Kelty Women's Coyote 75 Internal Frame Backpack

An excellent balance of price and performance, the women’s Kelty Coyote 75 backpack delivers enough features while still maintaining avery streamlined and simple design.

The first thing to talk about with any backpackis the suspension system and how it carries the load.

So I am going to turn the pack around hereand show off what we have got going on behind the scenes.

So Kelty is using their innovative perfectfit suspension.

There is a couple of different things withthe perfect fit suspension that makes it really comfortable and really intuitive.

So with the perfect fit suspension you don’thave to wonder if you have got that pack adjusted correctly.

Is it fitting me right? What adjustments do I need to make? It basically fits to your torso length andto your body.

So this part, this back panel moves up anddown the suspension bars right here.

And what I normally do when I put the packon, the first time you put it on, you move this back panel up to the top.

You put the pack on, adjust the straps andthen all you have to do is pull down on these two tabs.

That is going to pull this back panel downand it is going to stop when it gets tight enough against your back.

So against your shoulders you pull down onthese and it just makes it relay simple, really intuitive.

So you don’t has to take the pack off, adjustit, put it back on and vice versa.

So really great suspension system there.

There is an HDPE frame sheet behind here thatyou can’t see.

It is just really light weight.

It provides more support and stability forthe pack, but it keeps the weight of the pack down and you also have those supports in thehip belt as well.

Talking about that padding of the shoulderstraps, you have got really nice padding here.

It is mesh on the inside as well, so thatdefinitely lets warm air escape.

You have got a channel down here that letswarm air escape as well.

So that is going to cut down on hot spots.

Behind this hip belt you have got the samepadding.

This is a women’s specific backpack.

So you do have women’s specific contoursin the hip belt and in the shoulder harness.

And the torso length here is from about a14 and a half inch torso up to an 18 and a half inch torso.

So that is going to definitely accommodatea lot of different people.

Top to bottom here you have got load lifterstraps.

So once you have this dialed in, you justpull on those load lifters.

You have got a sternum strap here and thatis also adjustable.

So really easy to slide that up and down.

And down here on the hip belt you do havepretty big hip belt pockets on either side.

Those are just zippered pockets, nice placeto store a cell phone or a small camera or some snacks.

There is an array of pockets and a lot ofdifferent ways to store your gear, to keep your gear exactly where you want it.

So starting here at the top lid there is a.



just a big zippered compartment here on the top.

This is a floating lid, so it floats up anddown with these buckles here on the back and on the front.

Turning the pack around there is a very shallowpocket here on the top of the lid, so that is just a small pocket, maybe put a map inthere or something like that.

If I uncover the lid, there is a nice collaron the top of this pack.

So you have got access into this pack, a coupleof different ways.

This is a top loading, true top loading pack.

So this top opens up very wide.

It is easy to open up and you do have thatbig collar on top.

So if you don’t have this pack packed outcompletely, you can compress that down.

There is a compression strap on top.

But if you need that extra space, again, thelid is floating so you can really pack that out.

Large open access into the top there.

You can also access this pack in other ways.

So there is a big U shaped zipper right here.

If you undo that, you can pull that wholezipper down and have access all the way into the bottom and into the top of your pack.

There is no sleeping bag compartment, butthis big U shaped zipper is really helpful for getting to gear on the bottom of yourpack.

Moving down the pack here on the front youhave an extra little pocket, again, big U shaped zipper.

I have got some layers in here just to showthe size.

But within this pocket, you have got two littlepockets.

This would be a great place to store a mapas well, some extra small pieces of gear.

And there is even a little toggle for yourkeys.

There are two additional zippered pocketshere on the sides and these are bellows pockets.

So if you don’t have them packed out, theycinch down really easily.

And the zipper runs all the way around thatside, so really easy access into both sides.

And this is actually a pass through pocket.

You can see I can put my arm through there.

This would be a great place to put tent polesor something longer that you need to store on the outside of your pack.

You got stretchy pockets on the sides.

So if you do have tent poles, it can restI that pocket, go through this compression strap and up through the top.

There is a compression strap up here, too.

Last quick features on the front of the pack, there is a really nice haul loop right here.

So if you are using this as a travel packmore than a trail pack, there is easy ways to pick it up.

So you have got a big haul loop here.

There is a nice grab carry handle in the back.

And that allows you to pick the pack up withoutdamaging any of the smaller straps.

One other thing to mention is this top lidpocket actually comes off of the pack.

There are straps underneath.

So you can actually use that top lid as aday pack.

So if you are traveling with this, you cantake that pack off, leave the main body at home or, you know, back at camp and then takejust this pack with you.

So it makes it really convenient for travel.

You don’t have to take an extra small backpackwith you.

With all the features here, the streamlinedand simple design, the perfect fit suspension of the back panel, you can be confident youare going to be wearing this pack well on your next adventure.

It is the Kelty Coyote 75 women’s backpack.