MCM Bebeboo | How to Spot Fake & Comparison with LV Mini Palmspring | Review & What Fits

hello guys welcome back to my channel so it's been awhile here i am right now to upload more videos about bags today, i wear korean kinda style because i'll talk about bag from Korea it's not Find Kapoor, since i have done the review about Find Kapoor so it's time for another brand so this is an old brand, and it's been famous so the brand that i'm gonna talk about today is MCM so this is the MCM backpack this is the smallest size that MCM has if i am not mistaken, MCM has 4/5 sizes on backpack i saved the sizing here, wait so MCM has 5 different sizes on backpack this is the smallest size, it's called “bebeboo” so the bebeboo has 15cm length, 20cm height, and 8cm width.

and then.


and there are the other sizes like mini – small – medium and large backpack but the only size that can be used as slingback is the bebeboo so mine is the only size that can be wear as a sling as you can see, it has 4 rings for hook up the strap right now i don't have the other sizes with me to compare so i'll just talk about this size anyway we can use this bag in 3 ways the first one is as a sling we just sling the bag like usual or you can use it as a backpack we have 2 straps here and the last one, you can use it as a belt bag so i'm gonna show you guys how it looks on body if you want to use as a slingback, you can hook up the strap like this and this is how it looks on my body but sometimes i feel uncomfortable because it's to narrow we can change the strap into the other hook in the other side (right side, bottom) i think this way is more comfortable as a sling because it's not that narrow anymore it's the best way to use your sling the other way, you can use this as a backpack so if you use as a backpack, you need to use all the straps just put the strap like this and then use the other strap and put it on in the other side now it's a backpack it's quite small i think this way is kinda cute and the last way to use this bag you can use it as a belt bag you can see in the back on the bag there are 4 rings to hook the straps, depends how you gonna use the bag and as you can see, it has like square leather you can put the belt in there so i bring my tory burch belt and lets try on so here it is as a belt bag so right now mcm bebeboo as a belt bag you can use any belt or use the mcm strap and wrap into your body twice but i don't like that way, i prefer using the belt so let's talk more about this bag so my mcm backpack is in the bebeboo size as i said before, it has 15cm length and 20cm height and also 8cm width here's the details mine is in silver color gun metal silver i think, but right now this color has been discontinued, so if you wanted this color, you won't find the new one you need to find it in preloved market so this is the backpack, it has handle here it has slip pocket in both side you can use it for a card or anything slim like that in the front side it has pocket which is kind of roomy it can fits stuff there like tissue or lipstick which make them easier to reach when you put in front zippy pocket next, the main compartment i'm not sure if you guys can see because it's all black so the inside is very dark it has an envelope which contains all the cards you can see it has MCM hologram on the envelope it has so many cards inside i don't know what kind of cards, there are so many this is MCM card if you buy it from the MCM store, the details will be appear here such like date, place, etc it has tag the MCM tag it's written the code of the bag and all the barcodes next we have the care cards which tell you how to maintain the bag it's written in english and other languages that i don't understand and also translated in japanese, chinese, and korean so we have other card which also has the MCM hologram but that's all, nothing more about that card.

just blank and one more it has a booklet it looks like a mini book i'm not sure if you guys can see okay, the camera didn't catch.

so i'll just read it it has MCM and the logo it's stated: maintenance guide so this book supposed to be how to maintenance your mcm bag so that's all about the cards let's get started about the bag like i told you before, it has slip pocket in both sides and a zippy pocket and the inside literally nothing but if you guys see in details it has pocket inside which is not a pocket, but card holders you can put 2 or more cards there but overall it has main compartment to put your belongings and slip pockets in both sides and in the front, it has zippy pocket and it's kinda roomy, you can put anything there and in the main bag, it has card holders inside so you guys no need to bring your wallet you don't need to bring card holder, just the cash in Korea, everything is cashless so maybe people there use smartphone or cards to do the payment so we only bring some cards and just put them there the easiest way to spot a fake MCM you guys need to open the MCM website or google and type: MCM bebeboo and then there are so many result the bag in many colors find the trusted or official website and just compare the picture in the web to know if your bag authentic or a fake usually MCM has the same place of monogram in every bag and it must be the same as on website so if you guys open the website you'll find the diamonds position (in the picture) exactly the same place as on the website and every bag is the same the total of diamonds, the place of the diamond or MCM logo.

and then as you can see in the side, it has diamond which is not in the full shape and this is the same as seen on the website and another example in the front side, you can see a little cutted-diamond it has the same pattern in every MCM bebeboo bag.

