Saddleback Leather Thin Front Pocket Backpack Review

hi this is life Johnson I'm associateeditor for macro and today I'm gonna be looking at the Saddleback Leather thinfront pocket backpack I'll be honest with you I've used the Saddleback bagfor years now you mainly use the messenger bag but you know we'recovering Macbook bags here at Macworld and because i've know how good thatmessenger bag is that i been i wanted to see what one of their real backpackslook like so I've been using this for about two weeks now and so this is thesubtle but thin front pocket backpack this is why they call it the the thefront pocket it's got a front pocket here it's got a side pocket here and itis the thin one they make a bigger one in this this costs four hundred andsixty-seven dollars no it's not what the thing is you probably never buy anotherbag again and they make another one that's bigger and it cost about ahundred dollars more but the thing is is okay so we're going to see one of thebiggest things here the bigger one actually has a sleeve for your macbookgenerally a Mac and Mac world when we talk about good laptop bags we don't youknow include those that don't have laptop sleeves but you'll see here thatI actually just included sleeve all the time even if I had a bag that I do it inso let's show you this is a full grain leather it's thick I mean they call thisSaddleback Leather company trust me as a former cowboy this is actual saddleleather you could use this stuff like I am from Texas and I used to work on aranch it's it gets a lot more malleable the more you use it and this is quicklyyou know a lot of stuff is super you know you're looking at careful – you cansee that it's already getting very comfortable and see this is the thingthere are no breakable parts on this it is I can break anything well you knowthere's no snaps there's no zippers it's the stuff that's just gonna getbreakdown yeah and so you know this is takesreally but you know the more you use this and I know from my own messengerbag this gets really quick to do it's almost time so this gives you an idea sohere's the main enclosure or Gomi so I've packed this with all my stuff thisis you know literally what I would have brought today so here we go we have myhoodie here so you got that that's a big bit of space right thereand got my Magic Mouse got another mouse Logitech mouse and I got the dongle onit because you know we're Mac users and got my Bose QuietComfort 35 headphonesand sunglasses and then we have the iPad nine point seven inch iPad and oh lookanother MacBook and then we have my lemming baby my 15-inch MacBook Pro andas you can see I keep this on a sleeve so it doesn't get scratched up and thenget it but the thing is the only thing that you really have to worry about as Isay in my written review is you know nothing is really going to affect thisfrom the outside unless you know you fall into a river or you know someonetakes a sledgehammer to it I mean if this is some really tough stuff and youknow as you can see here that if they're easy even like this little band herethat you can use to tighten it up and so as it's leather it's all leather and andso on the back here you have these adjustable straps see even that it'seven connected to down here with buckles now the interesting thing is I thoughtthis would be super uncomfortable but it's it's a it's a it's an it shows youhow well this thing is designed that it's actually really comfortable whenit's heavy they put these in the exact right spots and you know these areoptional they come with it I mean they will come with it oh yes I canand so yeah well that'll give you a night while we're talking here I can putall this stuff back in here and give you an idea of what it looks like this is Iknow from experience with my other bag it's pretty darn waterproof and once youis so water proof that you know I was reading some people talking about howyou you know I love this bag man but I wouldn't take it on Safari or somethingcuz he was talking about actually wading through rivers and stuff with it and hesays you know it's so water proof that it needs holes in it to drain the waterout because it's nice literally going through the rivers and stuff I wouldn'trecommend doing no and that's what I say my review out like I said this you knowyou can take care of this as you but I haven't done anything to thatother bag in years and this this is that good quality of leather as I say there'ssome there's something you sometimes hear leather products and you have touse put it you know put oil on it everything basically it becomes anotherpet it requires so much love and attention this is not one of those bagsyou could but there's no need to do it and you can basically to go it's thatthat good of weather and another important point see back here they alsohave a little quick stuff it that's actually how I have my umbrella stuffedin here it's actually in the back one so don't forget what I got in here don'tactually have anything in here but there's a deck of cards on the otherside sometimes put my magic mouse in there so yeah I could do that right nowand yeah they fit in there even with the umbrella in there so this is it and itis for pant now the you know I was already talking about how I love theengineering of this bag with the stress you know how it doesn't feel heavy it isfour pounds empty and of course they get super heavy the more that you you do iti think i mess something up here but it's with my packing but that's fine butbut yeah you know it's significantly more heavier than more you put into itbut the nice thing is is this thing once you put it on look at it you don't feelit I mean it doesn't feel as heavy as it should feel it's actually prettycomfortable if you know I go around San Francisco all the time I live up on thehills here I take this hiking I take this commuting and it's alwayscomfortable that's guess it can you can actually just take my off yes and I usedthat because that's what's comfortable for me and that's the nice thing as youcan slide it up and down and so technically you don't even have to putthem on usually when I see the product photos they actually don't have them onbut I keep them on and they gives you an idea of remember how saying that theleather is very malleable and stuff it's it's only took a couple of days for thisto feel good oh it smells wonderful and matter offact they sent me this is the chestnut when it comes to four different colorsand also has a pigskin lining I should say it's you know outside of cowhide butsince the interiors his pics again but the tobacco color one I don't know whatit is I also have a folio backpack I mean excuse melaptop bag briefcase that I will also be talking about and that tobacco onesmells so nice I don't know what it is about that leather but this one smellswonderful too and you know have heard people talking about that they look allweird because they're sitting there sniffing the thing all the time yes itdoes smell absolutely wonderful and but the tobacco colored one smells better soyes this one cost four hundred and sixty-seven on saddleback calm I believeit's that same amount on Amazon the I don't know off the top of my head withthe price of the big you know the normal one is it's put about a hundred dollarsmore again though you know this this is a lifetime bag and I can yes it actuallyhas a 100 year warranty that's how interested they are in these I meanthat's how confident they are in these bags and having years one and put itthrough hell honestly it's yeah it lives into that and in a part and a lot of bigpart of that it's not only the quality of the leather but the buckles andeverything you know there's nothing that easily breaks like a zipper and stuffand the big negative is like that I started out with was you know that thereis no dedicated sleeve to this thing you know if you there is one in the biggerone I want to emphasize that you know there is actually one of the bigger oneand I can put you know 15 inches as big as MacBooks ago to these days and soeverything you saw how much I had in there you know everything fits fine andhere even with the sleeve but but yeah there is no dedicated sleeve in thereand you saw I just carry my regular MacBook without which I which I use forquick on-the-go writing but I just carry it without a sleeve it's pretty toughthat's the nice thing about Apple stuff it's pretty tough anyway but if you'reworried about something it's scratched you know that that is something cuz theyconsider you are going to want a leave and of course they make leathersleeves for this stuff but it's but I I'm most I think interested in thecomfort of this and you know that there's a there's another bits you knowit's the buckles do slow you down a little bit even wonder the most shoes soyou know if you're wanting something where you could just slip around grabyour wallet or something it's gonna take a little bit more time to do that everytime so there's that so the lack of the sleeve those you know that slow down ofcourse the cost but again you know you're this is a big investment it'slike I offered like I say in the written review it's kind of like an Appleproduct it's a combination of substance and styleso yes it's 4.

5 out of 5 and yeah it is editor's choice and the main thingthat's keeping it you know is that lack of a sleeve and like I said normally onour backpack roundup we actually require that there be a sleeve in there but inthis case I you know where I went without it because I love this bag andyou know it would be great so once again if you want a little bit more detailedinformation I think I've said all of it here actually uh check out our writtenreview on macro calm and we'll see you in the future for more bag reviews.