Topo Designs Daypack Review | 20L Heritage Style Backpack Made In The USA

in this video we're gonna be taking a look at the topo designs daypack i'm tom the founder of packer and we do travel gear reviews like this all the time as well as other pack reviews and so if you're new here consider subscribing let's jump right into the

topo designs day pack a nice little day pack to put inside of a larger travel bag for you so when you get to your destination or just riding around the city with let's jump in [Music] [Applause] Topo generally creates an outdoorsy aesthetic for a lot of their packs

partly for the functionality and partly for the heritage look it's a similar look to a Herschel bag but you're gonna find a lot better materials going on with this pack the exterior is a thousand D Cordura which is pretty much a standard when it comes to durable nylon

this pack in particular we have a leather lash tab at the top here and then this leather portion at the bottom here but there's a ton of different styles and looks to this bag some with leather some without and a ton of color options opposite of that patch

we've got a topo designs logo here which is small and tasteful just enough to know that you have a topo pack without screaming it and jumping ahead a bit the interior is going to be a pack cloth in this version we have this nice fluorescent liner here which

is gonna be great to see a lot of your black gear on the inside or a darker colored gear especially in lower light and a wrap up the exterior there's a seriously massive YKK zipper in here it's an exposed coil number five YKK zipper seriously a massive zipper

for this little pack and to note topo produces this pack in the United States [Applause] starting with that leather lash tab in the upper right hand corner of the front side of the pack this is also called a pig snout depending on which circle that you run in

so you can call it pig snout some people might know you're talking about others may not but there's actually some really great function of this thing so it's basically a loop here reinforced with the stitching all around so I've seen people hanging like shoes off of these things

just generally a place to hang things from your pack but I would say that topo includes this specifically for aesthetic reasons as well as functional reasons definitely gives that heritage look to the pack overall there are two water bottle pockets on the side made of that thousand deep

Cordura and then you have that high vis interior here now the one thing with these water bottle pockets that I think could maybe be improved upon a little bit is that they're not super stretchy there's really relatively no stretch at all so you're gonna be kind of restricted

to certain size water bottle pockets but these are on both sides of the pack so if you have two smaller water bottles or maybe an umbrella something else that you want to put in here that's a little bit longer in shape definitely gonna have some luck not in

just note this pack is not super stretchy when it comes to the water bottle pockets we also have 6 nylon loops going on here perfect for holding on to as a zipper pole adds to the overall aesthetic of that heritage look and has some great function as well

for hanging like carabiners off of or you know anything that you need to do on the exterior of your pack and lastly you've got this nylon loop right here we're not exactly sure what this is for it's about the same size as this loop at the top that

you can use to either hang the pack on a branch or a hook inside of your house apartment air B&B whatever we're not exactly sure what this is for so if you know what it is let us know in the comments we asked taupe about 2 or 3

other things with this pack and they were super patient with us and answering all of our questions so we decided not to email them yet again to ask about this so let us know in the comments to be no that's for moving on to the harness system pretty

decent for a pack of this size you have these nicely padded mesh blind straps going on here 2d rings here to hang off any additional accessories and now it's important to note that that mesh does not exist on the back panel of this pack so that's maybe one

option for improvement with this thing maybe there's a little bit of mesh back panel in here to add some additional kind of ventilation for you when you're carrying this thing around other than that pretty solid harness system for a pack of this size all right moving on to

the inside of the pack we're gonna start with this slash pocket near the top there's ample room in this thing the interior has this high visibility liner as well it goes all the way down to the bottom of the pack here and you have some space on the

top so with this opening it's a little bit hard to pack and organize things in here it's just gonna be better to like toss items in here typically Flattr will work better in this pocket although there is some ability to have this stretch out a little bit more

most bulkier items you're gonna want to put into that main compartment jumping into the horseshoe opening of this pack you're gonna be greeted by this high visibility pack cloth interior here you've got room for about a 15-inch laptop here most of the few inch laptops will fit in

here there's ample space and some decent flexibility here and then you've got this nice organizational system here that provides just enough organization without getting bulky or in the way you've got a small YKK zip right here that's gonna be a zippered compartment going to the bottom of this

blue area right here and then you've got a small pocket on the side here a little bit wider than the size of a credit card you've got a pocket here for like a pen or a pencil or a stylus anything that you're carrying with you then the remainder

of the space is another divider right here so this is a nice little unit lays flat if you don't want to use it but you do have options for additional organization within this pack should you choose to utilize them at the time of this review we've been testing

the topo designs daypack for about two months on and off around Detroit although we haven't taken it on a trip yet we usually try to take all our packs at least on one trip we can say that we're confident in the durability based on the materials that topo

uses and an argue so far it's held up very well plus in practice we've found that organization system to be just right when taking this thing around the town with regular everyday items all right so to wrap this thing up with some pros and cons at high visibility

florescent liner is really helpful for seeing gear inside the pack the organizational features in the pack are just right and they don't get in the way should you not want to use them and lastly there are very durable materials used on this pack from the YKK zippers to

the thousand e corduroy to the pack cloth with that USA craftsmanship everything comes together to create a really nice experience in a day pack on to some of the cons the water bottle pockets are a little bit rigid there's no mesh back panel and lastly the slash pocket

can be a little bit hard to utilize depending on what you put inside [Music] overall the topo designs day pack is a great little pack that's good for buzzing around the city or laying flat and a larger travel bag for use when you get to your destination the

organization is just right and well-thought-out plus the high visibility liner is a huge plus it's a great durable choice for a pack even with our coupled knit picks thanks for taking a look at our review on the topo designs day pack be sure to head over to Packer

comm slash newsletter sign up for that newsletter and never miss an update we'll see you in the next video topo generally topo generally nice nylon interiors pack cloth that's a bold claim bold claim bold claim alert [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]