Leather Burning My Backpack with the 3DSimo Mini 3D Pen

Cool hey guys Devin here with make anything now back in my 3 Doodler 3d pen review I discovered by accident sort of that eh if you draw on Leather with a 3D pen and then peel it off it leaves this really cool lighter tone I promise you guys I would play [around] with that some more and Since then I got the 3D simo mini which has leather burning capabilities [so] I thought it would be super cool if I could combine leather burning and Whatever the name for this technique is and make something really cool out of it I actually have a really nice leather backpack i designed a year ago And I was thinking that it looked a little bare so it's actually the perfect thing for me to use these techniques on So let's go ahead and look at what I can do So the first thing I did was swap in this kind of chisel shaped hot end for the 3D Simo mini And I'm going to make [sure] that I screw it in in a way that it allows me to create both thin lines and broad Lines based on the direction that I'm drawing and I'll plug it in then heat it up Now if you just press the feed button it'll heat up But only while you're holding down the button And you pretty much want this to get hot and stay [hot] [so] you're going to want to press [down] both buttons at the same? Time and that will put it into continuous operation mode Here I have a scrap piece of leather that I was testing out on Just to kind of get a feel for how fast I want to move and how dark the marks are going to be before I actually start working on my backpack I Discovered that this tool works pretty well for both the broad lines and thin lines And it works on both sides of the leather as well in case you're thinking of working on the inside of the hide So once again.

I wanted to try out my Filament removal technique And I did find that pla stuck a lot better than [abs] to the leather so here I'm using this fluorescent pla, but really the color doesn't matter at all Because we're just using it to peel off some [of] the color of the leather So before actually doing this I took a photo of my backpack and brought into photoshop so that I could kind of test out different designs I've only got one of these backpacks So I don't want to mess it up and what I did was create two layers on top of my backpack One is set to multiply and the other one is set to screen Which are two different modes that basically make it lighten or Darken the image below it So I was able to kind of simulate both the leather burning and the 3D pen on the leather as well So I just kind of scribbled out some different designs, and I ended up doing this kind of symmetrical artwork That's got a kind of native American feel with a lot of little details Working out from the center make anything logo.

[I] thought it looked pretty cool So I decided to go with this design [so] [I'll] just have that right in front of me while I'm working [on] my backpack as a reference to what I want to do so now I can get out the actual backpack, and I'm going to make sure to pull the straps apart and Lay it as flat as possible At least for this top section where I'm going to be doing my leather burning And then I'm going to swap out this filament back for the leather burning tool now if you have the 3D simo app you can just select leather for the wood burning tool and That'll automatically set the temperature and you [can] also set it into continuous operation mode through your phone as well So now it's time to start working on the backpack Which is pretty nerve-wracking? But you just have to start So what I did was kind of just use the very tip [of] the burning tool and use that to pretty much Sketch out the middle Diamond of my design just to figure out the proportion and get everything started So I'm kind of just scratching into the leather, but it is also running, so it's burning into it Just a little bit and I'm going to draw out [my] triangles as well, and then I got this So you can see it was pretty messy, but now I'm just going to burn over all of those scribbles So that will hide [all] my initial sketching Now you'll notice I rotate the backpack a lot, and that's very important because you want to use a burner in a natural position Otherwise you're going to have trouble making very clean and smooth lines like this So I'll burn the outlines first using the broad end of this chisel Burner And then I'll go ahead and start filling in the actual dark areas of my design It's not very different from just using a sharpie to fill in the dark area You just want to keep the speed kind of consistent so that the burn doesn't look so glassy Now for these outer details It's super easy to get these short little straight lines because all you have to do is press [that] one edge of the burning tool Down and it creates that nice consistent Little line And I sort of based my design on the tool Because I knew I would be able to do this and create these little details all the way around it's a very simple trick But when you have a lot of it, and you kind of play around with it a bit it turns out pretty impressive It's also really easy to create these small diamond shapes by just using that same end and then dragging it over just a [bit] To make it into a square and you [can] go back and forth until you get the darkness that you desired You can see I'm using my pinky to kind of stabilize my hand That's a pretty common way to make sure that you get nice clean lines Now I've got another kind of geometric design out here, and I want these lines to be a little thicker so I'm going to run along the edge of that burning tool, but I'm going to go back and forth a few times and Purposefully, [not] stay on exactly the same line so that I can get to the lines being a little darker and bolder So I'm doing a symmetrical design here and I'll start by doing that middle long line and then go off here to one side and create the other two lines and Then just go over to the other side and try to match the length there So it helps to be good at eyeballing With this kind of work because you're really just judging how far apart to make each line and trying to keep it consistent Of course you could use tailors chalk and draw out your design on the backpack first But I was pretty confident in my [freehanding] skills, so I didn't do that Now I have these circles in the design and this chisel tip wasn't really working for that purpose So I'm going to swap it out for this little spoon shaped [cotton], and I think that will do the job easier so I unplugged it and let it cool down and then swapped out the end and It was totally worth it because this tool works a lot better for the circles and I imagine just about any Wavy or More organic line? For this design, I only use it for these four circles because everything else in my design is pretty much straight lines So [that's] where the chisel tool is perfect Once I got the circles in there it's back to using this sharp Edge and Rather than just [doing] all of the design on one side and then going to the other side and trying to make it symmetrical [I] do one feature at a time, and then I do all the different copies of that feature on every side of the backpack So I'm kind of building the whole thing out progressively and that helps with symmetry as well I'll also try to align things based on previous designs so if this line I'll kind of center it between those two lines and then I'll align it with the One sun beam on this little thing so that I can get a pretty similar line on the other end by [using] those same references All right, so that's half of the work that is all the leather burning so now I'm going to go ahead and swap out back to the 3D pen attachment for the 3D Simo and I'll kind of purge out some plastic to make sure it's running well And then it's time [to] use my second technique to get those lighter areas And I'll start in the center once again by outlining [B].

