Printful All-Over Print Backpack | Review

Printful All-Over Print Backpack | Review Carrie What's up rare tribe, I'm back and better With another review video but this time with the printful backpack all over print backpack How beautiful it came out.

I love it I just wanted to make a review video on a backpack because I haven't found very many just like for The Weekender tote so I put my design on one of the printful products and I wanted to make a real video for you.

Ok, so I did go on the website and I did take a few of The features and details that I wanted to share with you just so you didn't have to go look for yourself It is all over print because that means that they do printing on every part of the backpack that Would be blink.

So if you were to look at the mock-up online on the printful website, it's just a blank blank White backpack, but I guess all over print Allows for you to literally put your design on every blank part where my design is all this is white online until you drop your design on top of it, obviously and if you look There's literally Print even in like the places that you think Rain wouldn't be present Which is cool because There's no awkward white blink spaces anywhere.

So that would be the all-over print Medium-sized backpack, that's what they said that says.

It's medium-sized to me I don't know if it's because I'm just teensy tiny I'm I'm like 5 1 so this just kind of makes me look like a first grader but That's okay.

I like big backpacks because I like to put lots of things and my big backpacks There is one good in her pocket And they open it just and I can see It's pretty big and wide open really like that lots of room in there for lots of stuff There is a laptop sleeve and It's supposed to fit a 15-inch laptop.

So that's pretty cool Because a lot of times it's difficult to carry a laptop in a backpack.

That doesn't have a laptop sleeve So, it's cool that you can customize one with a laptop sleeve So this would be the all-over print printful backpack with the laptops we do have a Front pocket the front pocket is pretty big as well.

If you look at it.

It's like this whole entire You know front area that opens up for the big inner pocket, which is pretty cool because most backpacks like this Have like a little tiny pocket in the front or whatever It's not really the entire surface area of the front of the backpack.

But this has a really big open front pocket Which is good.

Like I said, it is all over print.

So my design is also in Side of the pocket which is cool because it's it's consistent and it's still really pretty even when you open The pockets in the back.

I like that because I Don't know.

I just like it.

We do have a hidden pocket on the back I thought this was really cool because I've never seen this before For me personally I am a little bit concerned when walking around with a backpack like this with a front pocket and Things like that because people can easily just go in here and take things if they wanted to and you never notice.

So the back Pocket on here, which is on your back.

It's pretty spacious and big as well.

It can hold like your phone and your wallet It's nice.

It's nicely lined back here.

It's covered by the mesh And it's like a little secret pocket So I thought that was really cool because it's a little bit more security for the things that you don't necessarily Want people to easily grab out of your backpack? It is said to be water-resistant Which is another cool thing because I don't know about you guys, but I am spill prone.

I Make messes quite often So the fact that this is water-resistant or you know, just liquid resistant in general it's cool cuz it'll keep your stuff dry and It'll keep it safe from like rain, you know, if you live in a really rainy place, it's a really nice It looks like it's water resistant or honestly, if you looked really close at it.

It looks pretty water resistant So that was a cool feature It does have the padded mesh on the back for comfort.

A lot of backpacks don't really have this.

They're pretty uncomfortable especially if you have to carry Larger books and heavier hardier things so that was pretty cool.

So it won't hurt your back It won't make you uncomfortable.

I like that because I tend to carry a bunch of heavy textbooks for school and Technology for school too.

So That was pretty cool for me.

So now for the details on the bag itself, it is a hundred percent polyester It is 42 centimeters in height 31 centimeters in width and it is centimeters deep.

It's supposed to be able to hold four gallons Like I said this backpack to me.

Um, it's pretty big.

It's a good size It looks like it'll hold a lot of things but the capacity of it should be four times the first thing that I wanted to note was first of all the design The design came out Super Crisp and clean.

I really like the way that it was printed on here It doesn't look pixelated It doesn't look you know of lesser quality it honestly looks exactly like how I drew it on my iPad This deep red color came out exactly like how I wanted it even down to the lines In my design, I tend to draw very intricate little designs.

