What Happened To Backpack Kid After The Floss Went Viral

Backpack Kid's signature dance move, “TheFloss, ” was all the rage in 2018, but its time on the dance floor is vanishing fasterthan you can dab.

So what's a kid supposed to do? Russell Horning is out to prove that he canturn fleeting internet fame into a full-fledged Hollywood career.

“I was like, you know what, this backpacklooks kind of cool, I'm gonna wear it on Saturday Night Live, and then I became the backpackkid.

” Introducing SwagPack Kid Horning and him team know that his dancingshoes can only get him so far, which is why he's wisely rebranded himself as an aspiringrapper.

So does the social media star have mic skills? His first single, “Drip on Boat, ” off hisdebut EP, SwagPack Kid, was surprisingly well-received by online music critics.

The Music Hype said, “Naturally, on the pop-rapped verses, Horningbrags about how awesome he is, much like most rappers.

Give him credit though.

He does it sans profanity and tasteless, objectifyingreferences to girls.

” Horning talked to Rolling Loud about his firstsingle, saying, “The inspiration behind it was being introducedto the hip-hop world and how much I loved it.

And how I needed to be in it.

” Hollywood Backpack The dancing phenomenon told the Daily Mailthat he wants to add movie star to his bio, declaring, “I wanna see myself on the big screen a thousandtimes.

People think that this is all I do, the Flossdance, but I have way more talents than that, people just don't know about them yet.

” The Backpack Kid has done commercials, musicvideos, and played himself on television, but he hasn't done any actual acting to date.

He does, however, have a built-in audienceof more than 2 million Instagram followers who enjoy his comedic content.

Horning is also getting his schmooze on.

He was spotted hanging with celebs at theESPY awards and the 2019 Sundance Film Festival, and he knows that to make the big leap intomovies, he'll eventually need to head west.

He told the Daily Mail, “I want to live in Los Angeles.

A lot of people have invited me to their cribsto make videos and I'm just looking forward to living that [celebrity] lifestyle.

” Giving back Russell Horning celebrated his 17th birthdayby dropping his debut album SwagPack Kid.

The December 19th, 2018 midnight release ofthe four-song EP was a surprise gift to his fans.

While some rap purists might deem the SwagPackKid EP as pure clickbait, Horning told All Hip Hop that he put a lot of TLC into theproject, saying, “Over a year for four songs.

We were planning five or six, but it endedup just being four.

Cause quality over quantity, for sure.

” Although Horning lives the fast-paced lifeof a viral sensation, he still finds time for his community, especially kids.

Backpack Kid has visited numerous underprivilegedschools across the nation to spread positivity, hand out gifts, and dole out “flossing” lessons.

Inside Edition caught up with him an elementaryschool in Brooklyn, where he gifted 400 students with new school supplies, which included backpacks, of course.

Not a Katy fan Katy Perry might have introduced the worldto Backpack Kid in her memorable 2017 Saturday Night Live performance, but he's not a hugefan of the “Swish Swish” singer.

When asked by Hollywood Life if he would collaboratewith the pop star now that he's a rapper, he confessed, “I'm more into hip hop.

She's more of a pop singer.

It wouldn't make a lot of sense.

” We're sure Perry isn't losing any sleep overthat passive-aggressive diss, but who would the aspiring hip hop star want to make musicwith? According to Hollywood Life, it's anotherGeorgia teenage sensation.

He explained, “My overall goal is to make music with LilYachty.




] I am a very happy person so listeningto [his] happy music made me realize how happy I really am and how much I loved hip hop.

So ever since then I always wanted to makehappy music.

” Backpack lawsuit Backpack Kid was one of four celebs who suedEpic Games for copping their signature dance moves in the smash hit video game Fortnite.

“I did that dance a couple years ago, it startedblowing up on the internet, and then season three of Fortnite it went into the game.

” According to The Hollywood Reporter, the disgruntledfoursome voluntarily dismissed their suits against Epic Games in March 2019, but thismay not be the last dance.

The high-profile lawsuit against Epic Gameshas, ironically, prompted some to question if he was even the originator of the viraldance move.

Australian radio station 96.

1 FM did someonline investigating and uncovered YouTube footage of a member of a Mormon dance groupbusting out what appears to be “The Floss.

” And get this that video is dated 2012! According to Variety, Horning's law firm droppedits case after the Supreme Court ruled that the plaintiffs must have their work registeredwith the U.


Copyright Office before suing for copyright infringement.

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