JOY IMAN Tassel Chic Leather Backpack with RFID

a new backpack I will tell you that the backpack is like the cool new handbag it totally isn't right it's amazingly right now on trend it's a customer pick with 78 reviews on hsn.

com and hold on to your hats kids because this backpack is 100% leather and $100 off $100 off so when I say clearance its clearance with a kay like it's good we have to the spell at a different way because it's like crazy clearance so and and it's on flex pay so it's $29.

98 to get home if you have an HSN card you get an extra flex payment it's under $20 and this is the one that I would say if you want the hippest the coolest the latest the greatest this is what you're seeing in all the magazines yes is and this isn't for kids backpack this is for you know a ladies chic backpack you're 100% right and it's a hundred percent leather this is the same beautiful smooth leather drum dyed absolutely gorgeous the dimensions are 12 inches by 12 inches you've got a little flat strap here at the top that's about 2 and 1/2 so if you want to hold it that way it's all good to go the back straps will go from 22 inches to 44 inches so if you want to wear it high on your back hands-free no worries you want to wear it lower on your back no worries you simply slide the mechanism loop and it'll get longer or shorter to whatever you choose but to Helens point a backpack is almost an essential in your handbag wardrobe because it makes it easy for you to go ahead and travel you've got all the organization that you know and love from joy there are 16 separate compartments inside and of course an RFID compartment and a waterproof pocket so if you're going to use this for the gym and you have a wet towel your your gym clothes are kind of sweaty too right through the colors oh yeah you know you told you that at the beginning I you did you know I want to start out with the colors for each one because the price is so low I know everybody at home is gonna be like alright I'm gonna buy it and then devil tell me about it let me let me let's go through the colors in front of us and I know we have more on calm great we've got the taupe in front of me absolutely beautiful Helen has the Navy in front of her again remember this is genuine leather the white hello can we talk gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous love the white the periwinkle blue again and the classic black and then on.

com we have the pops of color we've got the raspberry we've got the red and we have the Kanye so we're sold out on the purple so the purple sold out but you have an opportunity to get a real pop of color and treat yourself to a backpack in any one of these gorgeous colors and the raspberry and the red and the cognac so think about a backpack 16 separate compartments RFID protected a waterproof pocket so you can go ahead and take this to the gym with you so you don't have to worry about bringing home something wet or maybe you've got an umbrella and you're using this as your office bag and then you get a wet umbrella you slip it into that waterproof pocket but you've got all that organization cotton canvas lining but the style and I was telling the girls that I had been into the mall the big store you know the store we all shop there and I walked into the handbag department and in the middle of the aisle were backpacks which is the look and I was excited and I said oh I know the name he has two initials and I thought these are great I want to look at them they were all locked up every single one of them had a wire going through them because they were so expensive and I thought that's insane and they weren't leather so you have the opportunity to have the state of the art style updates oh oh cognac I have 40 left okay cognac there's 40 people that can order the cognac and raspberry I've got 35 oh my god the raspberry I love that color and that color is great you know it's like I like dressing in those colors because it's like the color of like your cheeks and your lips and I've got Dalton coming up an hour of beautiful makeup coming up in the next hour that reminds me of that raspberry it's like when you go shopping for me pick those pretty colors think about that for spring and summer and I'm telling you everybody should be thinking about the white there's no question I mean I really might my hand is pointing over here 208 dollar retail value for $59 and change this is pretty nutty $29.

98 and when you order guys you need the item number the item number is six zero three two two six everything here on HSN is by item number six zero three two two six so when you're calling in or if you go to hsn.

comm you're gonna have to need to know the item number so it's it's really it's really I mean it's beyond a steal you couldn't make the bag for what we're doing and if you're new to HSN and if you're asking well why are they doing all these things in clearance honestly we don't like to talk about it well yeah the truth is we don't like talking about it it's you here for many many years yes the brand is kind of discontinued discontinued and so we have some inventory of the you know things that we're gonna be brand new for this spring exactly not even things that this isn't from five years ago this is gonna be brand new for the spring we're doing it at a below clearance price for brand new things absolutely very unusual thing that's going on you're a hundred percent right and it absolutely is but what's the your this is just one of those opportunities for you to be able to take advantage of some great great bargains and these are awesome awesome items you know joy has been a brand here for years and years and years we love her products we're sorry that she's no longer here but we are thrilled that you're able to grab these and this backpack is just another thing that you're going to want to have completely hands-free all that style back there in all these fun colors and remember it's genuine leather so you now have a backpack that's got all the bells and whistles that you know and love and it's not locked up you can go ahead and use it and you don't have to be afraid of wearing it because it's drum dyed leather leather all the way through together for life I think I think we're done enough time on this one we've got more goodies to show you but remember if you break down the item number you can order 24 hours a day seven days a week by going to hsn.

com and putting in the item number or calling the number on your screen or downloading the free app.