This one's not one of them You know not as intricate as others, but all the lines and the flowers came out super nice even for the smaller ones You can tell that you know It just transferred really well You don't lose any of your actual artwork or design quality by Moving it onto the backpack for them to print money that I really loved First and foremost that's what caught my eye because a lot of times that is a concern when using, you know, print-on-demand Sometimes the quality doesn't come out as good as you expect it to and then you end up disappointed But this was not disappointing at all.

This was actually great.

So thank you printful.

It was awesome The second thing that I wanted to note was the quality of the backpack itself aside from my design It's very sturdy it does not feel flimsy or you know, like it will tear apart easily or Like your things on the inside will poke through it does not feel like that at all.

It's actually very thick and material It's very, you know durable it seems like I said, it was water-resistant.

So it is pretty durable to water But it seems like it's durable to you know, wear and tear as well as far as the back like I said before they do provide this padded mesh for comfort I personally no of many backpacks other than you know, like they're really expensive Swiss Army and All the ones with the little pockets and like locks and stuff.

I don't know I've never seen a backpack very simple like this with a padded back for comfort.

They're usually Simple all around it does have adjustable straps Even the straps itself, you know, they kind of look Durable too looking at them they seem very Strong and sturdy.

So it looks like you can carry a lot of heavy things.

They're adjustable So the quality of this adjustable strap just seems really nice to me.

It's one of those thicker Nicer ones that you know, you don't really seem to have to worry about popping or breaking or anything like that So that was really cool I do like the amount of space and compartments that you have So the front pocket was really big like I showed you before I really like that.

I really like the laptop See that was cool.

I like the You know the actual size of the bag, I think it is on the inside And another thing that I really appreciated with the Princeville all-over print backpack is the fact that they do all over print It's not half as it's not half finished It's very good quality and it's actually your design carries over into all the little spaces that you even think it would it is Actually hand cut and sewn in-house by the people of printful so They do take the time to make sure that you know Your design does get into every inch of the backpack so that you're not missing anything.

There's no awkward white Spaces left over every little part of this box that's covered in design if you see right here And my flowers carry over even into the inside pocket.

There's you know My flower is my design is present in the inside market, which is pretty cool because there's no ugly Or inconsistent spaces left, you know funny designed I guess so you can say Everything just seems quality.

Even the zippers in here.

Nothing seems like it'll break.

Nothing seems like it won't last It's all really good quality stuff.

So I would even compare this to like a JanSport backpack Seems like it would last Long, so I really really like that one thing that I wanted to show you Was how well my design actually carried over onto The backpack because that would be obviously the most important thing when using print onto me so I'm gonna pull up my design and show you How well everything actually transferred over all right, so this is my actual design that I drew on my iPad This is on procreate.

I use my Apple pencil.

I use all these stuff and procreate.

These are the colors that I chose.

That's Just the canvas in which I actually drew the design on so If you look at my design on her create and read that my design on the backpack You can see that the colors are pretty consistent The dark red is a dark red that beige is still a beige All of the quality of my design like the little intricate details transferred over perfect on to the backpack.

So the print quality is Amazing or like that a lot and Nothing really is different, which is what I appreciate because a lot of times The colors tend to come out different especially if the print quality is, not that great but as you can see here printful did a great job at actually keeping the the authenticity of my design when transferring it over onto the all-over print printful backpack, which I really really liked so The only things that I would actually say are that The backpack does seem to be a little smaller when you're doing the mock-ups or comparing it to You know real life versus what you see online.

The backpack seems to be slightly smaller than this but I'm not disappointed and that I actually like bigger bags.

I'd like to carry a lot of things.

So I'm fine with it But it just seems a little bit smaller than you would think when you actually get it in the mail so that's one thing to keep in mind, but Other than that, I think printful did a great job It's a nice quality backpack.

It's like you can tell that it's sewn hand-sewn and you know a Lot of time and energy was obviously put into this because everything about it is pretty perfect and you know high quality.

So I Really appreciate that.

I like the fact that Principle does great playful backpacks.

I really like so That is about it, I don't really have anything else I thought I'd share with you guys I really wanted to see a parental backpack review So yeah, that's my opinion On the print pull all over print Backpack.

Oh Yeah, thank you for watching.

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Thank you Babe, babe.