep as

well so this is that perfect size I don't think it's too juvenile it's not gonna look like you're the kindergartener with a huge backpack that you're gonna tip over this is a slim profile that that's what I feel like I remember when my boys went to kindergarten and

it looked like and they're big boys it looked like they were gonna tip over Barn College with the textbooks no this is sophisticated its ladylike it truly does feel like real leather and then you have the adjustable straps on the back for you that have that beautiful antique

brass hardware that I love so much yes you know janae I'm looking at this and there are some really really really high-end Italian names Italian design houses that are doing backpacks similar to this yes at 3000 $4000 absolutely no need to do it with this exactly and what's

so nice about this is because it's that faux leather this is gonna be nice and lightweight for you and also really easy to care for so maybe you wouldn't feel comfortable sanitizing a real leather bag with this one I think you still can feel totally fine throw a

little Clorox wipe on there that's right you can do that it's easier to carry easier to afford easier to care for and only 7:37 today this is normally a $68 bag you're getting a home for 40 for 20 or use that interest-free value pay of just seven dollars

and 37 cents interest-free so janae as a style expert let's talk about the importance of having different shapes silhouettes and colors in our handbags absolutely so you know I am the lady that loves accessories because I love just a very simple wardrobe but I'd like to throw accessories

in to change it up see how I'm feeling and that's what fossil does so well they give us these incredible price points so that we can do that we can create our own handbag collection so sometimes I'm feeling a little sporty I really want to be hands-free that's

what I'm gonna use a backpack this is the new hands-free not just a crossbody bag this is truly truly hands-free so whether you're shopping or they're going to lunch you have the option because you have the handle on the top but you also have the backpack straps no

I have to give you an update if you like the dusty blue which is jenay's pick by the way that married backed or indigo thread company jumpsuit which you own just Manuel owns I own and my Apollo I love it we all we should have worn it together

when she before Maya moved if you want that dusty blue it is the favorite and it is the most limited that will sell out first seven four eight six three one is how you order yours 737 on a value pay if you've always wanted a backpack and it

just wasn't in the budget rice is what I want you to get home if you're sick of your same over-the-shoulder bags but you need something to perform as well and I want you to try getting this home or if you're saying listen I want to stay up on

the trends and what's happening but I don't want to break the bank I think that's why a lot of people count on fossil even at full price because you get the trends that all loving right but you don't have to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars right and

we also make things very timeless so that's what I like this has the minimalist feel there's nothing too trendy about it the backpacks not going anywhere and this is done in such a ladylike sophisticated way do you see how it has all of the organization that we want

not just one big open pouch there's I think eight pockets on this one and beer edible we do so many pockets done in the most beautiful materials this is faux leather but trust me does not feel like it and then you get I love that antique brass hardware

I mean it's so sophisticated I think this camel looks like you went to Italy yes and you got this from the cobbler who created the bags for the Italian design houses himself I mean it looks so luxe it looks so expensive it's only 737 on a value pay

tonight you put together a great show I thank you oh just wait till you see what's next this might be one of my favorite or I love it already