my final what's in my backpack for college (i hope)

Hello my friends, it's Nina and we are going primary colors today So as you can tell by the title of this video we are doing yet another what's in my backpack So my last what's in my backpack was five to six months ago That's like half a year.

I don't know how that much time passed but anyway I thought that I would just update what's in my backpack because it's been so long and I have new products.

This should hopefully be the last time I do a what's in my backpack for college I just want to graduate this semester is really kicking my butt and face at the same time.

i I'm kidding.

I mean I should graduate.

I've never failed a class before knock on wood so let's just get started.

This is my backpack.

You're probably familiar with it It's a Herschel backpack and it's really heavy.

It's probably not even that heavy It's just I don't have any muscle strength but I'm going to show you what's on my backpack right now I have this pin which is a magpie.

It's the national bird of Korea my friend got it.

She's really into birds It's part of her major My baby brother got this pin on Valentine's Day from his class and he just gave it to me and then I have two pins that show monuments at San Francisco and I have this pin that's really old that says stay positive And then I have these three pins that my friend got me for my birthday, it's the kim line for BT21 I'm not sure where she got them.

It's a gift from her.

but they're cute so that is what's on my backpack We are moving on to the inside.

So inside my backpack I'm going to take out the frickin heaviest thing You guys should be familiar with my laptop.

This is a 15-inch MacBook Pro.

I got this in 2015 So it's one of the older ones this is where I do all of my work this is basically my life This is also where I edit my videos.

I finally figured out how to Properly import and export and not use up so much space on my laptop So I finally am able to use this all the time but a laptop is definitely something very handy in college you're going to do a lot of papers and research and there's probably going to be a lot of stuff online I know some people use iPads instead and I have an iPad pro too, but I just like the user interface of laptops next I have this folder.

I've done a couple what's my backpacks so you're probably familiar with all this now but this is just a regular plastic folder I've had this since probably middle school it's going on strong And this is just to hold any physical papers if you still have physical papers in college And then I have 2 muji notebooks.

These are actually both for one class I had this notebook first and then I had to use a second one because this one class we write so much notes in it usually per semester one notebook should be enough but this class is really just asking a lot from me She's expecting us to write out our notes Which I don't mind but it's just like we go through so much material That I had to get another notebook and I keep both in my backpack just in case you know I might have to look at past notes it's really lightweight so I just keep both of them in here in just in case and then next I have my bullet journal Honestly, this has become my life I used to not be able to keep up with a bullet journal but this, I can't function if I don't have it If I don't have it I don't know what I'm doing So this is the brand that I cannot pronounce I'll just put it right here and the pages are nice and dotted as you can't see right here It allows me to do whatever layouts you do There's a lot of freedom and here's an example this semester has been very intense that I've had to make layouts for every single week of the semester I had to do it till the end.

I just can't anymore I need all of my weeks planned I have it planned until May it's a lot a great thing about this bullet journal is that it also has a pocket for whatever you want.

I just keep my stickers in here.

Next I have so this is my last semester of college, but I needed a clicker I almost got away with not needing a clicker during college but this last semester they got me This is how we take quizzes or polls and all that in class.

It makes these nice click sounds asmr? what a pleasant sound next is a new thing that I didn't have in my previous videos which is this pencil case So this is where I carry some products that I need I carry my lip balm as you can see right here This is the Vaseline lip therapy rosy lips and then I have a BTS lotion.

This is the jimin one I'm using him currently and then I also have another hand lotion, I got it as a gift I like both so I just keep both in here.

And then I have some hand sanitizer.

I don't really use it often It's just in here and then I have my rollerball perfume I live by this.

I love the smell It's the Marc Jacobs Daisy eau so fresh In fact, I'm just going to put it on ahhh And then next I have this velvet lip tint from 3ce it's the lip tint that I'm wearing right now the color is daffodil and then I have some concealer just in case I ever want to cover up throughout the day I have my concealer with me.

This is the saem ideal concealer duo it has a stick end and then it also has this regular wand end It really is the ideal duo.

And so I have those in here This is literally just for makeup and other products next I'm moving on to the interesting part, which is my pencil case This is where all of my stationery is I don't really know where this pencil case is from but I do know that some people have the exact same one So I'm sure it's not like a small brand and then in the pencil case I have a ruler I've had this since I was a kid, I don't need another ruler I already have one I have these zebra mildliners I have these colors they came in a set my friend recommended this to me and a lot of you guys also Commented about these as well So I was like might as well check them out and I love them so much I use these for my bullet journal I use them for note-taking I just use them for highlighting or underlining It's really handy these pens have two ends There is this nice chisel tip as you can see right here And then on the other side that I actually didn't realize was that on this end there is this fine tip point I didn't even realize this point was here until I was like why is this twisting and then it twisted off and then I found this magical fine tip point moving on from that I have my standard Muji pens Let me just find all them I have blue black and red Muji pens These are 0.

38 tip pens.

I really love 0.

38 It just makes my notes look good.

I have a bunch of these flags as you can see right here I'm pretty sure you guys are familiar with this.

You just pull it off and stick it in your book.

Stick it on my- And then I have these highlighter pens.

It's from Muji as well.

All of my products are from muji Muji Sponsor me.

These are the tiniest chisel points.

I love it I also have a pencil and eraser just in case I ever need it the plastic's like melting off or something It's been through a lot.

And then finally I just have this whiteout Although I write in pen I still make a lot of mistakes.

Whiteout is very handy Um, apparently there's a case for this this is from Muji I thought this is how it came but then someone was like I've never seen someone use whiteout without the case and I was like There's a case? I guess this is the naked whiteout by itself I thought it was the entire thing I'll be on the lookout for that next time but this is what I have right now and that is my pencil case I also have my water bottle wow the aesthetics of this video is crazy This is my handy Ryan water bottle In fact, I'm just gonna take a sip right now stay hydrated You better be getting your water out right now my water bottle became part of my personality.

I can never go anywhere without it It's just nice and compact and Ryan's really cute.

So if I'm ever feeling down I have Ryan to cheer me up This backpack doesn't have pockets so I just stick it right inside next I have my headphones These are noise cancelling headphones.

These are the Bose QuietComfort 35 II headphones they are frickin pricey, but it's worth the investment They really do the job, especially in college You don't want to really be distracted while you're studying and so these just cancel out the noise around you and then finally in this big pocket I have just regular headphones I am not about that airpod life if I have these headphones, why would I need another pair of headphones? Come on, save your money So these are just for if I kind of want to be aware of my surroundings Because sometimes the noise canceling earphones can be too canceling to the point where I become kind of anxious so I have these if I kind of want to hear the sounds around me sometimes too much quiet's not fun either and then finally We are moving on to the small pocket So in the small pocket, I have a compact mirror.

It's just a nice mirror that slides It's very helpful if I want to look at my face It's so flat next I have my tiny little wallets I used to have a different wallet But I moved on to this tiny wallet because it's just easier for me to carry I actually had this wallet since I was a kid but I found it again and I was like, I'm gonna use it again But it's nice and small so I like it next I have my phone charger I use an iPad charger just because I want that fast boost if it's bad for my phone oh well my phone is super damaged then and then finally in this pocket, I have my macbook charger I spend a lot of time in the library so it's handy to bring your chargers with you also I'm not sure if a lot of you guys know about this my friend didn't know about it but this is how you coil your charger I mean you probably know about this but some people don't so here's a tip and that is it for this backpack This was my last what's in my backpack personally I like watching these videos because it's a good way to pass my time and I like seeing what other people carry around so hopefully this video was interesting or helpful but that is it for this video Thank you for watching and I will see you in my next one goodbye my friends :').