JOY IMAN Tassel Chic Leather Backpack with RFID

okay we're gonna tell you about it no it doesn't have flex okay my flowsheet had something different on it so maybe we can check on that okay well let's go right ahead on into the first item we have for everyone if you are maybe planning a trip like I am and you're like okay I have to have a backpack all the ones I look at they're too small I need to put the pillow in it the neck pillow the blanket the iPad everything we have an amazing purchase in two color choices we have it in the gorgeous black that you're looking at we have it available in white it is a customer pick at 159 today $49.

95 six zero three two to six your number okay my pleasure to welcome in our fabulous guest miss Debra Byers hi how are ya I'm doing great we love this perfect size absolutely twelve by twelve gorgeous beautiful genuine leather and Bobbi was saying that this is a the absolute trend is a backpack but I was saying that I had gone into the big-box store you know the one at the end of the mall into their handbag department and saw all of the gorgeous backpacks and asked to see one and they were all locked up because they were so expensive you are getting a gorgeous genuine leather beautiful backpack with all the organization that you know and love from joy at a fraction of the cost and new are getting the trend of the century this beautiful bag is going to organize you you've got two straps on the back so you can wear it high on your back at 21 inches or longer at 41 inches you also get a little handle on the top so you can go ahead and just grab and go but to Bobbi's point you can put everything in your bag organized including RFID protection and have that hands-free convenience it is absolutely a gorgeous addition to your handbag wardrobe in beautiful leather and by the way I think the white is limited so we'll try to give you an update on the white all of the pockets so you have that back pocket a full compartment here and then I'll send your zip pocket we always like to have that with security but if I flip it over here is a no another entire pocket and sigh all done in leather out I mean excuse me in cotton outside all leather and you know what I like I like that it's just very simple chic lines to it Deborah this is timeless right not likely one season you're gonna get rid of it and it is also in a north/south you get the space you want but it has a sleeker profile absolutely no question about it and because you've got the organization built inside you've got that beautiful turn locking beautiful gold Bobbi was showing you the pockets 16 pockets one of them is a waterproof pocket so if you have something that's damp or wet your umbrella you can pop it in there the center compartment is RFID protected so you've got an 8 credit card slot so if you're traveling you can go ahead and put your passport in here your credit cards in here your hotel key in here your driver's license in here and the bad guys can't steal your information so you've got all that security all that style and if you are sitting at home you go you know I've not a backpack girl I love the look every time I see it on a woman I think oh my gosh she looks so chic maybe you're not willing to spend a hundred and fifty dollars for a backpack okay today you're getting a gorgeous one in either black or white and think about maybe every summer you've got to get a new white bag think about mixing it up this season and getting a white backpack I know a new office wear with your jeans Bobby that is adorable and how many do we have in the white Jared and again the other good thing about it listen it balances it yeah many times you know I think about oh this only 180 left in the white if you have you know this and we all do this is women we take the purse we you know stuff everything in it yeah and then after a few years you know you get the dance room absolutely and beautiful and as I said classic simple chic lines I have it up a little higher I could drop it down a little lower and completely ageless and here's the bottom line I mean we sold it for way more money right over $100 more 180 and white 708 quantity to go around I think if you are again if you are planning a trip this is the way to do it all right thank you we just added flex to it I'm sorry where check we're going to check all the items to make sure make sure we got what we need to have exact so 2 flexpay payments and that of course is on any credit card debit card PayPal and it's not layaway we're gonna ship it to you right away look at how fabulous it's fabulous it's absolutely fabulous honestly you're going to see a lot of handbags today each has its own beautiful personality but a backpack everybody's loving a backpack it is totally on trend but again it's maybe something that's just outside of your comfort zone well today you've got a great choice to kind of stretch it a little bit and give yourself a treat by having a gorgeous backpack in leather now they're out there in the marketplace but they're not going to be in this beautiful smooth gorgeous drum dyed leather whether it's absolute on the back you've got the RFID protection you've got the organization on the inside so think about that Bobby is saying if you're going on a trip you want to be able to put your laptop or your iPad or your your your headphones or all your extra sweater your comfy shoes everything that you need you have that you've got 16 organizational pockets in here and your RFID protection which is so crucial particularly if you're traveling if you're a busy mom this is the back to have you know the kids are always saying hey mom put my water bottle hey here's my big toy here I want my sweater where's the candy where's the snacks you can go ahead and be hands-free in style with this gorgeous gorgeous backpack and either the beautiful black or the beautiful white they're both stunning and the white almost gone thank you so much and except we have a lot of viewers who are joining us and we're here to share with you everything in this hour is going to be on the most ridiculous prices and you still have 30 days so you still have a 30 day guarantee that goes along with them but if you go back not just planning a trip even the kids for school this is a great backpack because of the 12 by 12 you could put books in it you could use it as a book bag because that's why and that's how all backpacks not created equal it's the size and the capacity and what it allows you to carry you know even though you're on vacation you're gonna be sightsee you want your hands-free maybe it's to push the stroller or whatever you're getting also by the way I want to talk about the tassels there are a lot of designers Deb you know who just sell these separately absolutely and they're way more than what you're paying for the whole bag you're a hundred percent right they're attached to your bag to give it that little bit of sass but otherwise you've got a beautiful clean look that's going to give you that classy style and that on trend without being too trendy and all in genuine leather I love it so jot that number down six zero three two two six you're gonna love it and by the way a very smooth but like a spots a lot to leather – it's beautiful leather we have to give you a number on ridiculous wallet here's what I'm gonna say to anybody out here bye.