Nelson Rigg Hurricane Backpack Review

hey guys thanks for tuning in to gearsand gadgets my name is Dan and today we are going to be reviewing the Nelson Rigg40 liter and 20 liter hurricane tail packsthese are backpacks basically meant to go on the back of your motorcycle nowthe reason that I wanted to go

this route and I actually reached out toNelson Rigg it was a lot of questions on this bag then being that I had a bunchof questions and I have this YouTube channel I thought it would be a greatidea to do just a sponsored post of these two bags so

the question becomeswell why would you need a bag like this just put a backpack to sling it overyour shoulder and ride on down the highway the problem for me I tend tostart thinking about the safety aspect of things and if I were to go into aslide on the

highway for whatever reason I don't want something over my shouldersthat I'm gonna snag on and is either gonna break my arms or snap my neck orsomething if you're gonna be in a terrible situation like that you don'tneed to add things to make it worse and another reason I

don't want to put abackpack on my back is because there's times in August where it's 115 degreesout and I'm still on the bike and I would prefer to let air run through myjacket as opposed to having a bag on my back that's just kind of keeping thatair trapped

on my back not something I'm really all that interested in so it's asafety aspect and really a comfort aspect my 2018 heritage I startedlooking at well what alternatives are there and ultimately you have eitherspending $600 on a tool pack for the back which you know put you up

heregives you quite a bit of storage but in my personal opinion I don't like the waythey look on the Heritage in particular so I was looking at the 40 liter bag andthe 20 liter bag and you could tell me all day long how many liters a bag isand

it doesn't mean anything to me I want to know what can I actually fitinside these bags because you can then make a determination of which one youthink would be better for you so I'm gonna run you through and show youexactly what fits inside of these bags so I'm

going to set the twenty liter bagoff to the side for now what I'm gonna do is unpack what I havein the 40 litre and then repack what you can actually fit in the 20 liter andjust kind of show you the difference between really what fits in either bagso

as you can see first here you have these straps and you just undo the bagand open it up and there you have it I have a spare helmet well if you have ahelmet now you need your passenger pillion so there you have your passengerseat here is a hooded

sweatshirt here are 2 32 degree heat these things aregreat at Costco I highly recommend if you're gonna be riding in temperaturesnow 45 to 40 degrees somewhere in that range you throw these on underneath apair of jeans and it's just an under layer and I am totally fine andcomfortable

with that under layer here I have some t-shirts 1 2 3 4 t-shirts apair of sweatpants so if you're going to stop at hotel and you want to be able tochange into some sweatpants there you go 2 pairs of jeans so I have 200sweatshirts in here and then

I have a pair of snow pants I barely ever usethem but now I can carry them on the bike so if I get into a situation whereI'm riding and really cold weather these will keep the wind and rain off of yourlegs so as you can see I mean

that's quite a buy the stuff that I had inthere if you take the helmet out of that equation and that passenger pillion youcan fit another 2 3 pairs of pants probably another handful of shirts andand really pack away some stuff in these bags so there you have the

40 litre bagand now we will repack all of this stuff what we can fit in the 20 liter bag sameset up just on a smaller scale we'll start with the 2 pairs of jeans the 2hooded sweatshirts the 4 t-shirts the sweat pants are 232 degree under layersand our

snow pants now this is going to be a little bit tight but now the beautyof these bags is they have this adjustable valve so you can relieve airpressure so if I open this up I really can get the air out of that bag pusheverything down and get the

top of that bag closed likeso now I can really push it down let that air out close that valve and now itcreates kind of like a vacuum pressure and now I can see all that bag up italso has a strap that goes over the top and there you

have it so as you can seeI was able to fit all those clothes in the twenty liter bag and just sacrificenow the helmet and the passenger pillion so this really is the difference of whatyou gain in that forty liter bag is the volume of what a helmet in

thispassenger pillion which is a relatively smaller one but still I mean that'sthat's a bulky thing to throw in that bagso you know that's that's the difference between the two now I will go ahead andshow you how these attach to the bike and in my opinion this is where

