The Coolest Backpacks for School

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Alright so this video is a little bit late.

I meant to do this when school was starting and I completely forgot about it.

But withoutany further ado, today I'm gonna go over some of the best backpacks that you canbe rocking to be cool , stylish and functional this school year.

Let's getinto it.

Number one, one of my favorite styles, the leather backpack.

A full graingenuine leather backpack has to be one of my favorite options of school bagsfor guys.

Not only is it the most dapper option but if you get a quality leatherone, you can expect it to last few years and the more you wear it the better itlooks.

The ones that I own is from a company called Mahi leather.

I've showedthem to you guys before and I think it's the perfect option for young guys, because of their insanely affordable prices when it comes to any type ofleather good.

For example, for you to buy a quality full grain leather backpack atany other major store you could be paying 300 to 400 buckseasily.

Mahi leather, you'll pay 1/3 or 1/4 of that price.

The cool part is thateverything at Mahi leather is made to order.

So from the day you place yourorder they start hand making your leather bag, without any delay.

Sost oftheir bags take only one day to produce and they'll be at your door within aweek.

And the cool part is that you can also get it customized to you.

I actuallyhave initials in my own personal backpack back when I was going tocollege with it.

Definitely go ahead and check them out if you're in school andcheck out their whole backpack range.

And since they are a sponsor I have adiscount code link down below as well just for you guys.

The great part is thatfor every bag you buy a $1.

50 goes to help people get clean drinking water.

So that's always a huge positive and a win-win situation.

The second backpack option is what I call the casual style backpack.

Now ifyou want something more casual and style oriented that look good with almostevery young guy outfit, I recommend you guys check out June House Bags.

This is agreat stylish bag, I've showed it to you guys before that it's a great option foryoung guys that delivers the perfect balance of style and functionality.

Notonly do you get tons of space inside but you also get padded shoulder sleeves anda padded air mesh bag that ventilates air and makes it very comfortable foryou to carry that bag all day.

It is waterproof and as you can see when itcomes to style, it's pretty awesome.

The next style wehave is the more modern style backpack.

These tend to be way moreminimal and have a clean aesthetic to their style.

What they lack infunctionality they usually make up in looks and design.

This one is from Venque.

We did review on our GentsTech channel, which by the way youshould definitely check out.

It's a Toronto based company producing a large range of modern and stylish backpacks for young guys.

I think of these more ofa street wear street style type of backpack, so if that's your type ofaesthetic definitely check this range out.

And finally, the fourth backpackrecommendation is some sort of tech inspired backpack.

This is for the guythat wants more function and couldn't care too much about style.

Thisparticular one we also reviewed on our second channel, it is from a companycalled Luxor.

And you can get it for a very reasonably low price on Amazon, probably the cheapest one on the list.

What I do like about this tech pack isthat it does have an overall clean design, it doesn't look overly bulky ornerdy, it's made from an anti scratch anti tear and waterproof fabric.

It hasthat same comfortable air mesh padding system, so you can comfortably carry yourbooks all day.

Plenty of storage space.

And by far the coolest feature is thatit has an inside cable that you can hook up your external battery pack to easilycharge your phone and gadgets throughout the day without the hassle of lookingfor cables or outlets to plug into.

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