JOY IMAN Genuine Leather Chic Convertible Tote/Backpack

I'm gonna digest the 3lakhs and I will consider them I will consider them okay all three looks for you the looks of the models there's a big difference Ava we're gonna continue on with we have two more items is that correct this is flying by so quickly this is fun this is this is so much fun you know especially we're talking about by now where now and have forever yes you know because we're investing in quality we have one more beautiful handbag it's really a tote and backpack together it's one of Joy's newest innovations deal of the week is the rolling duffel which is going to explode there's no doubt about it it's gonna be huge this is awesome and I know from listening to the girls behind the scenes this is one of the most requested you know one of the things that Chelsea wanted and Chelsea I know is gonna be nodding a head over there Chelsea wanted a backpack when all of it was born she said backpacks are coming in they're gonna be the InStyle and because this is a backpack and a tote you get the best of both get the best about everything and I have to say he's very worried all the girls her over there at the models socializing drinking socializing Oh Chelsea it's got a great handbag she's leaving they just who she leave him with she's got three models over there to get the look you stuff okay you know what this is the best of everything and you are seeing it first so this is the most limited item that we have and I have seen the big design houses like your Pradas like your Chloe's like furberries do this very exact look so what you're looking at here is the best of the best the finest most beautiful pebbled grain leather again that's drum dyed I got it drum dyed for everyone and you are getting the hottest look so let me walk you through again how you can carry this bag because you've got so many looks in one so when we look over here I just want to show everybody good and then we'll go over the color options because you can carry this in the crook of your arm so that's the first option my gosh is this beautiful malleable and look at the way she did the lock on that isn't that beautiful if you took the price off the screen there is not one person watching that would guess 1990 he would never guess that in milli yes no and then when you and will go through the inside of this but I just want to show you how this opens up and the organization because again you have fashion guru Iman who's married to David Bowie he's lost the Hall of Fame yes she's one of the most beautiful women in the world she's been photographed over 50, 000 times she knows style so she designed this and then joy went ahead and add the function ability to it so you can carry in the crook of your arm no the second way you can hook the straps on the outside of this and carry this crossbody if you want to so again this is the beautiful look at that white you come on one of the hottest colors is that beautiful white diamond yep and then I will show you here how you can wear this is a backpack so I'm just gonna move this one to the side sorry I'm destroying the set here it's okay I got a little excited look at this and then you hook this over your shoulders and now you have a backpack so that's hands-free oh look how cute that is is that Sonia Sonia well I thought she was behind us it's a very pretty girl clothes Valerie Valerie nakita oh look how cute Sonia Louis is that cute but the most important thing is the organization so let me go ahead and show you here or do you want your color I'm sorry no no I got very excited I'd love it are you selling me on that one of the things I definitely appreciate and again this is you know having a two-year-old at home when when we go out and it's always an expedition Chelsea likes it that she can wear this on her back because it means her hands are free and Alvers Betsy he's base all over the place very busy or to the carwash she's obsessed with all the time Adam goes the carwash we have the cleanest cause this and he does every time he's there at like two or three times a day we go at nighttime as well even when it's raining we do whatever it takes to make sure there's a little bit of silence we do they go to bed okay so take a look at this I just want to show you so again how many of us do you love that or maze that Burberry there you can see there's that lock on that this isn't functional this actually opens up and I'll show you look at that oversized and that's a nautical kind of like a lobster claw clasp but it's oversized when you open this up again look at the leather and the inside yeah do you see that so you've got a compartment full of organizations on the front this is a world launch nobody's ever seen this bad no no no no I'm really it's a tonight but 99.

