GORUCK GR3 Review | Nearly Indestructible, Durable 1 Bag Travel Backpack

in this review I'm excited to get into the GORUCK gr3 I'm Tom the founder of Packer and we do bag reviews like this all the time so if you're new here consider subscribing I've even spent about a year and a half living out of a gr to exclusively

so I'm really excited to check out and see what go ruck is done with the GR 3 let's jump in [Music] go ruck takes a pretty no-frills high durability approach to all their packs you can see here with the gr3 it's got that boxy feel but it doesn't

really feel like somebody just slaps straps onto a roller luggage it still feels very much like a backpack and a ruck as GORUCK would definitely call it gear from GORUCK is known for having that tactical look and the gr3 is no exception you can see here that we

have the four rows of Mali typical to other GORUCK packs and it's important to note that in this version with the gr 3 they also offer a slick version without that row of Mali's totally up to you whether you use that or not feel free to remove it

but you are gonna lose a little bit of that functionality as far as materials on this pack goes there are thousand d Cordura around the entirety of the pack and they do have some really fat thick YKK zippers on every entry point of this bag at 45 litres

this is a big backpack for myself at 6 – I found the carry comfortable but for anybody shorter this is something to consider the sheer size of this pack was actually brought up on my chat with VOA's moto another YouTube bag reviewer over on his channel a couple

weeks ago in this freak I'm testing the gr 3 which is like 45 litres yeah why dude I'm waiting for that back it looks huge uh I'm convinced they had to make the gr 3 because people kept doing their rocking events and getting stronger and then you did

a bigger bag to carry more weight yeah true of the strongest people that makes sense starting off with the harness system these straps are really beefy and they do take a while to break in so that might take you a couple weeks couple months of wear to have

them fully comfortable and form to your shoulders there are no load lifters on this pack but arguably you don't necessarily need them since the GORUCK gr 3 is low profile and a wider bag if you do want an example of a pack that definitely requires low lifters go

take a look at something like the Chrome shadow review that we did a couple weeks ago that pack sticks out super far from your back and does require some low lifters for optimal carry but not necessarily needed with the GR three there is a row of moly that

goes down the entirety of this strap so you can attach a sternum strap if you'd like to that definitely helps distribute the weight Gorakh includes a super beefy hip belt and rightfully so that they included this pack comes in at forty five liters and it's very heavy while

empty so definitely a welcomed feature for this pack when you do install it you are gonna be able to see that it folds up slightly the hip belt folds up slightly so it's easy to know which way it goes in and it really fits in there nicely with

the system that they have created lastly the internal frame sheet is solid and definitely a lot thicker than the stock gr2 frame sheet and the frame chute that comes with other go ruck packs I even emailed Scott over a truck customs he makes custom Kydex frame sheets for

a lot of go rut gear and he's still in the research and development phase on how to improve the GORUCK gr3 frame sheet so the Prem's she had included in this pack even stock is really great and it really ties together that harness system moving on to the

sides of the pack we do have three handles two on the sides and one on the top and the great thing about these handles is that they're really padded even though they look thin so they're super comfortable to grab there's some high density foam in here that's really

comfortable to the touch and the thing that I like about the way that they've set this up is there's not a bunch of extra floppy padding hanging around on this thing it's just thin no frills comfortable easy to grab one thing we noticed what the handles is that

they are sewn in towards the back of the frame sheet so if they were positioned in the middle it'd be a lot easier to carry and the way would be evenly distributed but I think they made this decision due to durability purposes so it's closer to the frame

shape you do have more pressure and pull that's happening right here which is maybe a little bit more reinforced and having the handle on a bunch of Cordura just right here may provide some durability issues in the law it might not create as firm of a carry so

even though you're pulling it from back here and the weight isn't evenly distributed it's still going to be good for maybe tossing this thing in the overhead bin above you on a flight or taking this in and out of a cab carrying it for short distances it's not

really suitable for briefcase mode we've got four compression straps on the sides as well which has been a highly requested feature after the launch of the GORUCK gr 2 these are some heavy-duty dura flex buckles they just feel like really nice hard plastic here got a nice snap

to them and then we've got this elastic band that's gonna hold the excess strap so nothing super fancy going on here pretty utilitarian pretty just like boom go rock let's like compress this bag down you know what I mean but these kind of can get in the way

there's no way to hide them and they can kind of flop around if you aren't using them and if you're going in and out of your bag quite a bit these zipper can kind of run into some trouble with that compression strap so it's not an ideal experience

if you're going in and out of your bag there's really no way to hide the compression straps if you don't want to use them on the outside near the bottom we have four rows of Molly with six loops going across so definitely a ton of room for Molly

compatible accessories GORUCK sells a lot and again this is a universal system so really any Molly type of component or accessory will work with this system and on the bottom here we have two rows of Molly with four loops across and what this is used for is go

rucks tuff bag system so you can get a gr 3 tuff bag good for holding a sleeping bag sneakers dirty clothes anything else in the Edition that you want to add to the pack you just attach that right on the bottom here and this is nice to have

that extend ability if you're going camping hiking or if you want to check your bag but as far as one bag travel goes this thing is basically already maxed out in size for carry-on compliance so you might have a little bit of trouble attaching that in trout world

with it while you're trying to one bag across the world rounding out the features on the exterior we have a three by two inch space for any type of patch so of course we've got the pack hacker one going on one nice feature that GORUCK adds here is

the outline of an American flag here on the three by two inch velcro patch area and we can see that illustrated by just popping this American flag patch right on there boom America starting with the exterior we have a slash pocket that goes all the way down to

