Patricia Nash Montioni Convertible Leather Backpack

it really packs a lot of organization very good okay it's time for my favorite in the whole hour I was so excited that we were able to add this to the lineup it's a leather backpack it's a convertible leather backpack and you can hold it on the top

you can wear it on your shoulder you can wear it like a traditional backpack for this day only which is so funny when they tell me this because that means you have 20 minutes to pick it up and it's a $46 savings we actually this is the lowest

price we've ever marked this down before and it comes with that extra little piece on the front it looks like a flap but you take it out and it's a little miniature like a wallet to put your cards in and it's connected there it's such beautiful quality leather

you've got the feet on the bottom it's the perfect size you guys it's 11 inches long 8 and 3/4 inches high and you've got these straps that are anywhere from 14 to 28 inches in length because yes you can even adjust the backpack straps and we have three

beautiful choices so you just saw the black now Jan has got your classic map print I think I've never seen anything like this anywhere before and then we also have it in that classic tan another 100% leather that is it is so soft and supple and it is

absolutely adorable when you wear it as a backpack and it's a really fun way to be able to go hands-free and I love how you did the straps – tell me about this design well just what you said I love the flexibility of that strap you want to

make it more like a shoulder sling bag you know some people are even now doing these cross-eyed that backpacks where they have them on their chest you know and they put it through their arms and over their chest so I love that but I'd love the little wallet

in the front pocket because let's face it if ever you need it something like that it would be a backpack right yes just opening up the backpack and getting it off your shoulder or whatever are you or your back this just allows you to whip out you know

that credit card or your cash in there and then it's attached to your bag so you don't have to worry about it on the security standpoint no lots of space on the inside yeah very deep gusset on that and then on the back wall you've got that pockets

and then I love this I always love you saw that in my earlier backpack I like a pocket on that wall that goes against your back yes or against your front chest I mean you've got the secure that's where you need it is I know I wanted to

hold all your valuables you know whatever it is is that your passport is that your you know wallet is that what whatever it is that you want really super secure well great it really I love a good backpack style pretty that's the ultimate in hands-free but it's absolutely

adorable I'll come over here and show you guys I just want to let you know we only have about 400 ish of these across all of the colors left to go around first of all look at that at least so pretty on right you can hold it by

the handle or you just put it on like an actual backpack which again is super cute now I've got microphones on my back go figure but I just want you to see how easily and flat it lays against your body and I've got it pretty short remember this

is adjustable so I'll show you here on the strap you can actually pull this and make it longer so no matter your height I'm 5-2 and I have a short torso so sometimes this would be so low it's bouncing while you walk you don't have that issue with

this I mean it's like look mom no hands but you know no way to make a backpack so sophisticated I mean this is just it's gorgeous I love it so much it really looks fantastic on air when you see that leather and you touch it and you feel

it it's gonna be exactly like you feel watching it from the seat experience because I can really see the bag and you know when you're behind it and we're talking about it you don't know how you know how people think about it whether they you know and it

really is that leather is as supple and beautiful as you think it is that lining is is substantial inside that roominess of that backpack is big yeah look at that gusset on there and that hardware you really see the quality of that zipper you know and it zips

on both sides so you can do that double zip on the top right and then your map design on the bag it makes it even more special because I feel like this is an easy travel piece as well but then adding that special unique map design it just

gives it something extra I don't know yeah look at the quality of that burst brass it's just beautiful and the zipper teeth on that the rings on the strap that coat the clips on that bag but I love the strap you know we all have our little ways

right with a backpack or a sling I love that there's so much adjustability all these hooks so you can take it off you can really work with it I have women actually take those hooks and just make a crossbody out it Oh smarter I mean yeah there's so

much flexibility with that well you can see we have fewer than 400 of these left for everyone the map design we've got about 150 for everyone to pick it up this was not planned to be in the hour either but we really wanted to make it special and

put in some pieces that are unique that are fresh that are on trend yet still have this timeless elegance to them you've got these genuine leather this great design it's so practical with all of the space and the organization its timeless and I could see this from a

teenager up to fully grown I mean it works across the board because you're getting super high quality here the black by the way 25 of those left to go around so you paired the silver with the black just to make it look a little bit different yeah that

brushed nickel is beautiful on there just absolutely beautiful I even like that little chain detail when it just hangs from the pocket like that just looks just looks pretty cool and it's really smart how you did this it's a magnetic closure Maxo but it also stays in and

you notice you see that and that's purposeful because I wanted a really big one so you can't avoid that little you know area where you can see it yeah but I wanted it to really hold strong I didn't want you to have to worry about it slipping out

and you you know cuz backpacks you're like throw them around a lot right you throw it up something or under their seat in front of you or you know in your desk or in your locker it just goes on and on of what you can do at the

office you throw them in maybe in your desk drawer so that is very secure that that in the front and then you've got that great zip pocket but look at that all that hardware it comes off goes through all those different rings so you could just create any

comfort you want and how you want this bag to fit you so completely customizable for sure it's just such a special looking piece I love every detail it's finished and done they smell amazing once again they always do it's the quality of the leather is so unique the

fact that it's so malleable and yet it still keeps it structured and then you can really have fun with this one the way that the loop is done on the back we were talking about how you can unsnap it and then you could even pull it through and

make it crossbody you can wear it over your shoulder like Jan you can hold the handle if you want to or wear it like a traditional backpack so it's really important to be able to customize it to your needs check it out as a crossbody how cool is

that yes that looks so good I know I know I've had like clip it on the to top handle rings and put it through as a crossbody as well so what and back I mean I seen it all kinds of ways and they all look cool I mean

is you just do it whatever is comfortable for you right right absolutely it's a perfect size too by the way it's 11 inches long eight and three-quarter inches high so it's not too big it's not a teeny tiny bag all beautiful leather comes with that wallet in the

front and for the next 15 minutes you can get it for 183 instead of 229 so it's a great way to get some savings use the Flex payment $36 and change it's on its way to you free shipping and handling on all patricia nash this is one of

those pieces you're gonna get so much use out of and you're really gonna love the black is the most limited we have 20 to go around but you do have the tan and also the map now we are coming up very quickly to midnight which means a new

day and a brand-new today's special and the beautiful Leslie is standing by with some great food