so that is the easiest way to know if your mcm bag is an authentic or a fake just compare the pattern side to side or with the website so let's move on to what fits in this bag for me, i think this bag is quite small but it's cute although it's small and cute i think the bag holds many stuffs and also, it is great for travelling if you are a compact traveller, this bag will be enough so i'm gonna try put my stuff here first i have my phones my iPhone 6 and 7, fit perfectly inside iphone 6+ or any bigger phone also fits here next i have lipstick i just put it in the front pocket it's a YSL lipstick, and the case is kind of bulky i put it in the front pocket, it fits perfectly it's not adding or re-shaping the pocket next i have this mini wallet with me this is a trifold wallet i got it from LV it's not so mini size for me it is called, the victorine wallet you can check the size on LV website or google it fits in the bag next i have gum now i have this EarPods with bulky case it fits there next i have power bank or portable charger it also fits i have pocket tissue next i have this sunnies this is kate spade's sunnies i just put it in the bag and it also fits next i have this little usb cable i just put in the front pocket so that it easier to find when i want to use all done my stuffs are inside now this is how it looks inside it's almost full but still has some space you can try put in compact powder, it still gonna fit because there's some space left you can put more stuffs now we try to put my pasport case i just gonna put it inside i suggest you guys, if you bring this bag just don't bring many stuffs that's not important ( or you're not gonna use) because this bag is small, it has not-so-big opening zipper, it's not easy to take out your stuff from the bag specially the small or mini stuffs, that you need to find in the bag but, that's all.


what i bring everyday fits in this bag if you guys want to bring the long wallet (full size wallet) most of long size wallet aren't gonna fit.

(19cm) it depends on how thick your wallet and the bag height is only 20cm, so if the wallet is 19cm, it's too narrow.

but some wallet still fit but if the wallet is thick and wide it just won't fit inside but overall this bag holds everything i carry everyday such as a mini wallet, phones powerbank i think the camera pocket still fits inside and the sunglass lipstick the front pocket still has some spaces, if you guys want to bring a hair tie or anything tiny just put it there, so it's easier to find next, we have this car key it fits inside the bag but.


i just gonna put it in the front pocket.

easier to find just put the bulky stuffs in the main compartment in a glance, you gonna find what you need overall my review about this mcm bebeboo for me this is a convenience bag it's okay for your daily, for holiday also okay but actually it depends on how do you carry your stuffs in a bag but i actually think that this bag is okay for daily but for holiday? i think i just don't like it that much for travelling because i carry a lot of things when travel a lot more than what i put inside just now i bring wet tissue et cetera so that's why i prefer bigger bag to travel if you don't bring that much stuffs then this bag is a match for you.

mini but actually roomy i had this LV palm spring the one which looks similar with this mcm bag the size is similar, the way you wear also similar the one that can be sling the one that has LV monogram all over i have that one also but it's on repair right now so i can't review that bag side to side with this mcm bag but i can do the review now actually this mcm bag is more comfortable to use than the LV mini palm spring in Indonesia, this MCM costs you about 8 million Indonesia Rupiah but the LV gonna cost you about 30 millions indonesia rupiah with that kind of pricing LV costs you almost 4x the MCM bebeboo so i prefer the MCM bag not only because the price difference but also the MCM bag is more roomy and useful although the main compartment hold almost the same amount of stuffs but also, LV doesn't have slip pocket on both sides the slip pockets can be so useful sometimes, to place your pen or a subway card it makes your life easier with the pocket but yeah, the LV palm spring don't have that kind of slip pocket on sides LV mini palm spring only has the main compartment and the zippy pocket in the front but the zippy pocket that LV has in the front it's super slim, it literally holds nothing in LV mini palmspring's front zippy pocket that's why i prefer this mcm than the LV not only the price for this type of mini bag, for the amount of stuffs that it holds MCM price is so reasonable for me than the LV for me the LV which has 4 times price than the MCM it's not as functional as the MCM for me, MCM has a better specs to offer but actually both MCM and LV i think they are not sharing the market as well MCM is targeting more like teenagers who like something cute ? (maybe) but LV has its own target, beside, LV is more more prestigious than the MCM but yes, for me MCM is really nice, good enough for me it has a great quality though the leather is thick mine is in metallic leather which usually the metallic layer gonna wear off and showing its real color (in other brands) usually the metallic is not water resistant but this MCM is so durable when this MCM compares to LV mini palm spring MCM wins, because it has so many useful pockets when the LV it does't have card holder in the main compartment but it has a loose slip pocket which also very useful, to secure your stuff like your passport and it makes your important stuff easier to find and also the LV mini palm spring has wider handle which make it more comfortable to carry but overall, the straps, the bag, the hooks it has similar specs then again, for me, the MCM wins but that's my review but yes everyone has different opinion when it comes to a bag but that's my review i feel like i'm more comfortable with this MCM because for me it's cute but also fasionable and this is the MCM's iconic model this is a classic MCM bag, since we have seen this bag since years before and it's not that pricey, compares to LV with similar model so i really recommend this bag another plus point for MCM you can wear it 3 ways sling, backpack and belt bag when the LV has 2 ways to use only the cross body and backpack so that's all about my review.