Sharif Couture Metallic Stardust Leather Backpack

packs are great and they're terrific for a woman at any stage in her life who wants to be hands-free so whether you are shopping with the kids or at a theme park whether you're going to the farmers market on the weekend they're hip they're sporty but they're an

important part of our handbags collection oh my god and and and how just you know I really wanted to see how incredibly chic this is I mean if you can find a bag like this or even simple just a myth you know the letter that we have used

you know the corridor the metal corner for eight nine hundred dollars seriously lady return our bag this is how i can say that you number one you will not see it just a look at the error distance letter that you use this is like incredible italian leather you

will see it where where will you see it you will see it in a bag that it is in the thousands of dollars you will see a wonderful designer and outerwear designer start with v and has some jacket over three and four thousand dollars and they look magnificent

this is the same leather I just want you to see it so it is absolutely incredible we complemented with touch of treated suede right on the side its treated and then again take a look at the size of the corner that you have right here both side back

in front now of course now I also want you to see something that no one absolutely no one know where it's been used I want you to see the luck that we have used right here what an incredible piece of jewelry and you know what lady take a

look at this it's magnetic you see the pressure its hold that's that's how it works then when you open your bag you see there is a protection a center tab right here for protection you go like this and you have your bag inside and by the way it's

really huge bag in the inside without looking big and outside absolutely fantastic so you can choose it in the Navy the bronze it is a big thing it's so beautiful look at that bronze color and then we also have it in the fabulous black this backpack would retail

for four hundred dollars I mean this is as high end as it gets I think it I think this is just my own personal thoughts I think it's very difficult for any woman to appreciate how high in this bag is your hardware has a beautiful waiting rich elegant

feel I mean enjoy I mean because you can't be here to feel it you see all that silver hardware it's I'm telling you go into any designer store in the world and this is as elegant and as rich and as expensive no matter how particular you are get

it at home we give you a 30 day money-back guarantee you are receiving fifty five percent off of this backpack look at that I want you to i'm going to walk over to the model I just me see everything will have a different mood but it's just like

a magnet lady would be this is just so fantastic now if we talk here is Nikita take a look at the the backpack I just want you to see you here you can see her her hand is completely free but I really wanted to see how it's fitting

into her curve and how its molding basically into her a curve do you look at the arid essence leather and it's just like hugging f of course you know the to strap right here it's also adjustable you can adjust them to your body to your own curve now

i'm going to go over to Jamie love that ways take a look at this so it's so casual and comfortable in the meantime just like one string shoulder lens I mean she is so comfortable but I love the fact that the bag is really hugging her side it's

become part of her it is not out of the body it is so she this is a truly high high-end then let's go to Natalie you know and just you know she's very European very chic handheld and I want you to see how it really looks I mean

in terms of size I'd love that the proportion and by the way the bag also right here lady and have to snap right here to extend to give you more room or you snap it this is just like have everything that woman would wish for so it is

absolutely fantastic sure we might want to do this if I may want to give everyone the measurements it does have an adjustable it the size of this by the way is 13 and a half inches long by six and a quarter inches wide by 16 inches high with

a 4 inch handle and then it has an adjustable strap of 35 inches ladies and trust me on this this is pretty spectacular it is what I envision backpacks I am visual and usually a more athletic a more casual backpack this is the antithesis of that it is

so high and so beautiful yet at the same time being fabulously sporting so if you would love to have it it's an incredible incredible choice I mean get it at home just to examine it