Tortuga Setout Laptop Backpack Review | Tech Focused 25L Pack For Carry On Travel

the set out laptop backpack is quite similar to the Tortuga set out divide with a couple of key differences cater towards carrying around tech gear and other daily carry items while you're on the road i'm tom the founder of pack hacker and we love helping people optimize their

travel experience with guides and reviews just like this one so if you're new to the channel consider subscribing let's jump right in to the Tortuga set out laptop backpack the main fabric on this pack is 900 d heathered polyester and it covers the entirety of the exterior of

the pack the heather gray material is beneficial because it's harder for dirt and little abrasions to show up we've had great luck with the original Tortuga set out as well as the Tortuga set out divide in our testing of over about a total of four months with both

of those bags previously we tested the home base line and we did not have quite as much luck with it it's made of a kind of sail cloth material a little too crinkly and it got abrasions on it quite easily so we're a little bit more excited about

the overall design aesthetic and material choice that we've seen with the set outline across the board they're finding some pretty good product market fit and in 2019 Tortuga plans to play the hits and bring us more of these set out series in the different colorways and different design

options we think the heather gray colorway looks pretty sharp and these smaller form factor of the Tortuga set out laptop backpack especially when compared to the 45 litre Tortuga set out everything just looks a little bit cleaner and tighter it doesn't look so much like a turtle shell

on your back like the brand would imply as far as branding goes you can find the little Tortuga shell across the entirety of the pack on the zipper pulls on the areas where there's a logo even on the velcro and these shoulder straps there are a lot of

logos on this thing however they are tastefully done of course we love getting your thoughts as well so we pulled our Instagram audience over at pack hacker and here are the results on whether or not people like to look at this bag to wrap up the materials these

zippers are pretty strong they're number eight racket coil YKK zippers and most of them are lockable plus dura flex has been chosen for the plastic hardware across the entirety of the pack another great and durable choice lastly tortuga uses injection molded foam on their Hana system to make

it super comfortable why you carry as well as on the back frame sheet to give you some added ventilation which we're gonna get into in the next section for the external components let's kick it off at the best place to start the harness system overall the harness system

is very similar to what we've seen with a lot of other tortuga set out products in the line the main difference with the laptop backpack compared to other larger bags is there's no place to attach a hip belt which is totally fine for a pack of this size

the overall in the harness system is that it's just solid it's comfortable and it's well designed it should be now that tortuga has had a couple of different iterations in their product to figure out what works across the board the shoulder straps use an injection molded foam and

it's a little bit thicker towards the top of the straps and then it fins out as you go down a little bit further this keeps the straps comfortable plus arguably less material is used where it's not needed for additional padding there's also additional mesh and holes in the

straps for added breathability and comfort on those straps we also have a properly anchored sternum strap and that is removable if you don't want to use it however it is there if you want the option we found that a sternum strap works pretty well especially if your bag

is packed with heavy tech gear or things that you're gonna be taking around with you during the day and you're gonna have this bag on for quite a long time so a sternum strap is good in those cases if you're just throwing this thing on and hiking to

the coffee shop you may not necessarily need it and of course these shoulder straps are more adjustable with the Douro flex hardware as well as they're being elastic keepers on those straps to hold the straps in place a little bit better the back panel offers some really great

breathability due to its design so it has high-density foam and on top of that some breathable mesh and overall this is one of the backpacks with the most airflow in its class towards the top we have a sewn loop for hanging and we like that it's sewn because

it offers a little bit of a flatter area to hang the bag up on plus it's more robust to wrap up the harness system everything here is hyda bull if you unclip it and then stuff it into the strap hider area this is a nice little feature when

you don't want straps flying around everywhere Plus this is the same compartment that's used for the luggage pass through the luggage pass-through is an ample size and you can fit most handles through it however just note that the straps might be in there and you might be kind

of fishing it through there so it's it's own dedicated area you still do have to weave it around those straps that may be in the way one thing that you want to make sure of is when you put these straps back on and you clip them back in

make sure that clip opening is facing the outside of the bag in our testing with the larger set out we found that these clips could come out without warning as you were picking the bag up if the clips were on the other side to wrap this up there

are two grab handles on this pack one on the top and one on the side and these are pretty padded definitely comfortable to use or you believe they don't need to be this thick and padded and do add a tiny bit of extra bulk however they are comfortable

to grab even though I pack of this size doesn't necessarily require that much padding opposite the side of the handle there is a really great water bottle compartment that lays flat when not in use and when you do want to employ it and use it you just unzip

and you have some nice stretchy mesh it's not gonna fit your massive Nalgene bottle inside of it but it is going to be large enough for those bigger water bottles moving on to the inside of the pack starting with the quick wrap pocket on the front wheel of

the Tortuga has included this here it's perfect for quickly stashing things away like your phone or snacks just really anything that you want to have quick access to and you can stow away quickly opening up the front horseshoe panel we are greeted with a great organizational area there's

