Kelty PK 50 Women's Internal Frame Backpack

I am wearing the Kelty PK 50 liter backpack.

This is an extremely smart design by Keltythat is going to allow you to pack and unpack your gear really easily.

It has specific pockets for specific gearso you can get hands on what you need when you need it.

So I want to take a closer look at this frontpocket.

Now this is a 15 liter pocket, so if you takethat pocket off you can use this as a smaller day pack.

So it is 15 liters.



it is a 50 liter packwith everything.

It is a 35 liter pack if you take this frontcompartment off.

Then take a closer look.

There is a roll top closure, really easy open.

You can get to items that you might need, granola bar, first aid kit or something like that.

So that is just that top pocket, pretty small.

And this pocket is designed to hold your clothingor you extra layers.

They are right on top so you can get themeasily.

And it is a lighter weight item.

So you want to put your light weight itemson the outside of your pack.

This is also a roll top closure.

And if you open that you can see I have gota down layer in there.

You know, big enough to stuff some more layersin there.

Again, with the roll top closure no zipperson this pack.

If we go to some of the other pocketing, thereis a divider in between the sleeping bag compartment and the rest of the pack and that is justdivided by little hooks.

So you can actually take that divider outif you need to put bigger pieces of gear.

This winged compression on the front of thepack is definitely pretty interesting.

You have two sleeves right here and I justhave a pair of light weight trekking poles here.

And they do fit in there pretty well.

This can also be a place for tent poles orsort of an awkward shaped object that you, you know, can't put inside your pack, butyou want to be on the outside.

Another way you could store it is like that.

With the wings compression you can see howyou can store gear on the outside here and compress that down.

There is a big stretchy mesh pocket on thefront.

And, again, long pockets on the sides.

When that 15 liters pocket is taken off ofthis pack, you can really cinch this pack down, strip it of most of its gear.

And since you have such ample compressionon this pack, you can roll the top down as well and you can really use this as a daypack.

You can see how small that gets.

It is a pretty light weight pack in general.

So I can definitely see this as being a daypack or a pack that you would use for travel.

I want to take a closer look at the sleepingbag compartment.

The bottom of the pack is where a lot of peopleput their sleeping bag.

It is a lighter weight item.

And it gives you a really great option herewith the roll top closure so that you are able to leave your compression sack or yourstuff sack at home, save a little bit of weight and actually use this pocket as a compressionsack for the sleeping bag.

Now, if you know you are going to be in anarea where it is really rainy or, you know, it is going to be really wet, it is stilladvisable to put a sleeping bag in a dry sack.

But for convenience purposes you can use thisto actually roll down that sleeping bag.

It has compression straps built in.

Cinch that down.

Cinch the other side down.

And there you have your sleeping bag compartment.

This is a top loading pack.

And you do have a little bit of adjustabilitywith the size.

So if you really need to pack this out, youhave a lot of space up here to do that.

Again, if you need to compress that down, you can.

So it is a true top loading pack, able toget into the rest of the pack and even compress that down with the buckles on the sides.

If we go to the side, there are two very largestretchy mesh pockets for water bottles.

And you can see, you can really get a goodangle with that water bottle, so you can access it easily while you are wearing the pack.

You know, some pockets are angled in sucha way that it is hard to get at that, but definitely you can put a really big waterbottle in there.

If we go to the back panel, you have got somereally nice feel on all of the padding on this pack.

And so this is not an adjustable torso length, but it does fit from a 14 and a half to 18 and a half inch torso.

So definitely a great women's pack.

And I have to add that the hip belt, whilereally flexible, is very comfortable on.

You do have two small mesh pockets, stretchypockets on the front.

Single aluminum stay keeps the weight downon this pack.

A couple of last quick features: On the bottomthere is a sleeve that holds the built in rain cover for the pack.

That comes standard with the PK 50 packs.

It is hydration compatible and I have it packeddown to its day pack size.

So this is a 35 liter pack.

It would be really great to take on a fastovernight backpacking trip or a long day bike.

With all the features of the PK 50, this isa very versatile pack that you are going to be able to take on a variety of trips.

All in all, really smart design, really smartpocketing.

The Kelty Women's PK 50.