Make anything triangles? I've got this on medium speed And I'm making sure that I let a lot of plastic come out of the pen so that [it] Really sticks on to the leather, and it'll hopefully pull off a lot of color on [the] top Once it's cooled down I can just peel it off and as you see it works really well on some areas While there were other areas where it didn't work quite as well I'm not really sure why some areas work better than others, but wherever there were troubled areas.

I would just go over them again and Then it worked out pretty well So as I said this entire time I've got my laptop [just] [out] of the [frame] of this shot And I'm constantly referring to that to know what I'm doing.

I totally freestyle a lot of my projects, but in this one I'm referencing my digital sketch the entire way.

I'm basically trying to copy it as closely as possible Which I guess is probably generally the good way to go This actually looks kind of cool with the fluorescent pink pla on it So you know that's another option to just let the plastic stay on the leather although It doesn't stick super well you can use a 3D pen on cotton t-shirts and things like that, and it'll generally stick pretty well So that's another idea 3d pen on your clothing You can see again I'm going over those areas [that] didn't quite come out right and as long as I'm good at following the same line I can do that as many times as I need to until I get the Exact color that.

I want to finish things off I went [around] that logo again in the center with the burning tools nice and hot so I kind of [darkened] that and sharpened all those little triangles And there is my final design just as I had sketched it out on the computer does that mean or what I'm super happy with how this turned out the combination of leather burning and leather plastic peeling okay Leave a comment.

If you guys have a good name for this technique I'm drawing on it right this 3D pen and filling it up because I need [to] I need to call it something Anyways, I hope you guys liked it I'm really happy with how this turned out it looks pretty professional And yet crafty and unique even if you don't want to make something from scratch out of leather You could always buy [a] leather belt or a leather wallet or something and add your own flair with these techniques So it's pretty neat way to add some personality and individuality to your stuff Alright, that's it for this one.

Hope you guys liked it.

I thought it was pretty cool It was kind of a different project compared to what I usually do a lot [more] organic material and a little less plastic thank you for watching and thanks to all [my] supporters on Patreon for making this possible if You guys aren't yet following me on patreon.

It's pretty cool I leave a lot of photos of things that I'm [working] on and take suggestions and build off of your guys's Ideas on that patreon only feed and also some polls so you can tell me if you want to see more stuff like this Or more [Vr].

Modeling 3D10 art 3d printing of course you know I'm doing it for you guys And I want to know what you want to see so thanks again until next time.

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