the bottom of the pack no frills here no interior organization this is gonna be good for flatter items especially if everything inside of your ruck is fully packed up and flipping it over we have a bomb proof is what they call it a bomb proof laptop compartment on

the back of this pack so it comes with a bit of a half zip unzip that again super beefy frame sheet here so not a ton of flexibility but that really adds to the frame of the pack definitely provides a good carry you can figure a laptop in

here there is a false bottom here with some additional padding so the laptop compartment cuts off about right here so if you drop your bag it's gonna have to hit there first before it ends up affecting your laptop at all let's move on to the main compartment of

the GORUCK gr3 we have some really beefy YKK zippers that hold this thing close and it uses GORUCK s– what they like to call silent zipper pull system which is basically heat shrunk paracord doesn't give you a bunch of a bunch of extra metal jangling around in your

pack we're gonna unfasten these and open the bag all the way up this top flap folds down allowing you to access the interior the pack quite easily the top part here has a coyote eye pole and it's going to be easy to access from just opening your pack

on the top perfect for quick grabs anything that you want to have close by and also it's high security because there's two levels of zippers that somebody has to go through to get to your stuff which gives you some time before somebody is able to take out all

your granola bars or whatever it is that you're storing in there each of these zipper poles have a different colored paracord so you've got a kind of blue grayish zipper pull here for this middle mesh pocket then we've got a black zipper pull here for this bottom mesh

pocket important thing to know with these mesh pockets is that they aren't 3d pockets but they're solidly built you can't fit some things in here with some dimension but overall you're gonna have the best luck with flatter items and kind of thinking about packing your bag in layers

so layer one you got some flat items here and then you can see over here we've got a bunch of packing cubes in this cavernous spacious main compartment we have room for two layers of packing cubes here so when you are packing the Gerber up to your three

you want to be strategic about what you're putting in here and in what order if we pull these cubes out this pack is huge so much stuff in here you can see on the back here that we do have fully backed with Velcro here it's great to consider

some tacky cubes with Velcro on them so I know GORUCK sells field pockets with some velcro backing you definitely go check that out or any velcro accessory will work in here one thing that's nice about having Velcro packing cubes is that if you do end up getting a

lot of packing cubes with this slippery ripstop nylon things can slip around quite a bit and it can be hard to organize especially in two layers within the gr 3s main compartment so this is a little bit easier it's a bigger packing cube this is actually from a

bags this sets a very nice base and it's easier to put smaller cubes on top and keep everything nice and organized but if you do have smaller cubes and say you want to put this smaller cube like that and then you want to put these two on the

top stuff can start to slip around a little bit and go into each other so if you have that smoothie velcro of base kind of provides a nice bottom floor for whatever you want to end up putting on top of the pack when it comes to the internal

pockets of the gr3 you're better off rolling your own organization system and this is going to be great for some me personally I really like this is I like to travel with pouches feel pockets packing cubes all the above and kind of fit it to my own system

but for others this will be a turn-off that do like a little bit more organization within a Travel Pack rounding out the features here we have two rows of Mali on the interior of the pack and I like the way that they've done this on the outside we

have four rows of Mali on the inside just two and that's going to be fine for accessories on the interior because they don't necessarily need to be as solidly attached as they do on the outside so this for instance is a GORUCK gr2 filled pocket we have another

review on that you can definitely go check it out you can see here that there are a lot of rows of Mali and this is going to be super secure for the outside of the pack it's gonna stick right on there but on the interior you just weave

it through one of these loops and rows and it's gonna say sturdy enough for your packing system within the bag itself as far as our testing goes I've been using this thing periodically for the last couple of months and again I've traveled with the GORUCK gr2 for a

year and a half without hardly any issues at all if you don't know already go ruck make some of the most durable products out there and they have an epic warranty to back it up it's called the GORUCK scars warranty there are stories all over the internet about

people that have had really great experiences with go rock customer service they send Rux back that are years and years and years old and go ruck will repair them do what they can or if it's beyond repair they'll even send out a new pack depending on the nature

of the damage so go rock is excited to sand buy their products and they definitely uphold their warranty and take a lot of pride in their work go ruck even test the stress points on the gr3 up to four hundred pounds in each area and this is a

lot more than any human should be carrying to wrap this thing up with some pros and cons the GORUCK gr3 is extremely durable and there's an epic warranty to match if anything goes wrong the gr3 offers a minimalistic sharp look and some really great functionality paired with it

between the molle on the outside the removable hip belt the row of moly on the straps and the interior velcro pocket there's a lot of room for you to customize your pack based on your needs moving on to some of the cons the gr3 isn't necessary carry on

compliant for all airlines it'll work for most airlines in the US but you may have trouble in other countries where their limits are a little bit smaller the internal organization can be tricky if you like using packing cubes it's going to be a great system for you as

you're going to be able to customize it however you see fit but for those of you that like a little bit more interior organization with packs you're a little bit out of luck when it comes to this pack and lastly the compression straps aren't stowable so if you

want to use them great if you don't you're just gonna kind of have some straps dangling down on the pack overall the go ruck gr3 is a tank of a pack that should fit everything you need for carry-on one bag travel especially for longer trips it's unlikely I'll

have any issues with the durability and if you do there's an epic warranty that backs up all go rough products if you're looking for a durable straightforward no nonsense bag you'll have luck with the gr3 thanks for taking a look at our review on the GORUCK gr3 be

sure to head over to pack hacker comm to subscribe to our newsletter and never miss an update thanks for checking this out we'll see you in the next one rolling your own organizes out what you want in your zipper system mmm snappy [Music]