95 under $20 to get it home the white for me I adore look at that it is the hottest color right now and there you can see there's the zipper so you can keep all of your change this could be your wallet inside of here you've got all the organizational pockets on that side let me flip this around so you can see even more pockets on this so when you look at this it's 13 inches in its width it's a four and one-eighth deep and it's 13 inches in height so you've got a total of 22 compartments inside of this yep yeah yep is that amazing it's organization and that's been a common thread throughout the entire show tonight is that whatever we're looking at it always gives when you look at this bag and I mean just walking down the street if you were to see me and you know how much I love handbags this bag looks like I spent $1000 on it on deniable I'm gonna seriously that white I don't know it's because you were just showcasing it or because everybody's loving the white we are now down to the final 300 in white if you want the white with a beautiful gold 300 left you can see the gold hardware everywhere you can see the convenience pockets you can see the two slit pockets that are on the inside we're putting keys we're putting makeup we're putting on our purses you've got the top Center zipper as well four important things that you want to make sure is secure total of 22 pockets then you've got the beautiful bottom feet and the base is flat so we can sit upright the gold-tone clasp on that clasp ballon with a lock accent is worth every single penny because that's what really drives this to be incredible chic incredibly as Amy would say she she it really does look it look super chic this is uber chic this is over-the-top this is for the girl who has it all or the girl who wants it all because when you see her and I just want to show you look at the feet on the bottom of this so again you're protecting that drum dyed leather for under $20 you get a chance to try it it is one of the hottest looks that lock look and again the leather is so soft and so supple but the organization no more dumping and diving in that bottomless pit aren't they gorgeous I know we'll go through all the colors here the system great that's what you find it again those thousand-dollar bags we are really excited again we still have our deal of the week coming up so don't you dare change that channel you and I love what's on the way okay this color is called the rich camel yes sir this is the beautiful black you saw the gorgeous white which is over there wait I'm white diamond take a look at this blue this is like a Monday night show blue I love this this is that denim blue putting something writable yes this is not your classic Navy this is more on that bright what I would call the Hamptons blue or Miami blue I lie down I like you okay then over here we've got this sangria this is the red you know clearly it's a sexy color it's that flash of color it's that pop of color it looks very very very rich okay Amy I am and then that smoke gray the smoke gray I have decided what outfit I'm gonna change into I'm not gonna tell just gonna go do it do you mind continuing through I don't know where she don't get too excited don't get too excited I can't wait to see the outfit he picked and again we're so thrilled you are shopping with us so please if you're interested in the bag it is a big world launch we love our mother invention joy Mangano's she works so hard to change the most important I should say moments in our lives you know what means the most to us we want to be organized want to look stylish we want to make sure we're getting where we need to go on time and we want to look fabulous she's doing all of that and then to pair back with Iman the biggest fashion icon she's our highest end designer here at HSN so she brings to us the best of the best so I love the color options that we have I love the organization but Jackie Moran who you see every Friday she's on style watch and shares with us great tips on vh1 is here tonight oh and you just happen to be joy Mangano's daughter I just happen to be that lucky if only we could all be that lucky I tell you learn a lot and really your life is easier so thank you so much joy Mangano I'll call you that on television for really making everyone's life better and really what's gonna make your life better is being able to go hands-free for the summer there is nothing I've craved more in my years in fashion years of running New York City than a bag that can let us live a little bit easier take the weight off our shoulder what's so amazing about this convertible backpack that we're not seeing anywhere else is the way that the handles can drop down and truly give you each silhouette in a real manner you have the handbag when you want it and you can drop down those handles and then only have your backpack in sight so I've never seen a bag that can truly transform like this now you see them now you don't with the handles and this is what really makes it so unique an incredible quality this will make you live so much better and in style and these colors are incredible I recommend trying a color with this bag there's no better time than the summer okay what do you think Amy I'm loving it I just wanted to show everybody because you know what yes you can wear this excuse me as a backpack yes you can wear this in the crook of your arm but I want to also show you you can wear this somewhat messenger style or if you would like to you can go ahead and just wear this over your shoulder because joy gives you all leather these are all leather I have to stress that point all leather straps so I'm just gonna close this up here and I just want to show you the versatility of this back now I can go ahead and wear this over my shoulder I can go ahead and wear this crossbody if I want to I can wear this as a backpack and you look how rich it is I think we all have that one girlfriend right she always has the latest and greatest handbag and for some reason she always gets it on sale well tonight's your night you're gonna knock her socks off when you walk into a room with this bag and limited is that beautiful white diamond white diamond we call the rich girl white only the highest end designers do white because it's very difficult to work with leather that's all drum dyed in white it's just very difficult to do so leave it to join them on to bring it to us it is the world launch when you look at the retail price almost $200 and in my opinion that's very reasonable and you know if you shop in the department stores you're paying that price for faux leather you're getting the highest quality leather tonight free shipping is every item tonight and you for $19.

99 who doesn't want to be the it girl with the it bag who doesn't want to have the highest quality that money can buy but you're not breaking the bank I think that's the most important thing is you're not spending the thousand dollars or 500 dollars for a bag and I'd love the chance to chat with you if you love joy and Iman's beautiful leather pieces share with us what you love about them because I can go on and on I have many pieces from them I've got the duffel it's just easy and the leather quality is there so again whether you want to wear this look at that bag just like this which is light but you also have the function inside of it 22 pockets every inch of this is pure luxury this is for the girl who expects everything out of life you only want the very best and if you want this beautiful great look at this gray I mean the gold hardware that joint Aman chose to use on this is that not rich I mean it really is and you can really stuff a lot inside of this so last call on the gray so when you look at this beautiful gray this will go with absolutely anything it's not too light of a grey where it looks like a doll washed out ivory and it's not too dark where it almost looks black this is the perfect shade of grey and again try for $20 so last call in the beautiful gray don't forget about the sink Rhea this is a fun read that we're offering you it's a true read this has more of a blue undertone to it instead of a coral undertone so this is perfect transitioning into fall and winter your classic black I mean that's a no-brainer this is the New Yorker girl right this is the city girl you know who you are and of course black hawks was absolutely everything and then there's that gorgeous gray one of the most fun I've had colors this year it's the most fun I should say I've had with a color this year is this beautiful nude and this is that gorgeous rich camel you can get it all today free shipping in hands.