only one problem here it is too low for the horseshoe opening so we wish that the horseshoe opening was a little bit deeper or the organization panel was a little bit higher up so you could have better access to it you can even see in Tortugas profile video

that is a little bit out of the way and hard to see and the person packing the bag seems to be having trouble getting the pen in as well also the photos on the tortuga site show somewhat extreme angles just to show what's going on inside of here

we definitely think there could be a little bit more room for you to organize this area a little bit more effectively we're curious as to why Tortuga has not updated this yet we've seen this on a lot of their previous packs as well where this front divider pocket

is just a little bit hard to access the organizational features that they've designed in here speaking of those features they are really great and really well thought it is just enough organization for the traveler and it's not too much and it does lay flat so if you don't

want to use any of it that is completely fine starting at the bottom we have a stretchy black pocket for a battery bank or small hard drive then we have for credit card with pockets of varying heights stacked on top of one another then there's one deeper liner

pocket next to three pen pencil and stylus pockets above that is a larger slightly padded partition for flatter items such as a notebook or any other documents that you want to carry around with you then there's another zippered quick wrap pocket that we've seen that's similar to the

exterior quick grab pocket in dimensions plus there's a metal clip the same one that's used to attach these straps to the bag on the harness system that can be used for flashlights keys or any other keychain like items this organizational system is awesome we just wish it was

a little bit more accessible kicking it off with these somewhat padded laptop sleeve this is good for holding laptops of 15 inches our MacBook Pro 15 inch fits in there really well plus there's a false bottom in the laptop compartment as well which means that when you put

your laptop inside of the compartment it doesn't go all the way down to the bottom of the bag so it's protected from unexpected drops or from you setting it down a little bit too hard in front of that there is a separate partition for a tablet or an

e-reader and then both of those compartments are closable via a velcro strap and of course there is a little tortuga logo on the velcro strap opposite of that there is a mesh pocket which is great for holding cables chargers and other bits of tech gear that are otherwise

hard to manage you can kind of just shove everything in there and have it nicely ready to go when you pull out your laptop this is a new pocket for these set out series we haven't seen this featured on either these set out or these set out divided

and it's a welcomed update to a laptop specific and more work specific backpack typically we like to use separate pouches for all our dongles and cables so we'd probably just load one of those up put that in this pocket for easy access but the mesh compartment is also

just great for storing wires in there as well if you don't want to have any additional pouches now moving on to the main event main clam shell opening that pretty much opens up to a giant bucket inside there's a bunch of polyester rip stop nylon which is great

once you start getting a small rip those little grid lines prevent it from getting larger the large compartment design is great for travel especially if you're going to be using packing cubes this large wide open clamshell style is a bit different to see on a bag that boasts

laptop and work functionality other bags we've seen in this category open up in a horseshoe fashion and these zipper is down the middle versus position towards the top flap there was also one other negative to this it's a little bit hard to tell which zipper is which on

first glance when comparing the front horseshoe panel to the main clamshell opening of the bag those zippers are very close to one another this is a very small nitpick but that is why our channel exists to look into all the details and bringing them up to you the

viewers so that you can make an informed decision on what you want to grab overall this is a travel bag though and we understand why Tortuga maybe want with this larger opening the top flap features two equally divided mesh pockets and have a little bit of dimension normally

you'd recommend packing underwear and socks in here to keep them separate from the rest of your clothing any flatter item will do here though and they are useful pockets to have but just kind of blend into the background if you don't want to use them at the time

of this review we've been testing me Tortuga set out laptop backpack for about two weeks we've tested the original Tortuga set out for three months and he set out divided for a total of one month since the materials are so similar between all these bags it'll likely follow

a similar trajectory in the durability and usage testing that we've done so far really there hasn't been any durability issues yet except for some small aesthetic blemishes on the 900 D polyester if you compare that to the sailcloth fabric of the Tortuga home base this is definitely a

massive step up and Tortuga is really finding their stride one thing to mention though is that if you plan on picking this backpack up we would strongly suggest that you consider the Tortuga set out divide as well the divide has everything the laptop backpack has and more besides

that mesh pocket that's in the back near where the laptop goes be sure to go check out our full review of the set out divide if you're curious about learning more now to wrap this thing up with some pros and cons starting with the pros the harness system

is solid and breathable the simple and thoughtful design that's been iterated on based on Tortugas previous versions works really well in most areas the water bottle pocket lays flat when not in use and is expandable for larger bottles when you want to use it onto some of the

cons that organizer panel is great but it's not visible enough to use easily either of the shoulder straps can fall off unpredictably on occasion if you put the clips on backwards when you're kind of picking up the pack and setting it down the large clamshell style isn't ideal

for a laptop backpack but we understand why they made those design decisions to make it a little bit more travel friendly the set out laptop backpack is a great addition to the set outline although we feel strongly about grabbing these set-out divide compared to this laptop backpack it

is a solid pack if you want something a little bit smaller and you don't need the versatility although the front organization panel needs some work on the positioning and the strap attachment isn't ideal this is a solid pack that fits its use case quite well thanks for checking

out this video we'll see you in the next one