NelsonRigg really went out of their way to engineer a great system where not onlycan it be a backpack that you could throw over your shoulder but it's also agreat bag that you can just toss right on the back of your bike now this isanother thing that I wasn't

sure forty liter verse twenty liter which one'sreally gonna fit on the bike the best and when you're talking about buying abag like this I tend to feel personally that I want to buy the biggest one thatwill fit without being too obnoxious because I want to have the adjustabilityof

it you can still get that forty liter bag pretty small if you wanted to so ifI had to recommend to anybody first of all I would say the forty liter bag inmy opinion is the best bang for your buck but I did want to show the twentyliter because

well if you have I'll sit on a sport bike and you don't have theseside saddlebags you kind of lose the ability to go this waywith a bag if you have saddlebags on the side of your bike well then you can knowthat forty liter because just kind of fits

with wise but now if you go thisway with it front to back this is where well if you're on a sport bike orsomething like that then I would say the twenty liters probably the right way togo because you need it to kind of fit lengthwise with the bike

and this issomething that this bag will do really well now with the forty liter if youhave it packed down really tight you still can kind of go front to backwith it you know lengthwise with the bike but it's just it's a little bitbigger and that in my opinion

is where the decision needs to be made on whichbag that is you're gonna go with as to which bike you're gonna be putting it onI'm going to repack all of this stuff into that 40 litre bag and show you justhow you can fit this in either orientation so

here we are back with our40 litre bag and as you can see since you can basically fold down this top youreally can make this you really can get this thing down to a smallerdimension pretty impressively actually so now that you can just buckle that inwe'll run our strap

over the top which is also adjustable to keep it at thatsmaller size you still can theoretically put this front to back and you also geta nice backrest with this as well if you cinch this down good enough and get itnice and tight it does give you a little

bit of a backrest for this situation inparticular now these straps that you get with these bags are also just a reallygreat implementation on how to really get these things cinched down on anyorientation that you might have now the way that these work is that you havethese straps that

just go around your rack feed through themselves and thereyou have it now that's attached to the rack nice and secure we'll do the samething with all four of the straps so now you have your points to strap this bagdown now you get these loops on the side of

the bag where this is you know youcan run them either this way and run the straps up through these loops on theside here or run it this way if the bag is packed to the max and you really wantto go with wise with it so now you want

you don't want these straps the backpackstraps dangling you know especially down by your rear tire so they have thesestraps on here these clips and you can take these backpack strapsand put them together and now you don't have anything dangling on the backthat's going to be scraping up the

bike as you're going down the road now I alsowant to mention they do have which I removed a strap that goes around thelumbar so if you wanted to put it like a traditional hiking backpack and have itattached to you know while your abdomen and around your lumbar you

could do thatthey do it through the strap I ever moved it for filming of this video theythought of everything and if you wanted to use it for a day hike you certainlymore of us could do so so I'm gonna go ahead and strap this bag down and showyou

just how good this system really works you know you can make sure thatthey are nice and tight and cinched down there so that this bag as you arerolling down the highway is not going to move so the thing is really on there andas I said now as you

throw a leg over this bike you also get this nicebackrest so as you're riding down the highway it does give you a little bit oflumbar support now I don't know if this is something that Nelson Rigg designed asa means of selling more product or just a really great

smart idea as far asbuilding this system out but you also get the ability you want to buy bothbags you can actually attach them this bag to that bag the same way to attachto your bike and now you have a really good durable riding system where youcould throw on

multiple bags and take off for a month if you wanted to sothere you have it for the Nelson Rigg hurricane 20 liter and 40 liter backpackslash tail bags that I would highly highly recommend now if you're in themarket for these things link in the description down below for

these twobags again my personal recommendation if you have a touring bike like I have withmy 2018 heritage that 40 liter is the way to go because it does tuck downpretty small and you need it but it is expandable the twenty liter if you havea smaller bike or don't

have saddlebags and you want to be able to go lengthwisewith the bike this twenty liter it's probably going to be your better bet butyou just can't fit as much stuff in there so again thank you very much tonelson reg for sponsoring this video if you guys are interested

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