Y-3 Shoes and Backpack | Pick-up

I guys today we're gonna talk about y-3I recently purchased three products from y-3 so the black kusari sneaker theadizero sneaker and the y-3 running backpack so let's get right into it so alittle bit about the history of y-3 actually y-3 is a collaboration betweenYohji Yamamoto a famous designer from Japan and adidas basically the idea wasthat Yohji was a little bit bummed out thatshe wasn't seeing his products in the street he was a very famous andacclaimed designer at that point in time but he was not seeing people regularpeople wearing his products and that was sad for him so what he decided to do ishe decided to reach out to famous brands such as Nike Adidas and he basicallypitched to do a collaboration with them and it became a famous and thrivingcollaboration a cool thing about y-3 is that you can keep your avant-gardeaesthetic from you Yohji Yamamoto and also keep the technical and kind of casuallook of an Adidas sneaker I personally have a strong preference for thesneakers because to me the clothing are a little bit too tech and sporty whereasthe shoes I feel like our rates for every day so first off let's give youda0 sneakers alright so the white free sneaker always come in the same box it'sa black box with a y-3 in orange with Adidas and Yohji Yamamoto written rightunderneath and it's a very simple box nothing too exciting about it it alsocomes with a black tote bag and some tissue papers and extra laces to me thisis a really cool one it has a mesh upper with some interesting stitching allaround and also there's a little Yohji so logo on this side along with a veryvery good soul on the bottom now those retail for around 300 USD I got them ina size 9 and a half UK I don't know if you were very familiar with the sizingbut usually a UK nine and a half will be a u.


ten and a half and in Italianforty three and a half so usually I'll wear a size forty three and a half toforty four European I would say that those fit quite small I can wear thembut it fits very very tight ideally I would have went with a size you kid 10so size 44 which would have been just perfect for me now they're a little bitsmall so I would encourage you to size half a size up now for the Black Canarysneakers it comes again with the same black box same tote bag nothing changesthere now for this one it is fairly different from the previous one thatwe've seen because this is a neoprene upper it has some suede here and on theother side and it has some leather as well on the piece it has also a big y-3logo on the upper I wasn't too crazy about it initially but I think I'm gonnaget used to it it's also booster so it has the boost technology and it has awhite tree on the sole as well this retails around 400 USD one thinginteresting about this sticker is that it has a central stitching here that isa nice design and it is also a very large sneaker which i think is isinteresting it gives you like a certain look to it your foot look it looks alittle bit different wearing it I got a size 9 and a half UK again ten and ahalf US or 43 and a half and those feet fit perfectly so for those I wouldinside I would go true to size now for the lastpiece I got the Yohji Yamamoto running backpack and I'm really really excitedabout this piece it is truly unique it's a small backpack that works perfectlyfor computers books little sweater and it has a very tech look to it there'smesh throughout there's waterproof zipper all around a lot of like clipsand it fits it fits really well the other interesting thing here is thatit has the Yohji Yamamoto logo along with a stitch Yohji Yamamoto signing theother really really cool thing is that you can actually remove the side padshere on both both ends to make this backpack a little bit slimmer and you10-zip the two sides of the backpack and create your own fanny pack which isreally cool and practical so thank you very much for listening to the videoplease make sure to leave a thumbs up leave a comment if you have anyquestions regarding any designers specific pieces specific aesthetic Irespond to everything thank you very much for listening to the video pleasemake sure to leave a thumbs up comment on my video let me know if you have anyquestions if you want me to answer anything about certain designers such anaesthetic certain products and subscribe to my channel until next time have agood day.