Osprey Aura AG 65 Women's Backpack

With brand new innovations and the customfit, this feature rich pack is going to appeal to a variety of backpackers.

The Osprey Aura AG 65 Pack has got all theinnovations that you are looking for from weekend backpackers to through hikers.

We are going to take a look at all the featuresto show why we are so excited about this pack.

The first thing to talk about with any backpackis the suspension system and how it carries the load.

So we are going to flip it around to talkabout the very innovative, Anti-Gravity Suspension system.

So there is the AG in the naming, that standsfor Anti-Gravity.

And this is a very innovative suspension system.

It changes the way I have seen backpack suspensionin the past.

So just to go through all the features here, the first thing that stood out to me about this pack was the very broad, breathable meshthat is here in the back panel.

It is a very comfortable mesh and it is aseamless construction.

So if you start here at the top, that meshstarts all the way up at the top of the pack, makes its way down into the lumbar area ofthe pack and into the hip belt as well.

So this is one piece of mesh from the topall the way through into the hip belt.

That really hugs your body as you are wearingthe pack.

So unlike other packs that may form hot spotsin different parts, this is going to conform to the shape of your back.

It is very breathable mesh, but it is alsovery durable.

So you have got really broad openings in thatmesh that is going to allow warm air to escape to keep you comfortable when you are hikingand that same mesh is here under the harness.

So in the harness you have really nice padding.

It is perforated, so you have got a lot ofbreathability there.

But something I love about this harness thatis different than what I have seen before is you have an adjustable back panel hereso you can adjust that up and down to have a perfect fit.

But the load lifter straps are a little broaderthan I have seen before as well.

And as you tighten in those load lifter straps, this part of the harness really hugs at your shoulder.

So although there is a difference in fabrichere from the harness to the back panel, there is almost a seamless feel.

So as you cinch down on that and have it reallyconform to your body, it hugs all the curves and it definitely fits really well.

So you have custom fit there.

And if I move down to the hip belt, you havecustom fit in the hip belt as well.

You can change the diameter of the hip belt.

You can make it longer or shorter, dependingon your size.

So that just adds to the custom fit of thispack.

There is a lightweight aluminum frame hereand it is out of view, but it comes around the pack and it really transfers the weightright to your hips.

It is very supportive, but it doesn’t weigha whole lot.

So really smart feature there.

And I will mention that when you need to adjustthe harness, you just have to get a hand on either side.

There is a buckle on the interior there andyou move it up and down, so it is really easy to adjust.

But once you have it dialed in, it is notgoing anywhere.

It is going to have a very secure hold.

Underneath of these shoulder straps I wantto mention that they bring the seams away from any point that comes into contact withyour body.

They move the seams up to the top so it isreally innovative, makes it very comfortable and, again, really cuts down on hot spots.

The other features on this side of the pack, you have an adjustable sternum strap.

That sternum strap has a whistle on it aswell.

You have a hydration port right here in theback, so this is a hydration compatible pack.

You can route the hose on either side to yourpreference.

On the hip belt you have a pocket on eitherside.

I have just got a granola bar in this side, so a nice size pocket on the hip belt.

And there is access to the top lid from theback.

So you have a nice open zipper, store lightweight gear that you want to get your hands on quickly.

And then up top I call this a map pocket, because it is pretty shallow, but you have two different compartments in there.

We will flip the pack around and talk aboutall the other features.

If I turn the pack to the side here you havegot stretchy mesh pockets on both sides here.

We normally call these the water bottle pockets.

You can put your water bottle in this pocketsideways.

That makes it really easy to just reach behindyou and grab it when you want it, but you can also have top entry into this pocket.

So I have got just some tent poles in hereto show the depth of this pocket and to show that these compression straps on the sideare great for lashing gear.

You have got one of these stretchy pocketson both sides.

And while I am back here, there are stow onthe go trekking pole loops.

This is something I really appreciate aboutOsprey packs.

If you are hiking along with your trekkingpoles and just want to put them away for a short period of time, you don’t have totake you pack off, lash them to the outside.

You can just put them right here and continuehiking.

If I turn the pack to the front, you haveto an array of features up here.

And I will mention it is a feature rich pack, meaning you have got a lot of pockets, really great organization.

But it is not a very heavy pack.

So this is also going to appeal to some ouncecounting back packers who are looking for the innovations with the custom fit and theywant to have organization with their pack.

So starting at the top you have a nice lidthat we talked about earlier.

This is a floating lid.

So if you are through hiking and sometimesyou have a bigger load, sometimes you have a smaller load, this lid goes up and downand can really cinch down the pack.

There are also compression straps all overthis pack.

So if you don’t have it packed out completelylike I do today, you can cinch down all of those compression straps and really securethe load in.

If I peel that lid back, this is a top loadingpack.

And the top lid is really easy to open.

It opens up really wide so you can accessyour gear really easily.

There is a strap here on the top, this redstrap, that also compresses the load in.

So it keeps everything exactly where you wantit.

And another innovation here that it reallylike.



if you don’t have it packed out completely like we talked about, you can actuallyremove that lid.

There is this flap jack, a flap here on thetop and all you have to do to use this, turn these little buckles in-side out and thatwill protect the top of the pack.

So if you want to leave that at home, if youhave a smaller load, you can use this to just cinch down the top of the pack.

In addition to the top access you have bottomaccess here with the sleeping bag compartment.

These are really easy to open.

The zipper pulls here are nice and big.

And I have just got a compressed sleepingbag in there.

There is a piece of fabric that compartmentalizesthe bottom from the top so you can close that just so you have to compartments there.

Or, if you have bigger gear, you can openthat up.

Moving up here you have two bigger pocketson the front of the pack.

And there are zippered pockets there.

This is a great place for something you wantto get your hands on quickly like maybe a water filter or your stove.

So I have just got some gear in there.

But these pockets are pretty big.

And so if I just reach down, the pocket startsup here and goes most of the way down so where the sleeping bag compartment starts.

So really great way to organize your gearagain two separate pockets.

Right here on the front you have got a stretchymesh pocket.

I have just got an extra layer in there.

So this is really convenient for lighter weightitems and you can see how big that expands.

So nice pocket there.

In addition to all the pockets, you have gotareas on the outside of the pack where you can lash gear.

You have got trekking pole loops here on theoutside.

You also have a tool loop on either side, so you can definitely attach an ice axe there.

There are removable sleeping pad straps hereon the bottom and those can also act as compression straps.

From the Anti-Gravity Suspension system tothe custom fit hip belt, to all the pockets, organization and all of the innovations thatwere put into this pack, you have got attentions to detail that make a big difference.

This pack is going to appeal to anyone fromthrough hikers to weekend back packers, people going on expeditions.

This is a great option for the back country.

It is the Osprey Aura AG 65 Backpack.