Sharif Couture Metallic Stardust Leather Backpack

we've and we we are having fun now so this was safe for our show tonight as well our final show with Sharif for this visit and this is the neatest most like modern-day leather backpack and I cannot even begin to describe the kind of metallic leather that you

have used I know Sharif can describe it very well but take a look quickly at your oh these colors are amazing no because your bronze we have black we have Navy saved and by the way to this visit only price that you can save in fact juice is

a wow this is a hundred dollars off almost a hundred dollars off for this visit I mean this is lady really thatthat just like Donna and I I have to really mention it is this just reminds me of things that you know the sound Ron have done many

years ago out of thousands of dollars you know John jovani Versace have done I mean this is so incredible the simplicity I mean take a look at the leather that we have used this looks like a gemstone you know what I want to share this with you halle

exactly now dare look at this ladies I just want you to really see this and see the sparkles see the print penetration of drum die the most incredible italian leather it can destroy it it doesn't matter what you do was it you see what i'm doing here it

doesn't matter what you do you let it go guess what it is even prettier scored I mean you can really of course you know you can have a jacket i wish i can mention there is one designer have a jacket like this and I'm serious it's seven a

thousand and thousand it started with steed I mean incredible you can make a beautiful jacket out of this this is now the function it is socialist think about it just take a look at this here here you have it look how incredibly she now dey look this I

mean I'm such a fan of the back piece in the typically really their sport a year they're just really casual and rustic this is like classy oh this is the girls all I know wings it just Dale in every lifestyle I mean I can I mean lady it's

such a mofo touching you so just a look really the positions where it a compliment it doesn't stand out and I want you to get me if you can at thi thi chut to see this lock how incredible piece of you see that what's happened you see it's

incredible piece of jewelry and you open it up it is so beautiful now let's have fun you know take a look I love this feeling now she is so casual I mean just come full confident and the bag just fits in the right place this is a statement

now if we go here and I love the fact that all right now just to have it over the rest right here and take a look at the shape all the feminine a touch of suede yes I was in your casa just a touch of treated sweet but

in the meantime it take a look at all these feminine ruching and the fringe trapunto right around and the piece of jewellery it looks absolutely is stunning lady seriously now not even two thousand dollars in the real world and my beautiful models completely agree with me well it

was not a goodness it looks adorable on I love the structure so you take it off you can still set it on the ground and it's got you know its own life if you will we don't have a lot of these left and I tell you what save

for the show thank goodness because this is disappearing a lot quicker than than most it's a really think about if you've got a daughter at school if you if you yourself carry a lot to and from work and you putting that weight on your back and balancing out

between your shoulders also frees up your hands do other things but I love the design it's modern it's edgy it's a hundred dollars off position one hundred dollars off brand new I kidding right I really can't believe this process it is beyond incredible check my monitor honestly it

is super super cool so this is where you will carry it if you're not using it as a backpack and again with that wonderful structure lot of design 13 and a half inches in length it by the way holds a lot i wanted to point this out it'll

open up nicely decide how they're you have a strap done and lady don't look at it as a backpack this is everything you can just use it as your regular bag yeah I can use it as one shoulder bag and it's right here very comfortable our model did

you know it's not just a backpack take a look at this it's it stays because the handle is so wide very calm really really really really cool love it good job sorry thank you for your order