Peak Design Backpack 20L / 30L / Sling 10L Full Review【English subtitle underway】巅峰设计相机双单/肩背包评测

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​ in previours epsoide, some people asked me what kind of camera bag did you use.

It is Peak design Sling 10L.

today we take a close look at this brand In my case.

The camera spends 80% its life sleep in camera bag, 15% time has been carried on the shoulder, 4% in my hand and the rest 1% sit on the tripod.

when people using their camera frequently in those “carrying modes” Peak design understands the photographer's habits and designs backpack/strap and camera clips let's start with the backpack.

when I traveling, my camera is in my backpack most of the time.

I a bit fussy of my camera bag.

it has to be “looks pretty, with large compacity and nice fit” Peak design products looks nice.

As a brand start from The Kickstarter crowdfunding website .

its appearance has to be caught most people's eyes Most people first impression of the camera bag were BBU (Big Black Uglily) Peak design to make a camera bag that doesn't look like a BBU camera bag Today I'll go through some modes I have been used.

They are sling 10L,backpack 20L和back pack 30L There are so many PD products unboxing video, which contains detailed descriptions of the functions and user reviews.

I will not go into to much details here but I would like to talk about the impressions that I feel Pro and Cons Sling 10L, is the package I use most Because it is very comfortable on my shoulder, the size is suitable for a daily use.

It has a large capacity.

Can put a camera with 2 lenses, plus mobile wallet headset iPad such such If you open the expansion, you can easily fit in a bottle of water and carry some tripod in the same time.

Pull the strap to adjust the buckle, you can quickly swing the camera bag to the front to get your camera out.

Thanks manufacture thoughtfully designed with anti-theft locks and camera clip spot to ensure the safety and quick use of the camera when carrying, making it ideal for street shooting The only thing I found a bit of annoying me is that this strap will creeping in its use and i need readjust sometimes In particular, the bag is very firm so it can retain its shape whether it is full or empty.

Unlike other messenger bags, looks unpleasant when its empty The overall material is solid, waterproof material and waterproof zipper and metal buckle indicate it in decent production.

there are black, charcoal and ash gray color options When I was doing heavy work, I used a PD backpack.

​ BP 20L and 30L, the price difference of only 30 bucks.

The only difference is the capacity it looks significantly different in size i was so confusing to choose between two sizes.

​ but when I got them.

I feel okay while on peoples shoulder an even big person like Rock Johnson or slim girl 30 L could fit a laptop, DSLR with battery grip.

up to 70-200/2.

8 lens or other 3-4 lenses.

and also with tripod gimbal such such 20L slightly smaller.

it wouldn't fit your 70-200/2.

8 in horizontally.

but still quite big for most your gears.

even with a laptop and a small tripod Rule of thumb: Bigger is better.

I bought 30 L eventually.

I choose Charcoal color doesn't get dirty easily Same as Sling bag.

the material of bag pack is great.

it feels substantial, but so light on your shoulder The main reason is that its strap design is free to move, and the strap itself is flexible to ensure its comfort.

There is a dedicated spot for Peak design clip on the strap.

on the side of the backpack originally had a quick buckle that was designed to hold the key.

I used it as a hanging camera.

The backpack has a double-sided opening design.

I must say that the side opening design does not necessarily suit everyone.

It is suitable for travel photographers who frequently take cameras in and out If you are the kind of on-site “pull up everything” photographer, I think it's more suitable for you to have front opening camera bag Peak Design is the most convenient.

Both sides can take advantage of the camera, and the opening is very large when you open the side door.

even the working area for changing the lens is all there.

There are hidden accessories pockets, memory cards, filters, cleaning pens and other accessories that are easy to organize and pick up there is tree favorite design of PD backpack The first is that the internal can been completed reorganized This bag becomes a special photography package, you can also take out the partition into an ordinary travel backpack.

The second is the external four strap ties design.

Many large items that are temporarily needed Drone, Helmet, Jacket The third is the intimacy of small organizations everywhere.

For example, anti-theft zippers, such as passport bags hidden in bags, and charger pockets for computer Even it has specially designed three handles to pick up the backpack from the trunk.

that there are designs for photographers The only thing that made me feel a little bit regretted was the design of the flip-top lid The suspected design will block the face, slightly sturdy.

This flip-up cover is designed to expand the capacity.

The camera I bought can even be packed into the entire package it comes with Black, ash gray, Charcoal and camel gray There is also a special edition of Leica with a red dot, the same price as regular colors ash gray and charcoal color in 30L now we can talk about Peak design strap The length can be adjusted while on your shoulder Because the camera has to be at a reach in your hand when you doing street photography Keep strap shorter while walking to prevent camera bump around Shortened strap while shooting video and used as a stabilizer It has “quick adjust buckle” design which you can pull and release strap very quick these two buckles pull and loose, easy to adjusted I have a medium size strap to fit on my Sony A7 III body it comes with black and ash gray color You MUST take strap off while you put camera on gimbal or tripod Peak Design has “quick anchor” to solve this This quick-release design basically runs through the entire PD product line Hanging camera, hanging keys, hanging attachments.

Extremely convenient This quick-release anchor can hold up to 100KG weight.

Yes, not 10KG, it is 100KG 4th Version quick anchor just been released last week it can suit most most camera please go to Peak design website to find more information How to get v4 anchor to Sum up You need a good camera bag I used to be a Lowepro Fastpack loyal user Now I used Peak design sling 10L the most Backpack 30L for heavy duty jobs to carry laptop/ tripod such I hope that review can help you choose which package to use.

If you have any questions, please leave us a message in the comment thanks for watching, see you next time.